Star Odyssey Chapter 3619: Contact one by one



This battle allowed them to see clearly the strength of the peak powerhouse. For that level, perhaps Sang Tian might not be able to do it.


Now they understand why Lu Yin is unscrupulous and arrogant, and he can even mobilize resources to Sang Tian’s location, because he has this confidence.


The third master of Daewoo Villa is really invincible and spiritual.


The battle of the source of the Fuhe River refreshed the battle history of the spiritualized universe. Before that, no powerhouse of that level had fought openly.


Yusangtian has no opponent, so how can he fight.


Now there is.


I don’t know when Yu Sangtian will go to war with Lu Sangtian.


When the time comes, what will happen to the spiritualized universe? There are also many masters above Wujiang.


Of course, it may not be necessary to start a war in the spiritualized universe. Yu Sangtian wants to lead the seven great Sangtians to kill the consciousness universe and smash the land of Italy. The news also came out that many cultivators tried to join in. Perhaps this It is the last resistance of the conscious universe. Once the conscious universe is destroyed, it is hard to say when the universe will be restarted. It is possible at any time. It is much easier to follow this battle than to go after the conscious universe has completely collapsed.


Everyone is not stupid. Once the consciousness universe collapses and all thirteen celestial elephants are killed, everyone in the spiritualized universe will want to go and experience the restart of the universe, especially those powerhouses who are on the verge of death.


It can be foreseen that there will be not enough battle boats, and no amount of battle boats will be able to bring countless practitioners. At that time, the chances of going there will be very slim. This expedition to the universe of consciousness is an opportunity that many people want to seize.


When the news came out, Zhouyu ushered in an outbreak of apprenticeships.


Many cultivators want to arrange their own disciples into the Zhou Territory, just to have the opportunity to follow the war boat to the universe of consciousness. Go in and follow to the universe of consciousness, this is a shortcut.


And these things will be more and more in the future.


Not only the Zhou domain, but also the Tiangong domain, the Lingbao domain, etc., have ushered in an explosion. Whether it is making weapons, learning the spirit treasure formation, or something, the entire spiritual universe is mobilized.


Even Baicao Domain has welcomed many practitioners, hoping to join Wujiang.


In the past, they all believed that Wujiang would be destroyed, but the battle of the source of Fuhe let them see the power of Lu Yin, even if the spiritualized universe wants to destroy Wujiang, it is not so easy. Wujiang will be completely integrated into the spiritualized universe, replacing a major force, or directly becoming the eighth major force. It is easier to join at this time.


Wujiang refused directly, Lu Yin did not return, and no one could make these people join.


Lu Yin disappeared for half a month after the first battle at the source of the Fuhe River. Everyone thought he was going to heal his wounds, which made the king feel more regretful and resented the cowardice of those people. can be successful.


After half a month, Lu Yin appeared in the mood.


No one expected that Lu Yin would not return to the Baicao Domain, but instead went to the mood.


When they saw Lu Yin appearing, all the practitioners in the artistic conception saluted respectfully, all of them looked anxious and full of fear.


Why is this land lord here again? There are many contradictions between this person and the artistic conception. When mobilizing resources, the artistic conception is in a fierce battle with the people who come from Wujiang. After the sacrifice of the spirit, the artistic conception is the first to come. What does it mean? He wouldn’t want to lose his mood at this time.


Shi Xiu led the powerful men of the alliance to greet them in a hurry: “Shixiu of the alliance, see Lu Sangtian.”


“Let’s see Lu Sangtian.”


“The Alliance…”


Lu Yin looked indifferent, his eyes swept across the crowd, making everyone dare not look up.


Nowadays, Lu Yin’s position in the spiritualized universe is not much worse than that of Yu Sangtian.


Both of them have invincible strength. Yu Sangtian, with his position of ruling the spiritualized universe, makes everyone bow his head and obey, while Lu Yin is domineering and lawless, which also makes people dare not resist.


There is no difference between them facing Lu Yin and facing Yu Sangtian.


“What about Wuwei?” Lu Yin’s tone was indifferent.


Shi Xiu was not surprised, he knew that Lu Yin was looking for Wuwei. The last time he came was because of Wuwei. For this reason, he asked Tianwaitian for help, attracting nine immortals, and even he himself shot Lu Yin, fortunately This Lu Sangtian didn’t care.


Right now, Shi Xiu was most afraid of Lu Yinqiu’s reckoning. He came too suddenly.


“Back, back to Lu Sangtian, Wuwei is here.”


Lu Yin stared at Shi Xiu coldly: “Not here? Where did you go?”


“I don’t know.”


“Say it again.”


Shi Xiu’s heart sank, and he saluted deeply: “The last time Wuwei left was in the sky, but since then, I don’t know Wuwei’s whereabouts.”


Lu Yin looked at Shi Xiu.


Shi Xiu lowered his head, his face gradually paled, for fear that if Lu Yin gave him a hit, he would be dead.


As the master of the alliance and the current master of the artistic conception, his strength is not enough, and he has to break through. He is also confident to break through to the star level consciousness level, and he may even compete for the position of Sang Tian in the future, but all that The premise is to survive, and even if Sang Tian succeeds, facing this Lu Sangtian is of little significance.


It was a short time, but it was a long time for Shi Xiu. He didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until a voice appeared.


“I don’t know why the Lord Lu came to the mood? If there is a loss of welcome, I hope the Lord Lu is not strange.”


Lu Yin looked in the other direction, where a middle-aged man in a purple robe walked out, with a calm bearing and a smile on his face, looking at Lu Yin with a calm gaze, without hostility and defense, just like a Very temperamental uncle next door.


This person is Zi Tianshu.


Lu Yin has heard about Zi Tianshu more than once. The most legendary experience is that this person has achieved Sang Tian, ​​but he deliberately gave up the position of Sang Tian. No matter what, he can achieve Sang Tian at any time, which is recognized by the spiritualized universe, because he is extremely strong, so strong that even the masters say that it is difficult to compete with him.


Sang Tianzhi is fate to some people, but to some people, it’s like a passing glance.


However, Lu Yin prefers that he was forced by Yu Sangtian to give up the position of Sangtian, because the most attractive thing about the position of Sangtian is not the power, but the strangeness that may be seen on the day of the sacrifice. Scenery, but the road that leads to Yusangtian.


“Zi Tianshu?”


Zi Tianshu faces Lu Yin and salutes slowly: “Zi Tianshu, I have seen Lu Sangtian.”


Below, a purple-clothed woman raised her head and looked up, her eyes were apprehensive. She was Ziyi, the daughter of Zitianshu. She wanted to take nine steps in Huanri City, but was tricked by the little fat man in Tiangongyu. , was going to provoke Lu Yin and was forcibly taken away by an old woman.


With her back to Zitianshu, Ziyi can walk sideways in the spiritual universe, but she has no confidence in the face of Lu Yin, even if Lu Yin didn’t have such a great reputation at that time.


Nowadays, she knew very well what kind of person Lu Yin was, and it was too dangerous for her father to stand up for Yijing.


But when my father came, the mood was meant to protect this place.


Yusang Tianming knew that Lu Sang was a natural enemy of artistic conception, and arranged for his father here. Thinking of this, Ziyi felt aggrieved.

陆隐打量着紫天枢:“怪不得人人都说你成就了桑天,却又放弃桑天之位,原以为是假的,现在看来,你确实有成就桑天的实力。”  “陆桑天过誉,与陆桑天相比,在下这点实力太微不足道。”

Lu Yin looked at Zi Tianshu: “No wonder everyone said that you achieved Sang Tian, ​​but then gave up the position of Sang Tian. He thought it was false, but now it seems that you do have the strength to achieve Sang Tian. “Lu Sangtian is too famous. Compared with Lu Sangtian, his strength is too insignificant.”


Lu Yin said: “Have you ever thought about becoming Sangtian again? Wuhuang is defeated, the position of Sangtian is vacant, you can try.”


Shi Xiu was surprised, Lu Sangtian wanted to support Zi Tianshu?


Zi Tianshu’s expression did not change: “The position of Sang Tian without the emperor can only be replaced by a beast-shaped spirit slough, and I have no plans to achieve Sang Tian. Thank you Lu Sangtian for your kindness.”


Lu Yin retracted his gaze: “It’s a pity.”


Zi Tianshu didn’t understand what Lu Yin meant. It was the first time he met this person, so he wanted to support himself to achieve Sang Tian?


Aside, Shi Xiu looked at Zi Tianshu.


Zi Tianshu looked at him and said, “I don’t know why Lu Sangtian came to the mood this time?”


Lu Yin said casually: “Look for Wuwei.”


Zi Tianshu said: “Wuwei is everywhere. If Lu Sangtian wants to find him, I can help and ask Tianwaitian.”


“Okay, you ask.” Lu Yin did not refuse.


Zi Tianshu was stunned for a moment, but he was polite. Seeing that Lu Yin was serious, he could only take out the Lingyun stone to contact Lan.


“What’s the matter?” Lan’s voice came out.


Zi Tianshu asked: “Where is Wuwei?”


Lan is puzzled: “Wuwei? Why are you looking for him?”


Zi Tianshu glanced at Lu Yin and said, “Let him return to the mood, so I can go back.”


“He can’t return to the mood, that Lu Yin is staring at him, this person is too lawless, cruel and cruel.”



The nimbus shatters.


Shi Xiu and the others looked at Zi Tianshu strangely.


Zi Tianshu coughed and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Lu Sangtian, this Lingyun stone took too long, it’s broken, I’ll contact you again.”


Lu Yin looked at him calmly: “Yes.”


Zi Tianshu had no choice but to find another Lingyun Stone, but this time, instead of contacting Lan, he contacted other practitioners in Tianwaitian. None of those practitioners knew where Wuwei was.


Lu Yin just watched Zi Tianshu contact them one by one. If he didn’t call to stop, Zi Tianshu kept in touch.


It’s not that Zi Tianshu is afraid of Lu Yin. He has cultivated to his level, and he has nothing to be afraid of. If he can’t beat him, he will run away. He still has this confidence, mainly because the atmosphere has always been harmonious, and he can’t do that. The matter of taking the initiative to destroy the atmosphere, and he promised to help Lu Yin to ask, and now I don’t ask, there is a feeling of backtracking.


Unless Lu Yin took the initiative to stop.


But Lu Yin just looked at him like that, and would contact anyone Zi Tianshu could.


Shi Xiu and the others could only wait.


Zi Tianshu glanced at Lu Yin, helplessly, and continued to contact him.


“Zi Tianshu.” This was Lan’s voice.


Zi Tianshu coughed: “It’s me.”


“Lu Sangtian is in the mood?” Lan has already thought about it. If Zi Tianshu just contacted her, there is no need to contact so many people later, she guessed that she was forced.


Zi Tianshu looked at Lu Yin.


Lu Yin stretched out his hand and took the Lingyun Stone: “Speak.”


Tianwaitian, Lan’s face was ugly. She was just scolding people behind her back, but she was heard by others. She took a deep breath: “Wuwei is in the sky.”




“Only Lord Yusangtian knows.”


“Nonsense.” Lu Yin directly crushed the Lingyun stone.


Zi Tianshu was speechless and crushed another one.


Tianwaitian, Lan was stunned for a moment, staring at Lingyun Stone angrily, this person was extremely rude, she crushed Lingyun Stone in anger.


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