Star Odyssey Chapter 3618: Let’s talk



In that case, the hearts of spiritualized cosmos practitioners will collapse, because most of them believe that the Supreme Being does not exist.


At this moment, many people are guessing that Yu Sangtian has never made a move against Wujiang. Did he know Lu Yin’s strength for a long time, and he has no confidence? So the expedition to the Tianyuan cosmos battle was stopped in the first place?


This speculation is becoming more and more credible, and Rong Xiang also thinks so.


Facing Lu Yin again, he can set his attitude as low as he can. This one is different from other Sang Tian, ​​who is completely lawless.


Lu Yin snorted: “I can talk, talk more.”


Rong Xiang was stunned for a moment, his mind turned rapidly, searching for the words that someone had flattered him, and he was not used to trying: “Lu Sangtian’s, er, powerful, like a vast starry sky, no, boundless, and like.”


“Okay, intermittent, nothing new.” Lu Yin was dissatisfied.


Rong Xiang hurriedly apologized, and at the same time decided to search for experts who would flatter him immediately after returning, and he must practice it.


This Lu Sangtian likes to be flattered by others?


Many people also like it after they have power, but to reach the level of Lu Sangtian, do you still need it? Suddenly, he thought of Lao Tao. This old guy seems to be very good at this. By the way, Lu Sangtian must be used to being flattered by him. So, if someone does better, can he replace Lao Tao?


Rong Xiang is sad, he is the vice president of the dignified general chamber of commerce, and a strong person in the Spirit Beginning Realm.


“Lord Lu Sangtian, all the profits from this handicap will be sent to Wujiang. It is a blessing for the General Chamber of Commerce to serve Lord Lu Sangtian.”


Lu Yin raised his eyebrows: “All? Isn’t it 60%?”


Rong Xiang smiled and said, “All, this is the intention of the General Chamber of Commerce.”


Lu Yin smiled: “Yes, I’m very satisfied, you do things better than Yishanghui.”


“Thank you for your appreciation.” Rong Xiang hurriedly said, this sentence is very skilled. When he did not reach the Spirit Beginning Realm before, he also said the same to Yishang, but when he broke through to the Spirit Beginning Realm, even Yishang had to respect him. It’s been a long time since I said that.


“Thank you for taking care of the Sima Chamber of Commerce and the Shutter Chamber of Commerce.” Lu Yin mentioned.


Rong Xiang respectfully: “It should be, Lord Lu Sangtian rest assured.”


Lu Yin looked at him: “If there is any trace of Yishang, let me know if you want to, and it’s fine if you don’t want to.”


Rong Xiang’s face twitched, not knowing how to respond.


Lu Yin smiled, raised his hand and put it on his shoulder.


Rong Xiang didn’t dare to move, and it was this action again. Was it because of this that the president was found?


“Go back.”


Rong Xiang exhaled and saluted again: “Yes, then, I will go back first.”


Lu Yin nodded.


Rong Xiang left respectfully.


The Spirit Beginning Realm is the Beginning Realm in the Tianyuan Universe. How unattainable it used to be, the ancestors who broke through the Beginning Realm were all engraved next to the Mirage Realm.


Nowadays, such a strong person respects himself, this is the world of cultivation, and this is life.


On the other side, Yu Lao came, looking at Lu Yin with complicated eyes.


Lu Yin looked at Yu Lao with a smile on the corner of his mouth.


“Congratulations, Lord Lu.” Yu Lao said.


Lu Yin looked at him with a half-smile, “It’s okay, I’m tired.”


The old man sighed with emotion: “You really have the strength to fight against Yu Sangtian, the old man admires it.”


Lu Yin doesn’t care: “That can’t stop your old guy trying to trick me over and over again.”

愚老失笑:“有些事,陆主你这个层次没必要介意。”  陆隐脸色一变,很认真道:“我很介意。”

Yu Lao laughed: “There are some things, you don’t need to mind at your level, Lord Lu.” Lu Yin’s face changed, and he said seriously: “I do mind.”


Yu Lao also didn’t know how to communicate with Lu Yin. From the first time he met and communicated, he knew that this person was not easy to talk to, but as his record became higher and he became more invincible, this poor communication changed. It has become increasingly difficult to communicate, has a condescending attitude, and doesn’t care what others say.


He is the master of the intellectual sky, when was he ignored by others.


But the old fool had no choice but to change the subject: “When did Lord Lu learn the nine-day change?”


Lu Yin put his hands behind his back: “Just now.”


“Just now?” Yu Lao was puzzled.


Lu Yin said: “I’ve learned it after seeing Wuhuang’s use. I’m very talented, and I’ll know what kind of combat skills and techniques I have at a glance.”


The foolish old is speechless: “The nine-day change requires nine days.”


“Is it difficult? Just drive it yourself.” Lu Yin said naturally.


Old Yu had a headache, knowing that Lu Yin wouldn’t tell the truth, and he had just told him about the transformation of the Nine Heavens. This reaction speed is very skilled at first glance.


He could see that Lu Yin’s Kai Jiutian was different from Wu Huang.


Wuhuang normally opens nine days, while Lu Yin’s consciousness opens nine days. This is not something that can be accomplished in a day or two, nor can it be imagined in a day or two.


With nine days of consciousness, Yu Sangtian didn’t do it, but this land owner did it. He learned the nine-day transformation by no means a day or two.


But for how long, no one knows.


If it wasn’t for Wuhuang’s Nine Heavens Change, they wouldn’t even know that Lu Yin would do it.


The nine-day transformation is not an ordinary combat skill. There are only Yusangtian and Yushanhui in the entire spiritualized universe. Yusang’s nine-day transformation comes from Yusangtian. Without Yusangtian to help him open the nine days, Yushan cannot learn.


If you want to learn the Nine Heavens Change, someone must help you open the Nine Heavens.


Yu Lao doesn’t understand, who helped Lu Yin open nine days, and who helped Wuhuang open nine days.


The strength of Wuhuang, even if there is no Nine Heavens Change, is Sang Tian’s peak, and it is definitely not an ordinary person who has the strength to help him open the Nine Heavens.


“You just want to know this? Why don’t you ask Wu Huang, maybe my answer is the same as his.” Lu Yin opened his mouth and decided to stir it up, just as he had also performed the Nine Heavens Change before.


Wu Huang will change the nine days, he will too, what do you think of the spiritualized universe? What does Yu Sangtian think? What does the old fool think? This pool of water will eventually be stirred up.


The foolish old is surprised: “Wu Huang is not dead?”


Lu Yin shook his head: “That old guy doesn’t die so easily, there is still life in his body.”


Yu Lao is puzzled: “If that’s the case, why did Lord Lu let him go?”


Lu Yin and Yu Lao looked at each other: “What do you mean? You have a grudge against him?”


“Of course not, the old man doesn’t want Wuhuang to die, otherwise the beast-shaped spirit will be chaotic, but with your methods, if Wuhuang is not dead, shouldn’t it be taken away? Just like the big golden wings and the others .”


“I don’t have such a hobby, Wuhuang deserves my respect.”


Yu Lao looked at Lu Yin deeply, respect? Just kidding, this person must have some calculations.


At the beginning, he let Qianmen Feidu die. At that time, he didn’t guess the person’s plan for the first time. Later, he realized that this person wanted to use Qianmen Feidu to put pressure on Ming Chuan, and he wanted to intervene in wisdom. The dispute between the airspace and the secret transmission, and now that Wuhuang is released, there must be a plan.


That’s right, the nine-day change.


Yu Lao understood, he looked at Lu Yin: “You want to take advantage of Wuhuang.”


Lu Yin doesn’t think that small tricks can hide the foolish old man. Those who have a heart can understand it after thinking about it, but what if they understand it. The nine-day change of the Wuhuanghui is a fact. .


The information that I can’t get here, I can only go to verify the emperor.


Lu Yin didn’t deny it, they were all smart people and didn’t need to point out.


Yu Lao praised: “The ultimate talent, the opportunity of the Son of Destiny, but there is still a city government that has no last resort. Lord Lu, people like you are very scary.”


Lu Yin looked at Yu Lao: “I’ll take it as a compliment, but I still won’t tell you who gave me nine days.”


Yu Lao looked at Lu Yin deeply: “Everything has conditions.”


Lu Yin raised a finger: “One person.”




“Nine Immortals.”


The old fool was surprised: “Nine Immortals?”


Lu Yin looked into the distance, where the Nine Immortals were originally, but now they are gone, that woman will not face him.


“If you want to talk, you can talk with the nine immortals.” Lu Yin said.


Yu Lao frowned: “I don’t understand, why do you and I bring up the Nine Immortals? Moreover, the Nine Immortals never participate in any disputes in the spiritualized universe. She has been very casual since she became famous, and she doesn’t even compete for resources. What does the Lord have to do with her?”


Lu Yin is disdainful: “Old guy, don’t pretend, since I asked you to call her to talk, why don’t you know anything, you know it.”


“It’s fine if you can’t see it. Since you see it, you still want to hide behind my back and plot against me. Do you think I’m too kind?” Having said this, he slowly raised his hand and pointed at the old man: “Trust me. If you don’t believe me, this finger can make you disappear completely.”


Yu Lao’s eyes flickered: “If I disappear, who will help Tianyuan Universe?”


The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up: “You really never thought that my nine-day change came from Yusangtian?”


Yu Lao’s eyes widened suddenly, it was impossible. From the beginning, he denied this possibility, because he knew Yu Sangtian, even if this person was a supreme disciple, he could not force Yu Sangtian to open nine days for him.


Unless, the Supreme Being forced Yu Sangtian himself.


Yes, will you?


Even so, where did the Emperorless Nine Heavens Change come from? Wouldn’t it be Yu Sangtian too, it’s just a joke.


Yusangtian is now in a great consummation of misery. To break through immortality, the only way to restart one universe is to not create an opponent, and use the strength of the opponent to break through. That is impossible.


Whether it’s Wuhuang or Lu Yin, their nine-day change can’t come from Yusangtian, impossible.


Yu Lao is confident in his guesses.


Lu Yin looked at him with a smile.


The more you laugh, the more foolish the old man has no bottom, mainly because he has no bottom for the supreme.


Supreme Supreme forced Yu Sangtian to open nine days for Lu Yin, this possibility, yes, so are there more possibilities? What is the supreme being to do?


The foolish old is silent.


Lu Yin put down his arms and turned to leave: “I said, bring Jiu Xian to talk, I will only give you one chance.” After speaking, the figure disappeared.


Looking at the empty starry sky, Yu Lao had complicated eyes, defeated Wu Huang, and almost became the first Sang Tian. If he is a spiritualized universe practitioner, some things can certainly be said, but this person belongs to the Tianyuan universe.


He must know something, but why would he know that, as a disciple of Supreme Supreme, Supreme Supreme can tell him, why should he ask himself, if Supreme Supreme hadn’t told him, then what would he do? How did you notice it? There are no exposed clues in the spiritual universe itself.


In the distance, practitioners leave one by one.


Myriad Beasts Border practitioners left with Wuhuang in silence, without saying a word.


Zhan Ming and others also left, each with a solemn expression.


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