Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 32: : From war movie to horror movie



Throw several alchemy bombs on the ground, and the alchemy bombs split into many small white frogs on the ground.


It didn’t take long for the little white frogs to branch out all over the hillside. Su Xiao didn’t detonate the alchemy bomb right away, he was waiting for an opportunity.


Kick flying a turtle that stretched out its head and bit his calf. Su Xiao, who was fighting with blood, was speechless. What are these three seeds?


He can understand when he attracts some beasts, but rabbits, turtles and other gentle creatures can be attracted, which makes him a little puzzled.


Be aware that these herbivores are rare in red soil regions, and these are precious foods.


But at this time, Su Xiao looked at the food, and it was more important to save his life.


The giant hippo-like beast charged forward. The giant beast was about four meters tall and seven meters long.


Seeing the hippo rushing forward, Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.


At this moment, he was surrounded by the corpses of various beasts. Although the battle was not long, hundreds of beasts had died under his sword.


He also has bite wounds and claw marks on his body. Under the siege of a large number of beasts, it is a dream to not be injured.


What’s more, these are not ordinary beasts, and the beasts in the center of the red earth area, if any carnivorous beast here is placed on the earth, it is definitely a creature on the upper level of the pyramid.


A mechanical eye floats near Su Xiao, this is the [Eye of Havana].


Through the detection of [Havana Eye], Su Xiao learned the information of the ‘giant hippopotamus’.


This thing is not a hippopotamus, but a carnivorous animal called a wild horn, with a strength of 42 and a stamina of 45.


If this kind of terrifying beast was encountered before the two derivative worlds, Su Xiao would turn around and run.


But it’s different now. His various attributes are approaching 50 points, so it’s not worthwhile to face this kind of beast.


The wild horned beast rushed towards Su Xiao, the eyes of the beast were bloodshot.


Su Xiao took out a [Native Seed] from his arms, and he threw this [Native Seed] down the hillside.


At this moment, all the roars of the beasts stopped, and they moved their heads with the [primitive seed] like a puppy who only saw flesh and bones.


With a click, the Primitive Seed hit a rock, bounced high, rolled a few meters before stopping, and stopped in front of a crocodile.


This crocodile brother was stunned, happiness came too suddenly.


Brother Crocodile swallowed the native seed in one gulp, turned his head and ran down the hillside, but there were too many beasts near him, plus his site was too low, his legs were too short…


Five seconds later, Brother Crocodile was dismembered, leaving only one tail.


As a large group of beasts **** the native seed, Su Xiao detonated a nearby alchemy bomb.




The fire light wrapped Su Xiao, and the wild horned beast also screamed in the fire light.


Su Xiao pulled up the collar of Lankai’s windbreaker, covered his head and face, and rushed towards the savage beast.


The flames receded after more than ten seconds, but before the flames faded, the wild horns let out a short scream.


The flames subsided, leaving only blood-covered wild horns and large corpses on the hillside.


Beasts can smell the original seed, so the original seed thrown by Su Xiao caused a series of blood cases.


The tragic death of the crocodile brother is only the first victim, and there are thousands of victims after.


All the beasts that have captured the primordial seed will be besieged by other beasts. In less than an hour, the hillside is already full of blood.


The wild horned beast fell on the hillside before, and its body twitched occasionally. It didn’t seem to live long, but it didn’t die in a short time.


The roars are endless, and the corpses of the beasts on the hillside are increasing.


A two-headed dog stands on the beast’s mound, even in the center area, this two-headed dog is a strong one.


It looked at the wild horned beast not far away, which was its old opponent, and today the opponent fell on this hillside and was on the verge of death.


The two-headed dog approached the wildhorn beast, its nose twitched, and it seemed to smell something special.


Suddenly, the hair on the back of the two-headed dog stood up, and it smelled a special smell, although it was very light, but that smell had a fatal attraction to it.


The two-headed dog bites through the beast’s abdominal cavity, ready to stick its head in.




A sharp, long knife pierced through the belly of the wildhorn, and the two-headed dog was caught off guard and pierced through the throat.


After all, the two-headed dog is a strong man in the central area. Although it was pierced in the throat, it still struggled back.




The two-headed dog was wrapped around the wire and dragged slowly into the belly of the wildhorn.


“Woo, woo~.”


The two-headed dog whimpered in fear, but that didn’t stop it from being dragged into the wildhorn.


Puff, puff.


Blood spurted out of the beast’s abdominal cavity, and a few seconds later, a fragmented canine corpse was thrown out.


If you look closely around the wildhorn carcass, there are many of this look.


Hiding in the wild horned beast, Su Xiao was covered in blood, and the remaining two seeds were put into a sealed glass test tube by him, and there was no smell.


Nevertheless, the slight smell left on his hands occasionally attracts beasts, showing how attractive the native species are to beasts.


Although I don’t know the function of the original seed, Su Xiao can be sure that this is definitely a good thing. There is something in his body that is longing for the original seed.


This gave Su Xiao an urge to swallow the original seed directly.


Rationality told him that this was absolutely impossible, that swallowing this seed would never end well, absolutely not.


Su Xiao had already discovered that the previous woman who put on lipstick on the hillside had a high IQ, and the other party had a dead end.


There are not only four primordial seeds, if Su Xiao guessed correctly, then the woman may have obtained more than a dozen primordial seeds, and scattered these primordial seeds nearby.


Now the area near Su Xiao is the Shura Field. All kinds of beasts are fighting with each other. If he hadn’t been hiding in the wild horned beast, he would have died long ago.


The black-bellied girl never imagined that Su Xiao could resist the first wave of the beast’s shock, and quickly crippled a giant beast and hid in the belly of the beast.


At this time, the surroundings are full of animal carcasses, so no beasts will come to eat the carcasses of wildhorn beasts.


Su Xiao showed his head to check the surrounding situation. After observing for a long time, he sighed.


I can’t leave here at least for a short time, and the wild beasts around are getting more and more frantic.


The IQ of the black-bellied woman is indeed not low. She considered what would happen if Su Xiao didn’t die in the first place, so she placed a few primordial seeds in a location that the beasts could not get, so that those beasts could smell the primordial seeds. The temperature is not available. In this way, the beasts will only fight at a fixed time, thus trapping Su Xiao.


Su Xiao simply retracted into the wild horned beast. Although there is no water, there is a lot of meat around. Although it is raw meat, it is no problem to maintain it for a few days.


Just when Su Xiao was about to rest for a while, the corpse of the wild horn suddenly shook It seems that some behemoth came nearby.


The savage horn made a cry that sounded like a cry and a roar, and then Su Xiao in the savage beast felt a sense of rotation, and he was almost thrown out of the savage beast.


After more than ten seconds, the sense of rotation disappeared, and after a slight bump, the surroundings calmed down.


Su Xiao looked out through the wound on the abdomen of the wild horned beast, and the sound of the howling wind came. At this time, the wild horned beast was in the air, at least one thousand meters above the ground.


Su Xiao was stunned, and a very bad feeling appeared.


Looking up, a pair of sharp claws appear in line of sight, grasping the wildhorn beast is a large flying creature.


This is an orange pterosaur that can easily fly with a wild horn, and its size and strength can be imagined.


That’s right, it’s a pterosaur. Su Xiao doesn’t know the exact name of this monster, but the monster looks like a large pterosaur.


Take out the [Eye of Havana] to probe, and the results obtained are so hairy.


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