Reincarnation of the Heaven Chapter 3352: Rebirth



From Huan Qianyu and Canglang, everyone also learned of Xiao Naihe’s progress over the years, and they couldn’t help but sigh.


Although the concept of time in the Chaos Heavenly Stone is vague, especially in the realm of people like them, they almost don’t care about the passage of time.


As long as the Taiyu era generation does not end, they will always survive.


But just because they’re vague about time doesn’t mean they don’t care.


It may have been a while since Xiao Naihe entered everyone’s heavenly palace and evolved his life.


Even if it is the time-lapse system of the Chaos Heavenly Stone, it should be less than 100,000 years.


In 100,000 years, I have never been to the Holy Venerable, and I went directly to the Nine Palaces to become a kingdom. This progress made these people speechless.


But just like what the wolf said, if this continues, maybe one day, Xiao Naihe will surpass them.


Being surpassed by a junior is something different after all.


“We, the old bones, can’t lose to a junior. It just so happens that there is a sea of ​​chaotic aura blessed by the Supreme Realm. Practice hard and see if you can improve to a higher level.”


Wang Yi sat cross-legged on the ground and quickly entered a state of no self and no thoughts.


Others are not far behind, and they continue to cultivate.


Cultivation has no time.


After all, the passage of time in the Yunqi Heavenly Palace is somewhat different from the outside world. I don’t know how long it took, and the first person to wake up was Wang Yi.


After all, he is the closest person to Canglang among all the Heavenly Palaces.


When he left the realm of longevity, Wang Yi was already a strong man in Jiugongchengguo.


This time, through the cultivation of Chaos Qi Sea, Wang Yi vaguely captured some of the true meaning of myths and legends.


“As expected of the Chaos True Qi that has been blessed by the Supreme Realm, it is not the same when it is cultivated. If there are enough numbers, maybe you can see a higher doorway.”


The second to wake up was Sun Haoran.


“Don’t be too greedy, you are lucky enough to have Chaos True Qi blessed by Wushangjie.”


“Although that is said, the Chaos True Qi here, after being blessed by the Supreme Realm, has a different strength than the original Chaos True Qi in the Chaos Heaven Stone.”




At this time, Huan Qianyu’s body was surrounded by a burst of smoke, and a bridge of heaven and earth condensed on the top of her head.


“Supreme Dao Domain? Huan Qianyu girl’s Supreme Dao Domain is opened.”


Canglang opened his eyes and looked at Huan Qianyu.


Huan Qianyu is considered to be the slowest among these people, and she is one of the last people to open the Supreme Dao Domain.


However, as soon as it opens, the power of the Dao domain permeates the entire Yunqi Tiangong.


“This girl’s supreme Dao domain is still in the form of attributes, which is more interesting.”


Slowly, Huan Qianyu opened her eyes, her eyes flashing with excitement.


Wang Yi smiled: “Girl, congratulations.”


Huan Qianyu smiled, but seeing a few other Heavenly Palace masters, the breath was strong, and even some people had a kingdom condensed above their heads, and couldn’t help but suppress the arrogance that was born in their hearts just now.


“I just entered the step of the Supreme Dao Realm. Compared with you, it is still a little worse.”


You should know that most of the other Heavenly Palace masters have already opened the Supreme Dao Domain, such as Wang Yi and Canglang, who have opened the Nine Palaces Kingdom a long time ago.


Now that I have entered the level of the Supreme Dao Domain, it is nothing.


Even Xiao Naihe walked faster than himself, condensing the kingdom of the Nine Palaces one step earlier.


Looking at Xiao Naihe in the sky, Huan Qianyu suddenly said: “But I don’t know when this kid will wake up, he has been asleep for a long time. Even if it is the interpretation of the supreme Buddhist Dao, it will not let him He’s been asleep for so long.”


“It’s hard to say, after all, the most holy Buddhist interpretation of Buddhism is completely his own life. Xiao Naihe is equivalent to walking the most holy life of Buddhism in Buddhism.”


The wolf shook his head.


But as soon as the voice fell, everyone suddenly heard a crisp sound.


After a closer look, Xiao Naihe, who was floating in the air, suddenly appeared golden light around his body. These golden lights were like scales, wrapping Xiao Naihe’s whole body.


The Buddhist scriptures that were originally rubbed in the rubbings exploded at this moment, turned into a sea of ​​​​Buddhas, and disappeared.


And the golden scales around Xiao Naihe’s body are more like a silkworm chrysalis, and Xiao Naihe’s whole body is wrapped in it.


“What’s that?”


Huan Qianyu asked curiously.


But before anyone could speak, a golden silkworm chrysalis wrapped around Xiao Naihe, and a big tree appeared in the sky.


As soon as this big tree appeared, a strong aura of life directly enveloped the entire Heavenly Palace.


Wang Yi’s face flashed slightly: “The power of cause and effect, is this the rumored cause and effect tree?”


“It’s the karma tree. This kid got the power of the karma tree from the kingdom of Buddha and Demon.”


“Not only the karma tree, but also the world tree. My dear, this kid has too many blessings. Compared with us old bones, I don’t know how many times better.”


Even if Ren Yuanzhi saw the Karma Tree and World Tree that Xiao Naihe got, he couldn’t help but show a look of envy and jealousy, and he seemed very helpless and sighed.


“With the World Tree and the Karma Tree escorting him, he should be very safe before he achieves the Supreme Realm.”


Halfway through the blue wolf, Xiao Naihe’s golden silkworm chrysalis suddenly cracked open countless cracks.


These cracks exploded quickly, like golden cracks, showing a spider web shape.


Soon, the golden silkworm chrysalis shattered, and Xiao Naihe fell from it.


Huan Qianyu slightly supported Xiao Naihe.


At this moment, Xiao Naihe has a red bright spot between his eyebrows, as if there is some kind of mysterious avenue rule.


She also doesn’t know the origin of this bright spot, but seeing this bright spot, she knows it must be unusual.


However, Wang Yi and Canglang next to him were shocked when they saw the bright spot on Xiao Naihe’s forehead: “This is the mark of destiny.”


“Mark of Destiny?”


Huan Qianyu was stunned for a moment, thinking that outside the Yunqi Tiangong before, those who were in the secret realm of origin, in order to compete for the destiny, once also gave the imprint of destiny to the destiny, and everyone did have the imprint of destiny on their foreheads.


But this seal of destiny seems to be somewhat different from those of those people.


After looking at it, Huan Qianyu couldn’t help but ask: “Why does the imprint of destiny appear on Xiao Naihe’s forehead, does it mean that Xiao Naihe can’t open destiny now, this is a bit too fast, he just entered How long has it been until the chaos of the Nine Palaces, and now the power of Destiny will be activated.”


Even if Huan Qianyu knew about this, he would feel incredible.


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