The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6921: Third place



Just when Jiang Yun and the four were trapped in the Five Elements Barrier and had to fight with the Five Elements Dao Spirit, a group of extraterritorial cultivators appeared in the land outside the law, in the world of the Lord of the Law.


Ji Kongfan looked blankly at the hundreds of monks outside the realm standing in front of him and said, “I opened the entrance to the real realm for them many days ago.”


“After they entered, not only did they not come back, but the entrance collapsed inexplicably.”


“I wanted to open the entrance again to see what was going on with them, but found out that the Outlaw Land and the True Domain seem to have been disconnected.”


“To this day, I haven’t seen them again, and I don’t know what their current situation is.”


The leader of this group of monks from outside the realm is dressed in black, and their faces are covered with a layer of black light, making it impossible to see their true appearance.


Naturally, they are the people who do it in ten days.


Before Ding Yi entered the real world, he contacted Ten Tiangan and asked them to send someone over, just in case.


Today, they finally arrived.


However, when they followed the clues left by Ding Yi and came all the way to the Dharma Lord’s world, they found that they couldn’t get in touch with Ding Yi.


At this moment, after listening to Ji Kongfan’s words, the leader was silent for a while, and then said with a smile: “Then what do you know about the vortex that suddenly appeared?”


On the way to the Outlaw Land, they also heard about the whirlpool.


However, they did not rush to go without knowing anything about the vortex.


In addition, their task is to quickly reconcile with Ding Yi, so that they can open up a teleportation channel dedicated to Ten Tiangan in the real realm.


So, they simply headed straight for the outlaw.


As the Dharma Master, Ji Kongfan, of course, heard about the opening of the whirlpool, even though the monks in the extrajudicial land were already hiding and hiding.


Ji Kongfan shook his head and said, “Just like you, I don’t know anything.”


“However, before the Dao Zun left, he once told me and his disciples that we should continue to search for some secrets in the extrajudicial land.”


“I suspect that the vortex should be related to the secret Dao Zun said.”


“It’s just that I need to sit here, and the disciples of Dao Zun have also entered the real domain, so I don’t have time to go and look at the whirlpool.”


This time, the people headed by Ten Tiangan were silent for longer.


After a full quarter of an hour, he said again: “My name is Cingyi, I don’t know your name, fellow Daoist.”


Cyi, the third in ten days!


Originally, this time it should be Yi Yi, who is stronger and has a higher status.


However, in that year, Guiyi was introduced by Bingyi and brought in ten days of dryness.


And Jiang Yun actually took Guiyi and left him for ten days, which made Bingyi feel very uncomfortable, so he took the initiative to ask to come, and wanted to meet Jiang Yun for a while.


Ji Kongfan reported his name and said, “Ji Kongfan!”


“So you are Ji Daoyou!” Bing Yi’s voice suddenly increased a bit, rubbed his palms, and showed an excited look: “Long time!”


“I heard Dao Zun mention you, saying that you are loyal and powerful, you have been in a place outside the law all the year round, and you have worked hard and made great achievements.”


Listening to Bing Yi’s mouthful of compliments, the expression on Ji Kongfan’s face did not change in the slightest.


Because the other party is obviously talking nonsense!


Let’s not forget that Daozun and Shi Tiangan are purely cooperative and have no deep friendship at all.


Even if there were, it would be impossible for Dao Zun to be in the third position in ten days, in front of the dignified source realm powerhouse, to deliberately praise a mere Ji Kongfan who is not even a supreme!


After a bunch of flattery, Cing Yi smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Ji, although this is the first time we meet, I feel that I have a good relationship with you. From now on, we will be friends.”


“Since we are friends and this is your territory, then we are guests from afar. So, shouldn’t you do your best as a landlord and entertain us?”


Ji Kongfan looked at him and smiled lightly: “You want me to take you into that vortex.”


“Yes, yes!” C gave Ji Kongfan a thumbs up and said: “Ji Daoyou is really smart, you can see through it.”


“How about it, fellow Daoist Ji, just work harder and come with us!”


Ji Kongfan felt a little strange in his heart.


Because of the strength and identity of Bingyi, there is no need to show such a polite attitude.


He could just force himself to take them to that vortex.


Ji Kongfan is strange, but the foreign monks who follow Bing Yi are not at all strange.


Because Bingyi is such a familiar character!


Of course, if you really think he knows you well, you might die without knowing how!


“Yes!” Ji Kongfan nodded after a moment of thought.


Ji Kongfan knew that he had no chance of refusing at all.


“Happy!” Bingyi once again gave Ji Kongfan his thumb and said, “Then let’s go now!”


Ji Kongfan stretched out his fingers and pointed around and said, “Then if your companions and disciples of Dao Zun suddenly come back and find us not here, will you be alright?”


“It’s all right!” C Yi waved his hand and said, “They’re not children, they still need our care.”


“Never mind them, we’ll go ours.”


“By the way, and the three friends who are standing still, let’s take them with you too!”


The first finger of C is naturally the three ancient spirits.


The ancient spirit was handed over to Ji Kongfan by Dao Zun, and now it is like a puppet, unable to speak or move.


Ji Kongfan could lift this control, but he was not familiar with them and had concerns, so he ignored them and let them stand there.


Hearing that Bingyi actually asked him to bring the spirit of the ancients, Ji Kongfan narrowed his eyes slightly, unable to figure out why the other party did this.


The Spirit of Primordial is just a fake venerable, and with this strength, it can’t get into the eyes of the other party at all.


However, Ji Kongfan naturally wouldn’t refuse, nodded and said, “Okay, I need to wake them up first.”


C nodded again and again: “Yes, yes, you go, I’ll be waiting for you here!”


Ji Kongfan rose into the air and rushed towards the positions of the three ancient spirits.


And after Ji Kongfan’s figure disappeared, C, with his hands behind his back, took a step forward and came to the entrance to the real realm.


Staring at the nothingness that has nothing, C Yi said to himself: “There are fluctuations in the power of the remaining space here, and it has not dissipated to this day. It must be left by Ding Yi.”


“Thinking about it, he should have secretly controlled the space leading to the real realm from the extrajudicial land, and he can enter the real realm without Ji Kongfan.”


“In the passage, he encountered a powerful enemy, so he had to collapse the space.”


“But he never appeared, which means that even if he collapsed the space, he still didn’t kill the enemy.”


“His life stone is not broken, so he should still be in the broken space, dealing with the enemy.”


“And in the entire Guantian Palace, there should be only Tianzun who can have the same strength as Ding Yi.”


“Even, Tianzun is probably stronger than Ding Yi.”


“Otherwise, Ding Yi wouldn’t be in the broken space, and he would never be able to kill each other.”


“Interesting, I would like to meet this Heavenly Venerate.”


“I heard that she is not only powerful, but also very charming. If possible, I don’t mind having another concubine room!”


I have to say that although Cyi didn’t see anything, he almost completely speculated about everything that happened that day.


Bing Yi continued: “Also, the vortex that suddenly appeared is probably also related to Ding Yi’s collapse of the space.”


“After all, this extrajudicial place is not very solid.”


“If I had done my best, this place would have collapsed as well.”


Cyi stretched out his hand and touched his chin: “That vortex is another space opened up again in the extrajudicial land, and it is even more unstable.”


“In this way, I’d better not go to the deity. If the space is collapsed, even if there is no life-threatening, I am a road idiot, I am afraid I will not be able to get out.”


“Well, sending a clone should be enough!”


“This deity is here to take a good look at this place outside the law, and enjoy the customs and customs here!” After a while, Ji Kongfan had arrived with three ancient spirits, and C waved a big hand: “We Go!”


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