Rebirth in a Perfect Era Chapter 1303: The King’s Art



Li Mu didn’t lie to Robin when he said he didn’t want to be a search engine.


If I had been reborn ten or eight years earlier, the search engine would have to find a way to do it. This thing is a super rigid need of the Internet. In a sense, this thing is even more irreplaceable than instant messaging. Eight years ago, Google was not born, let alone Baidu.


But now, Google has formed a monopoly around the world, and Baidu has a considerable climate in China. What’s the point of being a search engine at this time?


What’s more, the search engine is really a field that requires very high technical strength. It is starting now, and there is a long way to go to catch up. The ideal situation is to suppress Baidu and become the first in China, but I want to be in the world. Nei is fighting against Google’s old business, Li Mu has no other ideas except hehe.


Based on such a market environment, Li Mu is really not going to start the search engine business, but if he has the opportunity to raise a flag, he is still very happy.


It is not very likely to plant a flag on Google now. Even if it is possible, the cost would be too high to frighten people to death, so Li Mu felt that it would be better to plant a flag on Baidu. It’s not big, but it is of great significance to Baidu.


In addition, Baidu’s current valuation is not high, and its premium ratio is not high. If can get a good replacement offer, I am completely willing to sell it and exchange it for Baidu shares.


The question is, how many shares is Baidu willing to pay to replace


In Li Mu’s opinion, if it’s less than 10%, you can directly avoid talking, but 10% will not agree to it. The ideal replacement price should be between 15%-20%.


Baidu is not the Baidu that was listed after its listing, and it is not the Baidu that Google launched the Chinese market and his family dominated.


Easy is not a simple music audio-visual website. It has huge traffic, strong word of mouth and user stickiness, and it is seamlessly connected to Tieba and Taobao. Most importantly, it has various record companies. genuine license.


For those record companies, there are too many pirated music on the Internet, and it is impossible to play, and Li Mu happens to be able to help them create stars, help them increase their influence, and help them sell albums and peripheral derivatives on YY and Taobao. , In other words, Li Mu is now a super boss in the entire entertainment industry, so everyone has licensed the genuine version to his Although this license has little practical value, but because the name is justified, the brand value is It is much higher, and it completely eliminates all legal risks.


With the current size of, the replacement of 20% of Baidu’s shares is a bit tricky, but it’s still not a ****. After all, online music is on the rise, but if you look at the long-term, even if you replace 10%, it will still make money big.


In order to maximize profits, Li Mu drew a big cake for Robin.


He said: “In the future, I will embed Baidu search into YY123, and place it in the most prominent position as the only default search engine for YY123. In this way, YY123 can bring huge benefits to Baidu. traffic.”


“Besides, the traffic on YY123’s short news and alerts section is also very large. All the links on my door are related to At that time, I can be the default link for Baidu search. I will give it to you first, and then you will return the traffic to me, which will also add a huge traffic entrance for you.”


Robin didn’t understand and asked Li Mu: “Mr. Li, why do you give me the traffic first, and I give it back to you again?”


Li Mu said with a smile: “For example, there is a news headline on YY123’s homepage news bulletin titled ‘Baidu successfully acquired’. Under normal circumstances, users who click this link will go directly to However, if we cooperate, I will let users click on this link and enter the page of Baidu search ‘Baidu’s successful acquisition of’ by default, and then you will feed back a lot of search results to users, so that users can When you click spontaneously, you will use technical means to put the links of to the top of the list. The user clicks the search result on the Baidu search page and returns to, but because of the jump to Baidu in the middle, it is natural It can increase your traffic a lot. “


Robin cried. Although this was a trick he played badly in the future, he was suddenly taken out by Li Mu in advance. After listening to it, he felt like a new world had opened up.


Seeing his stunned look, Li Mu said with a smile: “This kind of operation is normal and easy to implement. It’s good for you and not bad. For us, the user experience will be improved by adding an intermediate link. The impact, but the impact is not large, it is still within the acceptable range.”


Search engine traffic is an industry with deep water, and there are countless gray areas in it. The method Li Mu said is not a gray method at all.


Robin has begun to be a little excited. In this era, Baidu is not the main traffic driver, Li Mu is. His YY is the product with the highest number of registered users, daily active users, and monthly active users in the country. If you can get it from Li Mu To some traffic, it will be of great help to Baidu’s overall business report. Whether it can be listed in the future and how much the market value will depend on the performance presented to the capital and securities companies.


Originally, MP3 and Tieba were Baidu’s way, but they were snatched away by Li Mu. As a result, Baidu fell into the embarrassing situation of a single business model and no breakthrough.


Li Mu knows very well that after tonight, Baidu’s road will be cut off by himself, that is, the keyword bidding that will be criticized and even scolded by countless people in the future, counterfeiting, theft and fraud, medical fraud, etc. Dirty things all originated from this business model. However, on this evening’s charity night, if Li Mu formally sets up an industry alliance and allows the industry to accept its own rules of the game under his influence, then the future of Baidu will be the way to go. Basically, even if it is cut off, at the very least, the way of bidding for these evil keywords will definitely be cut off, otherwise it will become the object of condemnation by the whole people, and the object of isolation and closure of the whole network.


From this point of view, the future development of Baidu is indeed worrying. If you do everything in your previous life, it will inevitably go downhill. In this life, you will not be able to do many things. It is estimated that it will be difficult to become a domestic first-line Internet company.


If Baidu is willing to acquire and become a shareholder of Baidu, then I can regard Baidu as a partner in the ecosystem and give certain support.


After thinking about it, Robin said to Li Mu: “Mr. Li, I will discuss this matter with the board of directors after I go back.”


Li Mu nodded: “Okay, let’s study it. By the way, if you are willing, in addition to the acquisition of, I can also invest a sum of money in you personally.”


Robin was stunned, looked at Li Mu and said in amazement: “Mr. Li, do you want to vote for Baidu?”


Li Mu smiled slightly: “I still trust Robin in your ability, and I am more optimistic about the search engine market.”


Speaking of this, Li Mu deliberately wanted to bring some negative interference to Robin, and deliberately said: “Google’s current momentum is too strong, you guys have been founded not long ago, the foundation is unstable, the business model is single, and the product line is also very single. Once the dam is built, once Google is fully developing the domestic market, you will not be able to carry it.”


Robin’s heart sank suddenly.


Li Mu is right, this is not the time when Baidu was smooth sailing in the previous life. The overall development soon fell into the shackles of the model, and it was difficult to find a breakthrough point. In this case, Baidu is like a new crawler. If the 18-year-old strong boy from the neighbor’s house rushed into the house to steal something, he would not only be unable to resist, but would also be kicked to death. Deep in his heart, the crisis was always present.


However, Li Mu, a young and middle-aged man whose strength is much stronger than the strong boy in the neighbor’s house, if he can help Baidu, then it is impossible for Google to kill Baidu, and it is even very likely that he will return.


Let Li Mu invest in Baidu and become a strategic shareholder, which is equivalent to building a powerful flood control dam for Baidu, which can even withstand the impact of the tsunami.


In the process of development, many start-up companies will introduce capital shareholders and strategic shareholders. Capital shareholders, as the name implies, provide financial support for the company, so that the company has ammunition to continue fighting; strategic shareholders, generally speaking, have more strategic significance.


Lord Lei became a well-known angel investor after founding Xiaomi. Many new start-ups want to invest in him. It’s not that his money is more fragrant than other people’s money, but the leader Lei has a very large ecological resource. If you can let him invest in shares, it means you have got an admission ticket to ecological Therefore, trying to find a way to let the leader of Lei invest in shares is more about strategy than money.


And Li Mu’s ecological resources are much larger than Lei’s leader.


Li Mu also really wants to seize the opportunity of Baidu. By investing in Baidu both ways, he can tie Baidu to his side. It is not only of great strategic significance, but also of great investment significance. Tens of millions, maybe billions in a few years.


If can take 15-20% of Baidu’s shares, and take some more of its own shares, and it holds more than 25% of Baidu’s shares, it can support Baidu as a son, but at the same time, it must also prevent Baidu from defecting. Therefore, if search engines such as Sogou and 360 start up in the future, they will definitely invest in their shares in advance, and then export more resources to Baidu’s competitors, check and balance Baidu, and use this to ensure their influence on the search engine industry.


This trick is very damaging, but it is also very effective. It is like why the ancient emperors condoned the eunuchs to do politics, to a large extent, it was also to curb the strength of civil and military officials. The emperor pursued the stability of the country, so the strength of the eunuchs in the court If the strength of Wenwuguan and Wenwuguan can be checked and balanced, it can ensure that if any party wants to rebel, the other party will not agree, and they must resist desperately for their own lives. In this way, the emperor’s throne will not be affected by those around him. On the other hand, as for the impact of this kind of internal friction on the country’s society, it is not important in the face of the stability of the throne.


Li Mu is like an ancient emperor. He hopes to turn Baidu into his subject. If he is obedient and obedient, everything can be said. Check and balance him, make his life worse than death.


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