The Sovereign’s Ascension Chapter 2215: Tianhuangjie



“Dragon King Xiao Chen, cursive character Xiao, day character Chen.”


Lin Yun whispered to himself and murmured, “This name sounds familiar.”


“Xiao Chen is not a special name, it is a very common name, but with the Blue Dragon King or the God Ancestor in front, it is the only one.” The Divine Phoenix Holy Master explained.


Lin Yun smiled, noncommittal.


His thoughts couldn’t help drifting away. It turned out that the person’s name was Xiao Chen.


Although Lin Yun had never seen the appearance of the Qinglong King, he intuitively told him that the figure he saw at the Tibetan Sword Villa that day was the Qinglong King Xiao Chen.


In this case, the mystery of the broken sword in his body must be related to this God Ancestor.


If you push it further, it may not be a coincidence that you came to this world by yourself, and the mysterious sword light on Mount Tai.


The ultimate source of everything may still be related to this great ancestor.


Lin Yun secretly thought, in fact, he had already guessed all this.


He was able to have the fortune he has now, and everything has an inextricable connection with the purple kite sword box in the Xuanhuang Realm.


And Ziyuan Sword Saint is the descendant of this ancestor!


It turns out that I also have such a mystery…Lin Yun sighed in his heart, which made him have an urgent desire to meet this ancestor.


“What kind of existence is the **** world? What is the Temple of Destiny?”


Lin Yun looked at the Holy Venerable Tianchi and said.


“There is no **** world, **** is hell. After everything in the world has animism, as long as death will appear, even if the gods fall, they will not be able to escape the reincarnation of hell.”


“The Temple of Destiny suppresses **** and prevents someone from tampering with reincarnation. For so many years… no one can challenge fate, nor can they fight against the Temple of Destiny.”


“There have been rumors in the early years that the Lord God Ancestor just wanted to fight against fate, change the fate of an old friend against the sky, and at the same time arrange a back-up for Kunlun.”


The Holy Venerable Tianchi spoke eloquently and gave Lin Yun a little explanation.


“Of course, it’s hard for outsiders to know exactly how, this is just a guess. But Lord Shenzu did have an old friend in the last era. This is not a secret in Longmen.”


Lin Yun was thoughtful, it seemed that the Holy Alliance knew very little about this information, and it was all speculation.


“Then let me ask again, why can’t the road of heaven be recast after so many years?”


Lin Yun changed the subject and returned to the heavenly road.


He has always been curious. Kunlun must have given birth to many strong men in the past 100,000 years. Since the Lord of the Blue Dragon can cut off the Heavenly Way, someone must be able to recreate the Heavenly Way.


“That’s the key to your question.”


The Holy Venerable Tianchi sighed and said, “It is extremely difficult and dangerous to recast the Heavenly Road, but in the past 100,000 years, people who have this ability cannot be counted with two hands.”


“Let’s not talk about it, even if the Southern Emperor 3,000 years ago ended the dark turmoil, his strength reached the peak of the Emperor Realm, and even god-level opponents were suppressed by him. With his strength, it is possible to recast the heavenly road. .”


Lin Yun’s expression was calm when he heard this.


He has always had high expectations for the strength of the Southern Emperor. If even the Southern Emperor could not recreate the Heavenly Road, then the Kunlun Realm would have almost no hope of recreating the Heavenly Road.


“Did Nandi give up rebuilding the way of heaven because of his wife’s death?”


Lin Yun expressed his guess.


He still knows the allusions of the Southern Emperor Gujian’s deep love. The burial flower in his hand is a token of their love.


Later, Nandi spent his time immersed in resurrecting his wife, but people can’t be resurrected from the dead, and even Nandi can’t defy the sky.


Nandi himself also died of a broken heart!


“Not really.”


The Holy Venerable Tianchi shook his head and denied the speculation.


“Lin Yun, you’ve been to the Buried Mountain Range, do you know what’s going on in the ruins of the Tianxu?” The Divine Phoenix Lord suddenly said.


“I’ve been there.”


Lin Yundao: “The ruins of the ruins of the sky are very complicated, and the strength of the demons in it is terrifying. They have been accumulating strength to refine the demons. They have been buried in more than one ruins of ruins under the mountains, and the number is so large that outsiders cannot Believe it.”


The Divine Phoenix Sacred Master nodded and continued: “Actually, you can see this. Although it is extremely terrifying, what is truly terrifying is the existence that you cannot see.”


“What do you mean?”


Lin Yun wondered.




The Divine Phoenix Lord said solemnly: “Gods cannot be killed by non-gods. Even if these people are defeated, they cannot really be smashed to ashes. One hundred thousand years of darkness and chaos, there are many gods from outside the realm. It wasn’t really beheaded, but was banned and suppressed in the Buried Mountain Range. Once the Heavenly Road was recast…”


Lin Yun’s expression changed dramatically, and he said, “Will these gods break through the ban?”


“More than that, if Tianlu is not there, even if the ban is broken, these gods will be suppressed by Kunlun Tiandao, and they will not be able to restore their strength to the period of total victory.”


The Divine Phoenix Holy Master said with a heavy expression: “Once the Heavenly Road is recast, Kunlun’s imprisonment and suppression of the emperor realm powerhouse will no longer exist, and new gods can be born, but these suppressed foreign gods will also recover. strength to its heyday.”


When Lin Yun heard this, he understood the crux of the problem.


If you want to rebuild the Heavenly Road, in addition to your own strength, you must completely wipe out these gods buried under the mountains.


“These gods are now too weak to be banned and suppressed, but once they truly recover to the period of complete victory, the end of the entire Kunlun will come immediately.”


The Divine Phoenix Lord continued: “There are five places in Kunlun, like the Buried Mountains.”


Holy Venerable Tianchi looked at Lin Yun, his turbid eyes lit up with bright light, and said, “But it’s different now, do you still remember Ziyuan Sword Saint Realm Slaying the Spirit?”


Lin Yun was startled for a moment, then woke up with a start, and was shocked on the spot.


He was drinking tea when he nearly spit it out.


“You want me to kill these gods?”


Lin Yun said with a wry smile: “I can’t say how good the odds are when I face the Holy Venerable now. Any great sage can kill me. As for the Emperor Realm powerhouse, I don’t even dare to think about it.”


“If you can’t do it now, it doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future. When you reach the realm of the Great Sage, you may not be able to try.” Tianchi Holy Venerable was extremely persistent, he said solemnly: “The most important thing is the realm of the way of reincarnation. “


Lin Yun finally understood when he heard this.


His thoughts were like electricity, and he pondered: “If it really comes to this stage, I will definitely not refuse. Whether it’s my master or my elder brother, I hope that I can recast the way of heaven.”


“But I have a request. Can the two of you give all your help when my master is overcoming the calamity?”


Lin Yun looked at the faces of the two, and finally landed on the Divine Phoenix Lord.


The Divine Phoenix Lord smiled and said: “Of course it is possible, but before this, I also have a request for your help. As long as you agree, even if Yaoguang Transcends Tribulation, I am willing to stop the sky even if it costs my life. Xuanzi is going to make trouble.”


“Besides that, I can give you the Karma Divine Rune you want, and I can give you clues for the remaining three Supreme Divine Runes. If you want, I can too. Do your best to help you grab it.”


Lin Yun said with a smile: “It’s not good to grab it.”


“Then borrow it.” The Divine Phoenix Lord smiled.


Lin Yun paused, then realized that this seemed to be a meaning.


Of course, the key is not to borrow and rob. The key is that the conditions of the Divine Phoenix Holy Master are too favorable, and Lin Yun’s two wishes are all fulfilled in one fell swoop.


Yaoguang Du Jie was willing to fight for his life, and the karma **** pattern was sent out directly.


Neither of these two conditions are easy to agree to, but now they agree so readily.


It is truly unimaginable that the Holy Master of the Divine Phoenix has something to ask of him.


Lin Yun put down the teacup, suppressed his excitement, and said calmly, “Holy Master, let’s talk about the specifics first?”


The Holy Master of the Divine Phoenix said: “Besides Kunlun, there is a realm called Tianhuangjie. No one knows the origin of Tianhuangjie. When outsiders know it, it has already been controlled by Tianhuang God Ancestor.”


“It is a place of luck. Every thousand years since ancient times, the ancestors of the Heavenly Desolation will open the Heavenly Desolate Realm.”


“The unimaginable luck has produced countless rare holy objects, rare holy medicines, and even divine medicines. There are top forces in the world of each era, and they will send arrogant demons to participate in the trials.”


“The holy relics inside not only have great value, but also can enhance the strength of the testers. The best ones will be accepted as closed disciples by Tianhuang God Ancestor, and have the opportunity to attack the realm of the gods!”


Lin Yun said in surprise: “Why haven’t I heard of such a place?”


“After the road to heaven is cut off, it is extremely difficult to go to the Heavenly Desolate Realm. You need to use divine fire to activate the ancient space-time array to enter. In addition, you need a token.”


The Divine Phoenix Lord said: “Because the Azure Dragon God Ancestor once had kindness to the Heavenly Desolate God Ancestor, as long as you hold the small Qinglong Token of the Azure Dragon God Ancestor, you can participate in the trial.”


“Shen Huo fragments and Xiao Qinglong Tokens are extremely rare. They have been used up for almost 100,000 years. There will never be more than five Xiao Qinglong Tokens today.”


Lin Yun’s face showed a sudden look.


No wonder the people from Divine Phoenix Mountain wanted to get the Divine Fire Fragment, and it turned out that this was the idea.


Divine Phoenix Mountain must have such a great formation of time and space, as well as a small Qinglong decree. The only difference is the Divine Fire This Heavenly Desolate God is not only a strong ancestral realm himself, but also the controller of the Heavenly Gate. One of the oldest forces in the universe. “


“How strong is it?”


“In the beginning, it was comparable to the Qinglong God Ancestor. Now that so many years have passed, I am afraid it is even more unfathomable. It is a realm that I can’t imagine.”


Lin Yun suddenly thought of one thing, Shenhuangshan must send Ji Zixi to the Heavenly Desolate Realm, but what does this have to do with him.


But soon, Lin Yun woke up and said in surprise, “Could it be that the Holy Master wants me to go to the Heavenly Desolate Realm?”


The Divine Phoenix Lord nodded.


“But the Little Green Dragon Token and the Divine Fire Fragment are not easy to get.” Lin Yun expressed doubts.


“That’s why I invited the Holy Venerable Tianchi.” The Divine Phoenix Lord smiled and said, “I can be sure that Tianxiang Sacred Mountain has a small green dragon order, and the Holy Alliance also has a small green dragon order.”


The Holy Venerable Tianchi nodded and said, “I have been watching you secretly for several days, and the Holy Master has convinced me. As for the divine fire fragment, you don’t have to worry, one divine fire fragment is enough for two people to pass by.”


Lin Yun pondered silently, revealing a thoughtful strategy.


The opportunities and risks in the Heavenly Desolate Realm coexist, and the risks must be enormous, otherwise the Divine Phoenix Lord would not have made such a great sacrifice.


It is opened once in a thousand years, and there must have been people there a few times before, but no news came back.


These people are most likely dead…


Even if I don’t die, can I go back to Kunlun?


“If I don’t become the disciple of the **** ancestor, is there still a chance to come back?” Lin Yun looked at the **** emperor and expressed his worries.


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