Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1508: Let the snake out of the hole (below)





There was a huge explosion, thick smoke billowing, and fifty-story buildings collapsed with a terrifying sound that shook half the city. In an instant, the city boiled, piercing alarms sounded everywhere, and the police car galloped towards the explosion site at an astonishing speed.


“Fast, fast, fast, the traffic bureau controls the traffic to make sure the road is clear.”


“All personnel are prohibited from going out, and violators will be punished with the crime of defecting!”


“Leave some people to protect the Governor’s Palace, in case the enemy is attacking.”



“Peace Army” moved quickly and in an orderly manner. Although the explosion was sudden, no one panicked. The public security bureau personnel led by Shi Hu rushed to the scene as soon as possible. The experienced Shi Hu found him within a few minutes. Clues, caught up with the fleeing perpetrators, and then had a fierce confrontation in an abandoned parking lot five kilometers away from the explosion.


“Ask for support, there are too many enemies.” Shi Hu’s face was ugly. On his own territory, he was ambushed by the enemy, and he injured more than 20 brothers at once. He was also injured. Those who are unwilling to ask for help, but now it is impossible not to ask for help. The enemy’s firepower is too fierce. There is an evolutionary with mechanical ability, and what he shoots is not bullets, but cannonballs. His subordinates are all evolutionaries, and he was beaten up for a while.


Soon, deafening gunshots rang out from high-rise buildings in all directions, and the firepower in the parking lot suddenly weakened.


“Brothers, fight back!” Shi Hu shouted. He knew that the supporting brothers had arrived. The snipers of “Peace Army” were well-known far and wide. He made up his mind that after this incident, he must apply for several snipers. hand. Before, because it was more important to zombies, he was mainly inward, and the snipers had powerful firepower, and he had nothing to say to deal with zombies. The situation is different now. The combat effectiveness of “Peace Army” has increased. At the same time, the technology of the arsenal has also improved. The productivity is not the same as the original. The output of sniper rifles has increased. When he applied for sniper rifles, he was not robbing resources. .


There is no remote suppression, sometimes, it’s really heartwarming.


“I’m here!” A bell-like voice sounded. Many people’s first reaction was an elephant. If you look closely, it’s not an elephant, but a person very similar to an elephant. The police officers suddenly remembered that the chief brought back a mighty man a few days ago, and he killed the Quartet in the martial arts field. His name was Taishan Mountain.


As expected, he is tall and mighty, and can be called the second elephant.




Taishan Mountain was still more than ten meters away when a fist slammed into the ground, and the landslide suddenly split. The crack radiated with the fist as the center, and the shock wave swept all directions. .


“Go to hell!” Tai Shanshan grabbed a car from nowhere and threw it out. The fierce force made a harsh sound, and the enemies in the parking lot were so frightened that they ran privately. No one dared to pick up the car. The car fell to the ground and fell in the air. It instantly turned into scrap metal. The enemy who rushed out from behind the bunker died Three people, they are concerned about the car, but forget about the snipers on all sides.


When the fighting in the abandoned parking lot was fierce, there was also a situation in the sky prison. The soldiers in silver clothes sneaked into the sky prison quietly, but unexpectedly found that there was no one in the sky prison, no prisoners, nothing strange, but no guards. , that would be strange.


The silver warrior found out that something was wrong, but he didn’t panic at all. He took out the communication equipment to send a message. The silver warrior was still in no hurry, he thought for a moment, pointed his hand forward, and the group continued to go deep into the depths of the prison.


“You’re very courageous!” In the monitoring room, Liu Wei’an looked relaxed.


“It’s too low-level.” Bai Ling said.


“The expressions of these people are very strange.” Huang Yueyue said, each with a poker face, without any expression.


“These people should be genetic warriors.” Liu Wei’an said.


“Then our warriors…” Huang Yueyue was taken aback. The genetic warriors are terrible. With the help of the gene potion, they have amazing strength and no pain nerves. They have completely become fighting monsters.


“If they knew what they were waiting for, they wouldn’t venture in.” Bai Ling said with a smile.


Deep in the sky prison is a stalwart figure. Standing in the aisle, you need to bow your head slightly, otherwise you will touch the ceiling, and the terrifying aura fills the entire sky prison, and the air seems to freeze.


In the Ping An Army, there are many tall people, but there is only one person with such a height and such an imposing manner, the elephant. The elephant was in retreat, and no one knew when he came out.


The silver warriors don’t know the elephant, but they can feel his fear, which can be seen from the slowness of their footsteps.


“It turned out to be an elephant!” Huang Yueyue showed joy.




There was a moving afterimage on the aisle. The elephant disappeared. Huang Yueyue took a closer look. The elephant was already in front of the silver warrior. exposed.


When the silver warrior’s fists smashed into the temples on both sides of the elephant, his body suddenly exploded, and the shredded flesh shot in all directions.




The elephant’s fist collided with the fist of a silver warrior. The elephant’s fist was like a broken bamboo, and the silver warrior’s fist was turned into powder, starting from the fist, arms, shoulders, and finally the head, all of which were shattered.


The elephant’s left hand accurately grabbed a foot that was swept over, and the terrible force that was enough to sweep a hillside came to an abrupt end, a cold smile overflowed from the corner of the elephant’s mouth, and the power suddenly exploded, and the silver warrior flew up. , together with the silver warrior behind him~IndoMTL.com~ crackling…


The sound of broken bones resounded in the prison. The elephant’s movements were too fast, and the silver warrior behind him didn’t react. He saw blackness in front of him and moved back quickly, but the movement speed was not as fast as the shadow. When the body shook violently, the person was already thrown backwards and flew out.


On the big screen, Huang Yueyue felt that her eyes couldn’t keep up with the elephant’s movements. She clearly saw him on the left, but somehow she got to the right. She could only see the silver warriors flying out one by one, or their bodies exploded. In seconds, the 12 silver warriors in this team all fell to the ground, their stumps and flesh spread all over the corridors of the prison, and the walls were mottled with blood.


There is a silver warrior who has no lower body, only half of his chest, a right arm and a head are left. Ordinary people are so badly injured that they have already died, but the silver warrior is not dead, his eyes are fixed on the elephant, Without a trace of pain on his face, he crawled towards the elephant with the only remaining right arm, leaving a bloodstain in the corridor.




He finally climbed to the foot of the elephant, but before he had time to do it, the elephant stomped his foot down, a terrifying burst of power, the head of the silver warrior shattered like a watermelon, and blood and brain sputtered everywhere. The elephant glanced in disgust at the blood spots on his feet and strode out of the prison.


In a building 500 meters away from the prison, several people were still anxiously waiting for news. The man with eyes twitched his hands on the keyboard. Enter key: “Done!”


“Look, what’s the situation now?” Lu Yunfeng quickly approached the screen, only to take a look, the whole person almost jumped up, shocked: “How is it possible?”


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