The Wife is First Chapter 1: : I’m blind



The winter thunder is shaking, and there is rain and snow.


Across the thick flames, Gu Qingwan looked at the familiar face of the man again, but only felt blurred.


She should be vague, it’s just because of the earthwork of a countryman, he actually wanted to goug his own eyes!


If it wasn’t for the maid secretly to protect her, how could she keep these eyes!


Pinch the corner of her mouth slightly, Gu Qingwan looked at King Ding: “Husband, Gu Qinglian’s poison was not mine!”


In Ding Wang’s always cold eyes, at this time, it is unabashedly mocking: “What if it is you, so what if it is not you!”


Behind the flames, Gu Qingwan’s heart was shaken.


Even though she has been forced to be like this, she still thinks about trusting him to forgive him, but she didn’t expect that she was wrong?


Gu Qingwan finally grinned with his eyes ups and downs.


“So, you just want to kill me with Gu Qinglian?”


Ding Wang is noncommittal.


It’s just that Gu Qingwan felt that her heart had been stabbed with a big hole by a sharp weapon. Even if she stood still, she could feel the pain of the wind.


This is the man she loves and exhausts everything.


In the twenty-eighth year of the Southern Calendar, she fought a horse and walked along Chang’an Street. She was shocked and rescued by King Ding, who was still the third prince. So far, she lived in a person in her heart.


In the 30th year of the Southern Calendar, she finally fulfilled her wish. With all the property left by her mother, she broke up with her grandfather and insisted on marrying King Ding.


At that time, his eyebrows were picturesque, and his eyes were full of tenderness and said to her: “In this life, you are the only one who treats me sincerely.”


In the spring of the thirty-first year of the Southern Calendar, Lu Yu, a general of the Eastern Kingdom, sent troops to disturb the borders of Chu State privately, and set the king in armor.


The war is over, and I return to Beijing.


The emperor is suspicious, he was given a glass of poisoned wine, it was her who drank it in his gentle eyes!


Because of this cup of poisoned alcohol, she lost their two children, and she had the opportunity to be a martial artist and be a mother forever!


In the thirty-second year of the Southern Calendar, King Ding suppressed the bandits, but contracted the plague on the way. She went to take care of her body day and night.


The end is that she was infected with the plague, no one was carefully cared for, but she was disfigured!


Since then, she has been reduced to this small yard, and she has never had a chance to see him again.


Now I finally met him, but he wanted to use her eyes as a drug for her concubine Gu Qinglian!


Heh, this is the only value of her existence, isn’t it?


Only at this moment did I think clearly, at this moment I saw it clearly.


Gu Qingwan raised her head and laughed loudly. The laughter was vast and mocking.


Because of laughing too hard, when Gu Qingwan raised her head, tears were still on the corners of her eyes. She had escaped from the imperial doctor, and the knife passed through her eyebrows, and now there were tears. Intertwined with blood, it looks even more hideous and terrifying.


It’s just that she doesn’t mind at all.


With her bare hands, she wiped off the water stains on the corners of her eyes. For the first time, Gu Qingwan looked at King Ding with a cold look, but the corners of her mouth still laughed mockingly.


“I Gu Qingwan, this life is really…blind!”


Fu Bing Tuan surrounded her, and the flame that was ignited temporarily by an incense was gradually extinguished. Gu Qingwan unhurriedly adjusted the whole clothes, but reached out her hand and took out the powder, slowly towards the flame. Sprinkle, but his eyes are very bright.


The tongue of fire suddenly jumped up, Anxiang exclaimed, Gu Qingwan’s eyes moved, but she took her hand and pushed her out.


When she was the only one left in the circle of fire, Gu Qingwan straightened her back and looked in the direction of King Ding. Just then, a young man in white came from the outside and met Gu Qingwan’s eyes with pain. .


“Qingwan, why do you want…”


The tongue of fire is too rampant, Gu Qingwan can even feel the burning sensation of her skin, but she can’t see the look of the man opposite.


She smiled at the corner of her mouth. She was clearly in the deepest part of the fire, but she seemed to walk in the courtyard: “Rather than die in the hands of others, it is better to die in your own hands! Su Liuyu, if there is another life, how about marrying me?”


Ding Wang secretly sneered at the adulterer, but Gu Qingwan looked up and smiled.


“If there is an afterlife, I will definitely want those who owe me to return a little bit!”


With this sound, eight winds and clouds moved, and a bright beam of light suddenly rose from the sky!


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