War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4529: The era controlled by ‘Heaven’



Chapter 4529 The era controlled by ‘Heavenly’




“It’s all wrong.”


It took a long, long time. After reading through the memories of the Wukong old man, Duan Lingtian sighed in his heart.


He knows that after the historical separation, the outside world, and even the practitioners of all realms, have gone the wrong way.


Before entering the realm of the upper gods, one should first comprehend the law to the realm of great perfection, and then comprehend one of the four realms of heaven and earth to the seventh level.


In this case, after passing the punishment, step into the realm of high-ranking gods, and after sensing the call of the super-powerful realm, respond to it and step directly into the super-powerful realm!


In this way, as soon as you enter the Xeon, it is the existence of the seventh order of Xeon!


Xeon 7th tier, what is that concept?


Even if it is outside the realm, and even the practitioners of all realms, the most powerful ‘sage’, that is, the ‘Jie Zun realm powerhouse’, is only the sixth rank of the strongest.


“No 1


Suddenly, Duan Lingtian thought of one more thing, “Contemporary practitioners, after stepping into the realm of the king of gods, will face the test of calamity once a thousand years”


“Before the historical partition, according to the memory of the Wukong old man, it was only once every 10,000 years that we had to face a catastrophe.”


“Furthermore, every time the calamity faced by the old man Wukong, the power is limited, and it should be equivalent to the power of the two contemporary calamities.”


Thinking of this, Duan Lingtian took a deep breath.


He has already guessed something faintly


Is the rules of heaven and earth changed?


“Dao made it?”


Apart from this possibility, Duan Lingtian couldn’t think of the second possibility.


Combining the memories of the Wukong old man and the current situation, he also faintly felt that the ‘invisible hand’ of the Tao of Heaven seems to be controlling this era, making it difficult for this era to give birth to the seventh-order Xeon. exist!


“Maybe it’s because there are old people like Wukong who can threaten the existence of the Tao of Heaven between the historical partitions?”


“So, the cultivators who appeared after the historical partition this time, he treated them as ‘piggy’ and kept them in captivity, preventing them from stepping into the seventh tier of the Xeon and threatening its strength?”


Although, this metaphor is somewhat sad for all contemporary practitioners, including saints.


But, it seems to be the truth.


Indisputable fact.


“In this era, even if you know there are such restrictions, there are still a few people who can successfully master the laws of the Great Perfection Realm and the Seventh-Order Heaven and Earth Four Realms in the realm of the median god.”


“The catastrophe once in a thousand years is no joke.”


Before stepping into the strongest,


Before the historical partition, the catastrophe happened once in ten thousand years.


After the historical partition, the catastrophe comes once every thousand years.


Even if there are some middle-ranking gods, they have the intention to comprehend the law to the great perfection before stepping into the realm of the upper gods, and realize the four ways of heaven and earth to the seventh level


Once the catastrophe that threatens their lives arrives, will they choose to die, or will they choose to simply become a superior **** and shatter the catastrophe?


The answer is obvious.


“No wonder this Wukong old man said that the way of heaven is not benevolent, and that all things are dogs.”


“Isn’t that the case?”


Duan Lingtian sighed, and there was a bit of happiness in his eyes.


“Fortunately, I haven’t stepped into the Xeon realm, otherwise, in this life, it will be difficult to step into the seventh stage of Xeon 1


Even before the historical partition, there was no Xeon who stepped into the seventh order from the seventh order of the Xeon and entered the seventh order of the Xeon


Even if they comprehend the laws of the sixth-order Xeon to the Great Perfection, and the four realms of heaven and earth to the seventh-order, the punishment they are waiting for will kill them!


“The high-ranking gods, although facing the punishment of the gods, are still alive and dead”


“But, after all, there is a chance 1


“Furthermore, I have now integrated the memories of the Wukong old man. Even if I face that kind of punishment in the future, I can be considered experienced, and it will definitely not be more difficult than the Wukong old man when he faced that kind of punishment.”




Thinking of the achievements of the old man Wukong in his life, his eyes are full of heat:


“He used a shocking method to perfectly preserve his memory, including his various understandings of kendo and even the profound meaning of the law”


“As long as you give me time, I can completely digest this information and have his achievements in kendo and law in his lifetime 1


At this moment, Duan Lingtian couldn’t help but feel restless.


Achievements in the past:


Kendo, ninth order.


The Way of Control, Tier 8.


The Way of the Infinite, Tier Eight.


The law of space, the law of death, and the law of life have all stepped into the realm of Great Perfection!


“There are only four ways of heaven and earth, except for the way of devouring. He actually realized all of them to this level?”


“No wonder even the Dao of Heaven is afraid of him.”


“Moreover, according to the memory of the old man Wukong, the reason why he was able to have the strength of the ninth rank of Xeon is because he comprehended the law of life and the law of death at the same time to the realm of great perfection, and penetrated life and death.”


“In addition to the achievements in the field of the Way of Control and the Way of Infinite, we can have the strength of the ninth rank of Xeon.”


“According to his inference”


“If he comprehends either the Way of Control or the Way of Infinite to the ninth rank, his strength will be enough to go further and reach the peak of the ninth rank of Xeon.”


“If both step into the ninth level”


“His strength will be comparable to that of Heaven 1


“At that time, even if the Dao of Heaven shatters the heavens and the earth again, and makes everything in the world return to chaos, no matter how much history is cut off, it will not affect him.


Duan Lingtian was inexplicably shocked.


Old man without space, too powerful.


How could there be such a powerful person in the world?


Furthermore, it is such an incomparably powerful character who, in the end, was forced by the Tao of Heaven to escape into the place of return to the ruins before the historical partition, leaving a lifetime of memories.


“He did this in the hope of cultivating a successor who could compete with the Dao of Heaven”


“The first two return to the market opened, and there were outstanding people, but he didn’t like them.”


“This time, he saw me.”


“Of course, according to his memory, in fact, his ideal successor is the kind of person who comprehends the way of kendo to the seventh level, and even comprehends the law of space, the law of life or the law of death to the realm of great perfection.”


“But, he has no chance.”


“So, I was chosen.”


“In his eyes, I’m barely qualified to be his heir.”


Duan Lingtian shook his head.


In this era of heaven’s restriction, it is estimated that it is difficult to find a person who can comprehend Kendo to the seventh level at the same time, and comprehend one of the three laws of space law, life law and death law to the realm of great perfection.


His master is gentle, and the swordsmanship should have stepped into the seventh order.


However, in terms of rules, it does not meet the requirements of the empty old man.


“If you are not good at the law of space, the law of life and the law of death, it will be a very long process to digest the memory of the empty old man and make it his own.”


“He, must find a suitable descendant1


Duan Lingtian sighed.


He knew that the ‘opportunity’ he got this time might be the biggest chance he had ever gotten in his life!


In the future, even if there are still some opportunities, it is definitely impossible to surpass this one


The lifetime memory of the super-powerful who stood at the top before the historical partition!


What other opportunities can be compared to this?


“For the rest of the time, just stay in the land of return to the ruins to digest his memory and let my space laws be perfectly integrated into the kendo as soon as possible, and let the kendo become the space kendo from the ground up 1


Because, according to the memory of the old man Wukong, the valuable things in his return to the ruins were all shattered by him and merged into the return to the ruins, consolidating the return to the ruins.


In this way, he doesn’t need to waste time looking for anything.


Even, he can now clearly know all the mysteries of this place of return to the ruins.


But, it doesn’t make much sense either.


Nothing worth his while.


“Sister Wei.”


At this moment, Duan Lingtian suddenly thought of the ‘Night and Half-Saint’ from the Duan Clan in the Tourmaline Holy City before coming to this place of return to the ruins this time.


In his eyes, anger lit up:


“Perhaps, it won’t be long before I can avenge you1


Duan Youwei’s death, he always felt that he had a large part of the reason.


If he hadn’t asked Duan Youwei to return to the Anti-God Realm with him, when he returned from the Anti-God Realm, he would not have appeared in that area and would not have been targeted by Duan Youwei’s enemies.


(End of this chapter)


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