War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4527: History is cut off, and the road to the seventh-order Xeon is also cut off



Chapter 4527 The history is cut off, and the road to the seventh-order Xeon is also cut off


“But in this Langya Jiange, I guess I won’t be able to stay for too long.”


“My law of time will soon be perfectly integrated into kendo, when the law is complete, and the punishment of heaven will come, it must be earth-shattering 1


“It’s better to find a place to escape the calamity.”


“Let’s go back to the Asura Hell in the God-Reverse God Realm.”


“There are many fierce places in the Anti-God Realm, including the Shura Hell, there are many places that reveal mysterious and suspected places left before the historical partition.”


“When I pass the punishment, the law of time is perfect, the seventh level of kendo, and then I step into the upper gods, I will explore those places.”


Feng Qingyang has already planned to leave Langya Sword Pavilion and return to the Anti-God Realm.


“I don’t know how Xiaotian is now.”


Thinking of his own disciple ‘Duan Lingtian’, Feng Qingyang couldn’t help sighing.


His disciple has carried too many things in his life.


Not like him, alone.


“After I have passed the punishment, I will enter the realm of the high-ranking gods. As long as I strengthen my cultivation, I will soon usher in the call of the super-powerful realm. When the time comes, as long as I meet the call, I can directly be promoted to super-powerful. 1


“At that time, I may also become a place outside the world, and even the contemporary world, the first existence of the ‘Xuqiang seventh order’ above the saints1


“What happened in the end made the cultivators who were separated from history go the wrong way”


“They stepped into the realm of the high-ranking gods early, they were dissatisfied with the laws, the four worlds were ordinary, and they ushered in the call of the super-powerful realm. Even if they became super-strong, they were destined to do nothing.”


“If you refuse the call of the Xeon, and wait until their laws and the four realms of heaven and earth are improved, they may not be able to find an opportunity to step into the Xeon.”


The wind sighed softly.


“Xiao Tian, ​​now has a high probability of stepping into the realm of high-ranking gods. It can be considered that he has taken the wrong path. With his good fortune, even if he takes the wrong path, he may not be like those people and do nothing.”


“The separation of history is really terrifying. It not only separated two eras, but also caused the practitioners of this era to go down the wrong path.”


“Perhaps, it is also because of the abundance of spiritual energy in the world of this era, which enables them to step into the realm of high-ranking gods in various ways in a very short period of time.”


“Before the historical partition, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth did not seem to be very abundant, and many lower-ranking gods and middle-ranking gods mastered the laws of the Great Perfection.”


“There are gains and losses, and there are losses and gains”


“This may be the ‘Reincarnation of Heaven’.”


The wind sighed softly.


“If I become the seventh-level Xeon, I should be able to release the imprisoned souls of the Soul Clan members of the Xion Clan for my daughter-in-law Ke’er, and forget about Xiaotian’s one. A lot of things to worry about.”


“It must be a big surprise for him.”


“Now, he doesn’t know where he is in the Outer Lands, does he fight for it?”


With the cultivation level of the median god, it is indeed an incredible thing for contemporary people to comprehend the law to the great perfection, and the four realms of heaven and earth to the seventh level.


How many people have stepped into the realm of high-ranking gods with a cultivation base, and the laws have not even comprehended the realm of small perfection, and the four realms of heaven and earth may not even have comprehended the prototype.


Is it something they didn’t think to do?


Clearly not.


But why are so few people doing that?


Because of the thousand-year catastrophe!


After the realm of the king of gods, the thousand-year catastrophe will come. If your strength is not improved, the thousand-year catastrophe will be stronger every time


When you are in the middle of the gods, and face the thousand-year calamity that may make you die,


It is to continue to pursue the law of no hope, the four realms of heaven and earth,


Or choose to be promoted to the realm of the upper gods immediately?


The answer is obvious.


Choose the first way, if you fail, you will die.


The second way is steady.


Between the historical divisions, after the realm of the king of gods, although there is also a catastrophe.


However, the catastrophe they face is once every 10,000 years, not every thousand years, just like the catastrophe faced by the most powerful people in this era


This also leads to the fact that cultivators before the historical division can have enough time to comprehend the four realms of heaven and earth, as well as the profound meaning of laws.


In contemporary times, there are only two ways to become the eighth-tier Xeon.


The first way is to be like the wind, with extraordinary talent, and the swordsmanship is against the sky. Before the upper gods, practice the swordsmanship to the seventh rank.


Then, try to integrate the laws you are good at into kendo, integrate with kendo, and go hand in hand.


Of course, if you only rely on the wind to lift yourself up, and you want to completely integrate the laws you are good at into kendo, you won’t have much progress until you first come.


The reason why he entered the realm so quickly was because he got the inheritance left by the Sword of Time, which made him take a lot less detours on the road of integrating the law of time into the swordsmanship.


Otherwise, when the thousand-year calamity that can threaten him arrives, he may not be able to approach the last step, let alone take the last step!


As Feng Qingyang thought:


As long as he is in the realm of the median **** and fully integrates the law of time into the swordsmanship, the law of time can be promoted to the realm of great perfection in one fell swoop.


At that time, there will also be divine punishment for those who gather the Great Perfection Law and the seventh-order heaven and earth as one.


Because Feng Qingyang is only a middle god, so the punishment he will face is at the level of a middle god. With his strength, there is almost no danger to pass it.


And once passed, he can be promoted to the realm of the upper gods.


When you reach the upper gods, you can also normally sense the exchange of the supreme realm, and you can directly promote to the strong.


Instead of rejecting the call of the strongest, like his disciple ‘Duan Lingtian’, he continued to study the law, continued to study the swordsmanship, and went down the wrong path.


History partition,


It can be said that it is not only history that has been broken, but also the seventh-order path to the Xeon for practitioners in this world.


Duan Lingtian, of course, doesn’t know:


My master has already reached the threshold of the ‘Eighth Rank of Xeon’.


Now he is in the place of return to the ruins left by the Xeon seventh-order existence before the historical partition where Bibo Tianfu was looking for someone to enter.


The silhouettes in front of him were all crushed, turned into powder, and died.


When that power came to him,


He thought he would die too!


However, what he didn’t expect was that after the force enveloped his body, it did not continue to press down.


At the same time, a surprised old voice resounded and echoed in his ears:


“Have you reached the seventh-order threshold of Kendo?”


“You are also good at the laws of space?”




“After so many years, I finally waited for 1


(End of this chapter)


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