Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 36: : Carlo



It’s not enough to mix a potion, even if the sun gift fruit is a dark purple quality.


Fortunately, Su Xiao has the Sage’s Stone which has been notarized by Paradise. If you need other materials, you can use the Sage’s Stone instead.


Su Xiao is thinking about the matching method in his mind. There is only one chance, so be cautious.


After thinking for ten minutes, Su Xiao took out a dagger, and he cut the sun gift fruit.


After cutting the sun gift fruit, Su Xiao found that there was a core in the center of the fruit.


Checking carefully, Su Xiao was stunned, the core of the sun-gifted fruit is actually a native seed!


Even now, Su Xiao still doesn’t know the function of the native seed, but he can be sure of one thing, the sun gift fruit is edible, and the native seed will never work.


Peeling off the flesh of the Sun Bounty Fruit, Su Xiao began to prepare the potion.


Because of the poor conditions, there is a lot of risk in deployment. Fortunately, the materials are sufficient and the quality of the medicine will not be affected.


There is nothing to do with poor conditions. The shelf life of the Sun Bounty Fruit is too short to wait for the survival trial to end before deploying.


The light flickered in his hand, and when Su Xiao was concentrating on the preparation, Boubo Wang’s nose loosened and his eyes looked at the native seed.


Bubowang swallowed a large mouthful of saliva with a grunt. It also knew that the native seed could not be eaten, but the instinctual desire made it very painful.




The sound of saliva x 1.




The sound of saliva × 2


Su Xiao’s hands stopped, and he looked at Boubo Wang, who was much quieter this time.


Two hours later, there was a crisp sound in Su Xiao’s hand, a wisp of red powder fell from his fingertips, and the energy in the Sage’s Stone was exhausted.


Su Xiao held a test tube in his hand, and the test tube was filled with pale golden liquid.




The pale golden liquid was churning in the test tube, but there was actually no heat at all. This was Su Xiao’s change between materials to stabilize the mana value, which made this change develop into a benign development.


Sweat dripped from Su Xiao’s chin, and his mana was consumed like water. If it wasn’t for more than a thousand mana, he would have been unable to hold on.


After a long time, the potion in the test tube stopped churning, and a special fluctuation came. This is the bottle of enhanced potion that has been notarized by Samsara Paradise.


Su Xiao checks the properties of the potion.




Origin: Trial of Survival


Quality: dark purple


Type: Enhanced potion


Effect: After drinking, permanent health +200, mana +200, strength +1, agility +1, intelligence +1, fire resistance +25%, frost resistance +25%, nerve reflex speed +4 %.


Rating: 260+


Introduction: An advanced product of alchemy pharmacy, extremely precious.



Su Xiao had a smile on his face after seeing the effect of the potion in his hand. Fortunately, he hadn’t eaten the Sun Gift Fruit directly before, otherwise he would have lost a lot.


This bottle of potion has been notarized by Samsara Paradise, which means it can be sold to the public.


But any contractor who gets this thing will not choose to sell it, and Su Xiao is no exception.


Drinking the pale golden potion in one sip, the warmth instantly filled Su Xiao’s abdominal cavity.


At this moment, a large piece of light suddenly appeared in front of Su Xiao’s eyes, and there was a vague figure in the light.


This figure is a bit illusory, it seems to be a projection, wearing a long golden dress, it looks like a woman, the golden skirt is elegant, and the whole body is burning with golden flames.


“Mortal, kneel.”


The cold voice came, Su Xiao frowned.


“Kneel down!”


The woman spoke again, and in an instant, a flame rose beside Su Xiao, as if to burn him out.


The temperature of the flame was extremely high, and the air was burned through. Just when Su Xiao thought he was about to die, a blue flame rose from his body.




The golden flame woman murmured and shook her head, with a hint of fear imperceptibly emerging in her eyes.


“Leave my planet, you idiots are not welcome here.”


The body of the golden flame woman began to change, gradually changing from the original human shape to a vine, clinging to Su Xiao.




Su Xiao opened his eyes and looked around, except for Boubo Wang, there were no other creatures around.


Looking at the empty test tube in her hand, Su Xiao guessed that she had just entered some kind of fantasy, that the woman with golden flames was most likely not a human being, but a certain consciousness.


Yes, it is consciousness. Su Xiao has a vague and clear feeling, as if he is the opponent’s nemesis. That consciousness is afraid of himself, so he forms an illusion to intimidate him.


Su Xiao checked his personal attributes, the strengthening effect of the potion had already appeared, and the increase in health could not be checked, but his mana reached an astonishing 1363 points.


Strength, agility, and intelligence are each increased by a little bit, and at the same time, there are resistances to both fire and ice attributes.


Resistance is a good ability, such as fire resistance. Although it is not immune to the burning of fire, it can allow him to survive in the fire for a longer time. In the future, when he is injured by fire attribute attacks, the degree of injury will be reduced.


And among these enhanced abilities, the most precious is the nerve reflex speed of 4%. For melee combat, the nerve reflex speed can be called a dream attribute.


Su Xiao lay in the cave, thinking about the scene he saw before, and connecting the clues he knew.


There are more and more clues these days, and they all point to one thing.


Su Xiao has a headache. He is not good at reasoning. If he is a contractor with strong reasoning ability, he may have found the truth from the clues.


I have to admit that Su Xiao doesn’t have that kind of talent, he belongs to the force type.


This is not a big problem, Su Xiao knows that there is someone who must know the secret, and he will definitely get in touch with that person, that is old Barr.


For the sake of safety, Su Xiao will leave the clay area before the sixth day of the survival trial. Without Old Barr’s compass, Su Xiao could not leave the clay area in a short time, and contact with the other party was inevitable.


After a night of rest in the cave, Su Xiao took Boubowang to find Old Bar the next morning.


Today is the day when the Yasenman tribe and the Void Zerg go to war. Don’t get me wrong, the two sides are not a decisive battle, but a daily battle for land.


The Yasenman tribe has assembled a large number of red-skinned natives, who although the same skin color, dress slightly differently.


The Yasenman tribe is not just one big tribe, there are also some small tribes around.


Old Baal is the leader of the Asenman tribe. While leading the big tribe, the surrounding small tribes must also obey his command.


In the stone house of Old Barr’s house, Old Barr was sitting on a blanket, and in front of him sat the leaders of a dozen small tribes.


“Bhatganava… (unknown language).”


Old Baal seemed to be announcing something, and the little tribe leaders listened intently.




The leaders of all the small tribes let out a roar. These guys must have reached some kind of consensus.


Bobo Wang was taken aback, rolled his eyes, and his eyes were: ‘This group is startled and mentally retarded! ’


A dozen small tribe leaders left the stone Barr walked to Su Xiao.


Old Barr today is dressed formally, with feathers on his head and a cloak of yellow feathers.


“My friend, it’s time to keep your promise, go to the Zerg’s lair with me, as long as you help me get the ‘regenerated eggs’, the compass will be yours.”


Although Old Barr tried his best to stabilize his emotions, Su Xiao still felt the other party’s excitement.


The leader of a small tribe stood behind Old Baal. This was a fellow traveler who went deep into the worm’s nest. It was a temporary decision by Old Baal.


The leader of this small tribe is tall, about 30 years old. It is interesting that his left cheek is dry and the roots of plants are still growing inside.


“This is Carlo, my most trusted subordinate who can communicate with each other.”


Carlo’s expression was sluggish, and his speech was a little unclear.


“Hello, I know some, Qi… Adventurer’s voice.”


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