Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 864: Two-Headed Ogre



These newly emerged cannibals are only less than two meters tall and look like dwarfs among ogres, but they have a lot of tattoos on their bodies, as well as savage runes of unknown function. $f. $f


“Ogre Shaman!”


The black-robed mage exclaimed in his heart, this ogre shaman is a bloodline person among ogres, and has awakened several spell-like abilities as he matures.


Among the ogre tribes, these ogre shamans hold a pivotal position, and now they are all ambush here.


The black-robed mage suddenly felt a sense of impending doom.


“Hooho…” The ogre shaman on the opposite side did not give the black-robed mage any time to think. In the roar, the tattoos and runes on their bodies lit up layer by layer. , so that they can cast spells without learning and memory, although, it is still inseparable from the support and mobilization of the magic net.


The magic power converged, and several huge fireballs, with an orange-red color, violently tore apart the weak armor and defense on the mage, burning her and the warhorse under her to charcoal.


“Rena!!!” Siegfried’s eyes were red, and even after he had rushed out of the encirclement, he turned back again and rushed towards the ogre shamans.


Although somewhat gloomy and selfish, Siegfried values ​​true friends and lovers very much.


At this point, Lena was killed, and his mind was immediately bloodshot, full of urges and desires for revenge.




The silver-white long sword was caught in mid-air by a huge black mace, making a dull loud noise.


The amazing recoil made Siegfried barely regain his composure. He looked at the opponent in front of him. This was a two-headed ogre over four meters. , Two hideous heads, one big and one small, with disgusting saliva dripping from the black fangs, sitting down with the ogre in both hands, it is a deformed land lizard, and the other side also has two heads. But the other one was like a huge tumor with only vague facial features.




The two-headed ogre roared and charged at Siegfried with a huge black mace he had obtained from nowhere.


The terrifying power brought by the amazing physique. Siegfried was made to retreat again and again. Although the warhorse under his seat was a steed, it was not a match for the demon beast at all. He had already started to foam at the mouth, showing an obvious lack of support.


After seeing the two-headed ogre appear. The rest of the ogre shamans and ordinary ogres seemed to have the backbone and began to hunt down other mercenaries.


Because of the help of the shaman, those mercenaries suffered heavy casualties, and only a few lucky ones survived the siege. They didn’t dare to look back and left here desperately.


“There are even two-headed ogre leaders and ogre shamans!”


Leylin was amazed, the light in his eyes kept flickering, revealing the opponent’s data.


[Name unknown Race: Ogre (mutation) Gender: Male Strength: 16 Agility: 7 Constitution: 15 Spirit: 6 Description: The double-headed ogre is an accidental mutation among the ogre tribe, with double copies The brain of the other party is constantly in a state of confusion, of course. There are exceptions in which mutation of intelligence occurs. After the mutation, the two-headed ogres have stronger abilities than ordinary ogres, and they often become the leaders of the ogre tribe with great wisdom. ]


[Name Unknown Race: Ogre (Shaman) Gender: Female Strength: 5 Agility: 4 Constitution: 9 Spirit: 10 Possesses Talent: 1, Regeneration: Ogre has extraordinary regeneration ability, even if the head It can survive for a long time even if it is cut off. 2. Bloodline: The ogre shaman who inspired the bloodline of some ancient spellcasters has spell-like abilities, but the type of spell and the number of daily spellcasting must depend on the awakening degree of the bloodline. ]


“It’s all good data, if it can be swallowed up, it will be even more perfect…”


The devil’s blood dagger silently appeared in Leylin’s palm, and the devil’s head whimpered, as if expressing his desire for flesh and blood.


“It’s now!”


Leylin emerged from stealth, and the blood dagger of the devil had been nailed to the throat of an ordinary ogre.


The terrifying devouring power exploded, turning the opponent into a mummified corpse in an instant. A heat flow came from the dagger to the hand, and then rose all the way along the arm, and the reminder sound of the chip also passed over.


【Ding! The main body carried out a devil blood dagger amplification! Strength +0.1, Constitution +0.05! ]


“As expected of an ogre, this powerful life energy!”


Leylin sighed in admiration. He kept his footsteps, dancing like a **** of death, and the dagger brought a large amount of blood.


Then, he jumped on a war horse that was wandering on the side of the road and lost its owner, and rode away.


During the melee, the mercenaries had no idea what was going on here. And those ogres with simple heads couldn’t understand what a devil was at all, and could only see a hateful human jumping out and killing their digital companions!




In an angry roar, an ogre shaman followed up with several other elite ogre warriors.


At this time, the two-headed ogre commander is still fighting against Siegfried. After all, the other party is also a high-level human warrior. It is not so easy to take down. The unknown roar caused the other ogres to speed up the movements of their hands.


Brown steed gallops down the road, followed by several ogres who have been blessed with haste.


This strange pair of chasing chasers ran away in a short amount of time.


The time that the acceleration technique lasts is always limited. Just as the ogre shaman roared in despair, it was surprised to see that the human knight in front also stopped.


“Has an ogre shaman just arrived? I’m so disappointed!”


Leylin dismounted his horse and looked at the ogre team chasing after him with a disappointed look on his face.


But these simple-minded ogres wouldn’t care about the expression on Leylin’s face. In fact, if it wasn’t for the two-headed ogres, they wouldn’t even set up the simplest traps. .


Therefore, after seeing Leylin’s enemy, these ogres rushed up immediately.


The ogre shaman’s body also lit up with the light of tattoos, turning into several small fireballs.


【Light Flying Technique】!


A light of magic flashed across Leylin’s body, and immediately he flew from the horse to the sky at an elegant and fast speed.


This advanced flying spell can provide the mage with more agile ability to change direction in the air, and it is even more powerful for a mage like Leylin with strong manipulation ability.


Boom! The warhorse that was hit by the fireball turned into a pile of coke before it could even let out its screams, and Leylin’s figure swooped down from the sky like an eagle.




A few fireballs were easily avoided by Leylin, and then the blood-colored light flashed, and he directly cut an ogre’s throat.


After a few defiant provocations, the furious ogre shaman used up his spells for the day and turned into a guy weaker than ordinary ogres.


Ogre shamans are less powerful than normal ogres after losing their spell abilities.


“Even with magical abilities, the mind is too simple to use properly!”


A blood-colored whirlwind flashed by, and the ogres who lost their shelter were good targets in the eyes of Leylin in the air. After several dives, the ogres fell down one by one, and finally the blood-colored daggers were nailed directly to the ground. on the forehead of the ogre shaman.


【Ding! The main body carried out a devil blood dagger amplification! Constitution +0.2! Agility +0.1! Strength increased by 0.2! ]


The chip’s prompt sound came again.


A target with such flesh-and-blood power as an ogre, comparable to a mid-level warrior, is not so easy to find, let alone a matter of quantity and impact.


It’s just that mentally, there is still no waves in the ancient well at the moment, which makes Leylin feel a little regretful.


After entering the 10-point bottleneck, the boosting effect of the Devil’s Blood Dagger is greatly reduced.


Otherwise, the previous gluttonous king, Belusebabu, could build a terrifying army capable of conquering the Material Plane with the help of the Devil’s Blood Dagger.


“Since the opponent’s location has been determined…”


Leylin thought for a while, then sprinkled a wave of dust around him.


“Lost Shadow Dust! Invisibility!”


Under the effect of the spell, his figure slowly became transparent, and finally disappeared into the air.


As a mage, of course, Leylin had also considered using the flying technique to pass through this area before, but he gave up in the end.


Because the area where the ogre haunts is very large, he can’t determine the specific location of the opponent at all, and the flying technique still has limitations. Demon noticed that using spells or arrow crossbows to attack… even Leylin was unwilling to bear the consequences.


As of now, he would definitely not be able to fight the two-headed ogre leader face to face, let alone be besieged by a huge number of ogres.


However, now that the exact location of the ogre is clear, and the human trade group and mercenaries have attracted most of the attention, Leylin has the confidence to dive back again.


After all, a chance like the ogre clan is rare, and Leylin is also very young to raise his strength to the full 10-point level as soon as possible.


With the help of invisibility, Leylin sneaked back to the battlefield very smoothly.


Those ordinary ogres couldn’t find him at all.


It won’t help at all unless there happens to be an ogre shaman who awakens a detection spell and uses it right away.


At this point, the battle has come to an end. Most of the mercenary corpses are all over the place, and they have even become food for ogres. Only the sound of fighting can be heard from the center. (To be continued.)


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