Reincarnation of the Heaven Chapter 3355: Summer



It was as dark as ink, Xiao Naihe calculated slightly, it should be noon now, wouldn’t it be dark so soon?


“Huh? What’s that?”


At this moment, I can only see the bright lights flashing in the sky, like the Milky Way, across countless sky domains.


There are also powerful qi and blood coming from the east, like a huge stove, constantly coming.


The powerful Qi and Blood Wolf smoke rushed to the sky, and the night suddenly turned into day.


Xiao Naihe immediately rushed to the sky and looked over. The far east, like a stove, was full of enormous power.


“What happened again? How long has it been since I returned to the Origin Rift?”


Xiao Naihe knew that he should have been in Yunqi Tiangong for a long time, but he didn’t know how many years.


He remembered that before entering the Yunqi Tiangong, the people of the seven major forces had already begun to prepare for the battle of destiny. At this moment, seeing this scene, Xiao Naihe felt a little worried in his heart.


If the Destiny Conquest really begins, and if the original Destiny is obtained by someone else, then this time, it won’t be harvested at all.


He got revelation from Canglang and the others, and wanted to follow the origin of destiny to realize his supreme destiny.


You must know that there is only one Origin Destiny. If you don’t have it, you can’t get it at all.


At the moment, Xiao Naihe pondered for a while, jumped up, and directly concealed his own breath. At this time, he still couldn’t attract the attention of others.


I don’t know if the goddess on the snow left Yunqi Tiangong safely. If they left Yunqi Tiangong, and now that Yunqi Tiangong has disappeared, people who are interested will definitely contact them.


It’s not that Xiao Naihe is afraid of other people, but at this juncture, it’s better not to cause any trouble.


Xiao Naihe followed the trail of blood and smoke. It was like the east side of the huge stove, and he didn’t know what happened.


After a while, Xiao Naihe appeared in a forest of green mountains and ancient trees.


What caught my eye was indeed a dense crowd of figures, each and everyone of powerful cultivators standing in the forest and between the mountains.


At least there are hundreds of thousands of people, all of them are powerful people, and the worst one is the powerhouse in the late stage of the Holy Venerable.


“There are so many people gathered? Could it be that the Battle of Destiny has really begun?”


Xiao Naihe raised his brows, feeling a little weird.


He concealed his aura. In this case, others would not be able to sense it, and it would be difficult for even sages to discover Xiao Naihe’s existence.


Soon, Xiao Naihe met several familiar people.


Several powerhouses from Yasheng Mountain and Taoist Palace, as well as Ye Jiugu of Jianzong, Zhuge Zhenge of Zhuge Family and others.


Several large-scale powerhouses govern themselves, occupy one area, demarcate the territory, and isolate the surrounding people.


Several sects were erected there, and no one dared to say anything.


The other people around are very scattered, and the powerhouses of the origin secret realm are also independent, but they are different from the unity of the seven major sects.


Most of these powerhouses in the origin secret realm are loose cultivators.


Xiao Naihe didn’t know that since the news of Wu Po Wudi’s death came out, the Great Alliance of the Origin Secret Realm had fallen into a leaderless situation.


In the past ten years, the Major League has undergone several changes of power and changed leaders several times, but each leader cannot be held for long.


Because the pressure of the seven major sects is increasing, and there is no such powerful existence as Wu Po Wudi in the major alliance, so soon, in the eighth year after the news of Wu Po Wudi’s death, the entire major alliance was dissolved like this. .


The largest alliance in the secret realm of origin has been disbanded, and now the people from the seven major sects have all sent strong men into the secret realm, each stationed in the area.


In the past, when there was a major alliance, Wu Po Wudi was able to control the situation, blocking the people from the seven major sects and keeping them out of the secret realm.


Now that the big alliance has disappeared, the cultivators here are more like scattered sand, and they can’t stop the power of the seven major sects. All of a sudden, the entire Origin Secret Realm has almost been allocated by several major sects.




Xiao Naihe’s eyes flashed, and at this moment, he vaguely saw a figure.


There were so many people present, but Xiao Naihe only found one person, because he was a little familiar with this person.


“Wu Po is invincible… No, it’s the number one sage!”


Among the crowd, there was a dark figure standing in a very secret position. If Xiao Naihe hadn’t sensed it carefully, I’m afraid he really wouldn’t have found the first sage.


The first sage hid his breath in the crowd and blended into nature, and even the great sage may not have discovered it.


And Xiao Naihe is different, Xiao Naihe has cultivated the chaotic infuriating, the first sage is also a person who has walked the chaotic road, and the first sage’s chaotic road is not as perfect as Xiao Naihe’s, so Xiao Naihe senses the first sage. A sage is not surprising.


But now the first sage is hiding his breath and hiding his identity so that no one can discover it. That would be a big problem.


“Could it be that after the first sage came out, he was not welcomed by the people in the secret realm of origin?”


Xiao Naihe thought for a moment.


He knew that in the past, the first sage was the object of the longing of all kinds of experts in the secret realm of origin. After all, this first sage created a new era after the end of the pioneering era. Such a person is in the hearts of the original residents of the secret realm, that is A heroic presence.


Even the masters of the seven great sects respect this first sage.


But now, things don’t seem to be the same.


After thinking about it for a while, Xiao Naihe quickly understood that the first sage killed so many people in Yunqi Tiangong, and the members of the Zhuge family escaped from Zhuge Zhenge and Zhuge Yi, as well as Jianzong The people who died also died seven to eighty-eight, not to mention the Martial God Society and the Taoist Palace.


I offended several major sects at once, and no matter how powerful the first sage is, it is impossible for one person to fight against several major sects.


You must know that there are great sages among the seven great sects, and each great sage’s cultivation base is extremely powerful.


There may also be a great sage who is stronger than the first sage.


The first sage has offended so many people, how dare he come forward at will.


And now that he has captured Wu Po Wu’s invincible body, maybe people in the major league are looking for him.


“But he, a big mouse, appears here at this time. What is the matter? Is the origin and destiny going to appear?”


Just when Xiao Naihe thought about it, suddenly, an aurora appeared in the sky.


This aurora is like a paved avenue. It spreads to this point, and a long-horse car is flying slowly.


The person sitting on the carriage made Xiao Naihe stunned. He knew the identity of this person!


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