Reigning Supreme With Pets Chapter 1358: Hongjun’s 4 Holy Demons



Qin Feng’s heart was cleared away, and he no longer had any doubts about the direction of his own cultivation.


The only thing left is the chance to prove the Tao!


As long as the opportunity comes, he can be directly sanctified just as the saints did when they preached the Way.


But this kind of opportunity is also a natural moat that blocks all the powers. When it will come, I can’t say for sure.


Maybe he can find the opportunity in the next moment, or he may never wait for that day.


Just like the great powers of the old generation in the ancestral realm, many of them have been cultivating since ancient times. They are also clear about their own path, but they are missing a line of opportunity and lack a proof. I have an opportunity, so I can only stay in the realm of good fortune and waste my time, cultivating and understanding, hoping to break through that bottleneck one day by virtue of countless years of ascetic cultivation.


If it really doesn’t work, then keep accumulating mana, improve your perception, and practice the method of proving the Way with your strength!


This is the dumbest method and the hardest way to go. So far, no one has broken the limit and achieved Hunyuan with their own strength.


So the best way is to find the opportunity for sanctification. For example, Empress Nuwa realized the heart of heaven and suddenly felt something. She created the human race according to the image of the great **** Pangu, and received countless merits and virtues from the heaven.


Therefore, the creation of the human race is the opportunity for Mother Nuwa to prove the Tao.


For example, if the Sanqing established a sect and sanctified it and passed down the Taoist tradition, establishing a sect was an opportunity for them to achieve Hunyuan.


Another example is the reincarnation of Houtu Niangniang to complete the Heavenly Dao, and the six-path reincarnation is the opportunity of Houtu Niangniang.


It’s not that other ancient great masters do not have the power of good fortune like the goddess Nuwa, nor are they unwilling to learn the Three Pure Religion to pass down the Dao lineage, even if they know that there is a lack of heaven and earth, and find that heaven and earth lack the reincarnation system, they are willing to rush in. Empress Houtu tried to comprehend the laws of reincarnation before incarnating in reincarnation, and threw her body into it to try to fill the way of heaven.


Unfortunately, all this is only known after others have done it. Nuwa, Sanqing, and Houtu are the pioneers, so the first opportunity was taken by them. Unable to continue preaching in their direction.


Even if they were stronger than the two Western sages, when they saw the sanctification of the Sanqing sect, they also started the western sect. In the end, although they had great merits, they were not enough to make them sanctified.


Fortunately, these two are both ruthless people, and they actually made a big wish to owe a huge cause and effect, and just broke the opportunity to become a saint of Hunyuan.


However, the Western Second Saints have already occupied the path of karma and owe to Heaven, and of course the rest of the great masters still have no way to get a piece of the pie.


It’s not that there is no great ability to follow the trend, but the final result is very likely to fail to follow the trend and delay yourself.


This point is known from the ancestor Ming He, this guy first learned from the goddess Nuwa to create creatures, and then learned the Three Purities and Lijiao. Later, he wanted to learn from the two Western sages who owe heaven and karma, but as a result, karma owed a lot. As for the realization of the Dao, it is still a long way off. Instead, this great power, who was called the most powerful killing in the ancient times by all parties, wasted a long time for no reason. In the end, he was hit with a big bag before he suddenly woke up and picked up the original killing Dao cultivation. .


But there are also people who are deeply trapped in it and cannot extricate themselves. Eventually, they get deeper and deeper, and they can only throw themselves into the opponent’s door and become the opponent’s thug.


For example, the ancient Buddha who burned the lamp has worshipped under different sages several times successively, and constantly practiced the fundamental exercises and practiced different avenues. The dignified and ancient powerhouses eventually ended up with a bad reputation, although they were called the past by Buddhists. Buddha, but lost the future, the achievement stops here!


It is precisely because there are too many lessons from the past, so after Houtu Niangniang has been certified, no one can try to walk the same path as Houtu Niangniang.


Of course, the main thing is that the last link that is lacking in the prehistoric world has been made up by the Queen Mother, and other strong people can’t learn it if they want to.


However, there are also some cultivators who have seen the benefits of it and take the second place. Instead of studying the post-Tu Niangniang incarnation of the reincarnation to prove the Tao, they rely on the post-Tu Niangniang’s six-path reincarnation for their own profit.


For example, the Buddha Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.


At the beginning, this man was only one of the many Bodhisattvas in Western Buddhism, and he was not too outstanding. In the end, because he saw the benefits from the six realms of reincarnation, he did not hesitate to go to **** and vowed that he would not become a Buddha. He entered hell. Saving hundreds of millions of ghosts has not only achieved great benefits for himself and Buddhism, but also made this Bodhisattva one of the strongest in Buddhism.


Even, if there is a change in the great and desolate after the immeasurable catastrophe, the evil ghosts of **** will really be saved by him, maybe there is really a chance to achieve the fruit of the Primordial Dao.


But the price is that from now on this Bodhisattva can only stay in **** and can’t leave, and can only be with evil ghosts for countless years. If he falls, he will become the most evil devil Buddha!


Another example is Meng Po who boiled soup with Wangqing water on Naihe Bridge. Originally, she was just a little-known immortal in the ancient floods, but in the end, through the convenience of six reincarnations, she obtained endless merits from Meng Po soup. In one fell swoop, he became the strongest, and became an existence that no one in the entire underworld was willing to provoke!


But Meng Po, like Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, was hampered while gaining benefits, and since then she has been unable to leave the underworld.


In addition, there are the Ten Temple Yama and the Ghost Emperors, all of which have entered the establishment of the Heavenly Court because of the existence of the Six Paths of Reincarnation. The authority recognized by the Heavenly Path has both status and great merit.


However, like Ksitigarbha King and Mother Meng, who did not study the post-Tu Niang-niang incarnate in reincarnation to prove the Tao, but instead rely on the post-tu Niangniang’s six-path reincarnation to obtain merit for themselves. Although the strength improvement is fast, there is an upper limit.


Unless the Queen of Houtu rises to a higher level in the realm of Hunyuan, they will always be able to succumb to the achievements of the Queen of Houtu, and they will not be able to prove Hunyuan.


Therefore, the vast majority of the powerful and strong are sticking to their own path.


But also because of persistence and attempts, many great powers have fallen into the sand on the road of seeking the Tao.


After all, most of the roads may not work, or if they start trying before they are fully prepared, they will only end up killing themselves, not to mention those who want to Seeking the Dao is not hesitating to find other powerful fighting methods everywhere to confirm the existence of what he has learned, which has led to fewer and fewer powerhouses left by the ancient times.


Of course, Qin Feng never thought about being attached to others’ Hunyuan Dao like Ksitigarbha King Bodhisattva.


Because he not only knew his own path, but even had some ideas about the opportunity to prove the Tao, he saw whether he could succeed in one fell swoop.


And he also understands a little, the Hunyuan Dao has its own certainty, when Taixuan ancestors and other strong people migrated from Honghuang to Biluo, although they were seeking the Dao, they still couldn’t compete with the ancestors of Honghuang. Follow the same path.


Those who can really practice the same Dao law are immortality, eternity, and good fortune. The strong in these realms can practice the same Dao in different worlds, because the world is independent from the world, and every world has It belongs to its own way of heaven, and will not affect and interfere with each other.


Therefore, many immortals who could not achieve much success in the prehistoric world can relatively easily become golden immortals after going to other worlds, achieving immortality and even good fortune. It was only after the ancestors and their group of human races migrated to Bizarre that so many great powers were born in a short period of time.


But the Hunyuan Dao is different. This is an existence that is beyond the Dao of Heaven, so it will be bound by the law of the universe. Every time a Hunyuan is achieved, this path of proving the Dao will be blocked by the law of the universe, so as not to allow more The strong preach the Tao and destroy the balance of the universe.


Therefore, even if there are so many powerful ways of proving the Tao that can be used for reference, the strong people who migrated out of the prehistoric era still need to find their own way if they want to achieve Hunyuan.


This is also the reason why Taixuan ancestors still failed to achieve the right path after so many years of hard work.


Qin Feng continued to refine the power in the blood of the demon ancestor Rahu. After absorbing and refining his insights, he improved his own Taoism. In turn, he accelerated the rotation speed of the yin and yang grinding disc, thus refining more Rahu essence. Blood, so that even if Rahu seeped out more blood essence, he could not condense the strength to break the yin and yang grinding disc!


This made Luo Huan furious, and the tyrannical breath emanated from the blood essence, and strange forces entered Qin Feng’s mind through the yin and yang grinding disc, trying to seduce Qin Feng’s inner demon!


It’s just that Qin Fengmo recited the mantra of clearing his heart, and his mind was as calm as water.


As more and more fragments of the Law of Primordial Power were absorbed and refined by him, Qin Feng’s understanding of the Great Dao became clearer and clearer.


In the distance, the Nightmare Ancestor was beaten by the three Primordial Saints and kept retreating. Even if he rose up to resist, how could he withstand the suppression of the three same-level powerhouses.


The golden body of the Buddha is huge, and the Buddha’s light shines in all directions, constantly eliminating all nightmare power overflowing.


The goddess Nuwa sacrificed the cauldron, turned it into a tens of thousands of feet, and captured all the power of nightmares. At the same time, she manipulated the laws of creation to evolve infinite vitality, sealing the escape route of the ancestors of nightmares, otherwise the strangeness of the ancestors of nightmares, Any nightmare power that escapes may be used by him as an introduction to move itself.


When Empress Houtu turned her hands, she was bombarded with infinite power. In the place covered by her power breath, the void was as solid as iron, thick as an invisible mountain, crazily squeezing the space of the Nightmare Ancestor’s activities.


Gradually, the Nightmare Ancestor was beaten closer and closer to the prehistoric realm, and before he knew it, he was approaching the thick wall of the Prehistoric Ancestral Realm!




Suddenly, a palm sticks out from the flood.


The palm of his hand doesn’t seem to be large, but he grasps the universe and suppresses the ten directions. The moment it appears, he slaps the Nightmare Ancestor.


“Hong Jun…”


The Nightmare Ancestor exclaimed, his body suddenly changed infinitely, and countless phantoms were transformed into phantoms that escaped in different directions.


But under the obstruction of the three Primordial Saints, he could not escape at all. He was quickly caught up by that palm, covering all his nightmare clones with one hand, and then grabbed the ball constantly. The Nightmare of Transformation is back in the wild!


The entire void suddenly fell silent.


Whether it is a few Chaos Gods and Demons, or the huge number of powerful experts under their command, they are all stunned by this scene!


The Nightmare Ancestor, who was considered the most difficult to deal with, was just slapped away by others. Who can believe it?


But this scene happened in front of their eyes, and it was impossible to veto it.


No one thought that the ancestor Hongjun, who had already been with Tianhe Dao, could be so tyrannical. Although there were three sages of Hunyuan to help suppress it, it was so easy to capture Patriarch Nightmare, the master of Hunyuan. , still deterred all the strong.


Although they all know that Ancestor Hongjun only caught Ancestor Nightmare by taking a sudden shot and taking advantage of it, and with the strength of Great Master Hunyuan, he can quickly break free by struggling.


But the ancestor Hongjun didn’t give him this time at all, and directly grabbed him into the flood.


With the help of Honghuang’s huge law of, how tyrannical should the already tyrannical ancestor of Hongjun be?


Any chaotic **** and demon can’t beat the ancestors of Hongjun once they enter the prehistoric era.


This is not only because of the tyrannical strength of the ancestors of Hongjun and Tianhe Dao, but also because of the fusion of the bodies of each of their chaotic gods and demons when the ancestral realm was opened up, even if these chaotic demons were reluctantly from Pangu The axe escaped with his life, but he also left most of his body here, turning it into nourishment for the growth of the prehistoric wilderness.


Therefore, when the ancestral realm was formed, under the will of the great **** Pangu, a law to suppress them would naturally be derived!


All the powerhouses who invaded the Primordial Star Territory suddenly changed their faces, and many of them were already resigned.




Several chaotic gods and demons looked at each other, looked at the strong men under their command who no longer had the will to fight, as well as a few Primordial Saints such as the Nuwa Empress who was about to come up, even if they were unwilling in their hearts, they could only Choose to withdraw.


Up to now, let alone the rescue of the ancestors of Yin-Yang and the Nightmare, even the ancestors of the devil, Rahu, can’t care about it.


At most, he made a few attacks at the Zhuxian Sword Formation from far away, trying to shake the Sword Formation from the outside, giving Luo Hu a chance to escape.


Unfortunately, before Luo Huan came out, he was knocked back by Taishang Daozu with a pole.


Afterwards, the Supreme Leader and Yuanshi Tianzun flew into the Sword Executioner together with the Nuwa Empress. The four Saints of Hunyuan joined forces to control the Sword Array, intending to kill the demon ancestor Luohu!


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