The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6983: Awesome



A moment ago, there were five people in this darkness.


But now, Jiang Yun and Zhi Ge have already rushed into the sea of ​​runes one after another, leaving only Bingyi and Soul Clone.


This made the expressions of both of them suddenly turn ugly.


Bing Yi pointed in the direction of Zhi Ge’s disappearance, and said coldly: “Bah, just what kind of warfare do you still practice, I think you should practice the way of escape!”


The soul clone did not ridicule Zhige, but also stared at the sea of ​​runes and said slowly: “It should be the only two of us still here now.”


“What do we do?”


Indeed, except for the dead monks, other living monks have entered the sea of ​​runes.


Bing Yi said angrily: “What’s wrong here, do you think they can really pass through this sea of ​​runes unharmed?”


“I think there is a high probability that they will die in it, and they will never reach that black hole.”


The soul clone turned to look at C and said, “Jiang Yun won’t talk about it, that Zhige just broke through to the middle level of the source realm, and you are already at the middle level of the source realm.”


“He has a way to enter this sea of ​​runes, don’t you have any way?”


Bing Yi sighed and said, “This is not a question of strength.”


“Actually, I’ve seen it for a long time. This sea of ​​runes is a bit like a chaotic place in our Dao world.”


“These runes are indestructible and endless.”


“Jiang Yun and Zhi Ge, the way they enter the Rune Sea is quite similar.”


“One is to turn the world into a battle armor and wear it on the body, and the other is to use a weapon to absorb the rune path and open the way for oneself.”


“Simply put, it means sacrificing a world and a magic weapon in exchange for a safe passage through this sea of ​​runes.”


“The key is that I don’t have such a magic weapon!”


Speaking of this, Bingyi’s eyes suddenly turned to the unrolled scroll that was still floating above the head of the soul avatar and said, “Perhaps, we can also use your painting to enter Rune Land.”


“Impossible!” The soul clone hurriedly stretched out his hand, put away the scroll, shook his head and said, “This scroll was given by my master. It is extremely important and must not be damaged in the slightest.”


This picture scroll was specially given to him by Dao Zun before the soul clone entered the vortex space.


For the soul avatar, it is not just a picture, it is the source of his current source realm power!


What’s more, he wants to enter that black hole, this picture scroll has a more important role.


Seeing the action of the soul avatar, C just sneered in his heart, but he didn’t have the idea of ​​​​snatching the picture scroll.


Because he knew that it was useless for monks outside the territory to take this picture scroll.


Put away the scroll, the soul clone looked at C, “If you really have no other way, then we can only wait here for them to come out.”


“Alternatively, we can try to get out of here and go back to the Outlaw Land.”


“Waste thing!” After Cingyi scolded the soul avatar fiercely in his heart, he said lightly: “I’ll think about it again!”


When the voice fell, Cing Yi had already sat down with his elbows on his knees, holding his chin, looking at the sea of ​​runes, as if he was really thinking.


The soul avatar didn’t speak anymore, and also sat beside C Yi.


At the same time, in the sea of ​​runes, Jiang Yun was galloping like lightning, exerting the power of speed and space to the extreme.


In just a few short breaths, a distance of at least 100,000 miles has been crossed.


However, in the world shrouded outside his body, the number of regular runes pouring in has already filled half of the world.


Obviously, no matter how fast Jiang Yun is, it is still slower than the influx of regular runes.


No way, there are too many rule runes, no force can stop them, only let them pour in.


And Jiang Yun’s entire power is used on speed, and he has no time to pay attention to the runes in the world.


Fortunately, Ji Kongfan, who didn’t need to work hard to advance, saw the surge in the number of runes and had already taken action.


A huge wheel of annihilation was suspended in the air, frantically releasing the wind of annihilation, blowing away these runes as much as possible.


Although runes are difficult to destroy, the power of annihilation can make all things annihilate, combined with Ji Kongfan’s own strength, so it can barely make part of rune culture into nothingness.


In this way, the influx of runes was slowed down and more time was bought for the two of them.


In this way, with the cooperation of the two, Jiang Yun crossed the distance of 200,000 miles.


Although the area of ​​this sea of ​​runes is about a million miles away, because they came from the black hole, Jiang Yun and Ji Kongfan guessed that the black hole should be located in the center of the sea of ​​runes.


In other words, the two only need to cross a distance of 500,000 miles to enter the black hole.


Now, the trip is nearly halfway through, but Jiang Yun and Ji Kongfan’s faces are extremely solemn.


Even with Ji Kongfan’s shot, but by this time, the number of runes flooded has occupied 70% of the world’s area.


At this speed, Jiang Yun can advance at most 100,000 miles, and the rule runes will completely fill the world.


At that time, the world will be completely destroyed, leaving Jiang Yun and Ji Kongfan exposed to this sea of ​​runes.


There is nothing Jiang Yun can do about this.


Under the yin and yang realm, his speed has been exerted to the extreme, and he does not even dare to be distracted.


Ji Kongfan suddenly stretched out his hand and took out a space magic tool, and put the rune in front of him into it.


However, as soon as the rune was submerged into the magic weapon, the magic weapon exploded, unable to withstand the power of the rune at all.


Ji Kongfan said to himself: “Only things that are not afraid of the power of rules can carry these runes, ordinary space magic tools, no!”


After pondering for a while, a light suddenly lit up in Ji Kongfan’s eyes: “Then if I use these rule runes as materials, can I make a space magic weapon?”


When the voice fell, Ji Kongfan raised his hand again, and a whirlwind swirled out from the palm of his hand. Under the continuous rotation, a flame was gradually born.


This is the power of annihilation, transformed into flames!


Obviously, over the years, not only has Ji Kongfan’s strength improved, but he has also become more proficient in mastering the power of annihilation, and has created the fire of annihilation!


After the fire of annihilation appeared, Ji Kongfan blew lightly, and the flame broke away from his palm, suspended in the air, and skyrocketed wildly, turning into a size of hundreds of feet.


Ji Kongfan grabbed it casually, a large number of regular runes condensed into a group, and suddenly poured into the flame.


Immediately afterwards, Ji Kongfan’s hands were like butterflies wearing flowers, and with a dazzling speed, he hit countless seals and fell into the flames.


The next moment, those runes actually started to melt!


Seeing this scene, Liu Ruxia and the tree demon in Jiang Yun’s body were stunned!


Liu Ruxia murmured: “This Ji Kongfan is really a ruthless person!”


“At a time like this, in this place, he actually used these regular runes to refine the artifact!”


Ji Kongfan’s weapon refining speed is extremely fast. In less than five breaths, a large vat the size of a hundred meters has already appeared in front of him.




Ji Kongfan stretched out his hand and patted the big cylinder, and the big cylinder immediately released a strong suction force, sucking a large amount of runes into the cylinder!


And the vat didn’t explode!


And Ji Kongfan didn’t care about this big vat at all, and continued to refine similar vat in the same way.


The tree demon also murmured: “Space magic tool, he used runes to refine a space magic tool, which can accommodate these runes.”


“This craftsmanship is simply amazing!”


Jiang Yun also saw what Ji Kongfan did, but he didn’t feel any surprise. He just smiled slightly and continued to move forward.


The same sentence, no matter when, you can always trust Ji Kongfan!


In this way, Ji Kongfan kept refining one large vat after another to hold a large number of runes.


While it is impossible to remove the threat of the runes, it at least slightly eases the timing of the destruction of the world.


Even a breath of relief will bring him and Jiang Yun a big step closer to the black hole!


“Jiang Yun, I can’t hold it anymore!”


Just as Ji Kongfan was transmitting voice to Jiang Yun, Jiang Yun let out a loud roar: “It’s here!”


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