Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 866: coincidence



“Well, I don’t care what you want to do now, hurry up and give up the war horse!”


Leylin looked at each other with a playful look in his eyes. +◆+◆,


“He…hehe…I just borrowed it from Rafiniya temporarily, I wanted to…”


With a forced smile on the archer’s face, his expression suddenly changed: “Look there!”


Without waiting for Leylin to turn around, he raised his right hand, and three short sleeved arrows shot straight out, stabbing at Leylin’s face.




And the archer didn’t look at Leylin at all after he shot the short arrow. Instead, he whipped the horse under his seat and was about to leave immediately.


He could see clearly that Leylin had no injuries on his entire body, which was much better than his state.


Being able to break through the ogre’s siege net intact, this kind of strength is not something he can compete with at present, so the archer decisively chose to escape.


“Very good decision, but unfortunately it didn’t work…”


A magic missile was ejected from Leylin’s hand, and with a strange trajectory, the short arrow was directly knocked into the air, and then it hit the archer’s back with a forceful cast.




The opponent fell sharply from the horse, and there was a terrifying sunken wound on his back.


“You… a mage!” The archer struggled, with desire in his eyes, his hands clasped towards the air like chicken claws, his body kept twisting, like a dying struggle, and stopped after a few seconds.




The war horse Nick, who lost his master, also stopped running and started to nibble on the grass next to him leisurely.


“From now on, I’m your new owner!”


Leylin stepped forward. Grabbing Nick by the reins, he rolled over unceremoniously. and declared sovereignty.


Nick made no protests about his actions. Sure enough, it is a war horse with no discipline. Perhaps, with its brain without many circuits, it cannot comprehend such profound things at all.


When Leylin clamped his legs, the black warhorse immediately turned into a bolt of lightning and galloped across the ground.


As a knight’s mount, it was indeed much more powerful than other horses, which made Leylin extremely satisfied.


This is not far from the previous battlefield, and from time to time there are lucky or unlucky people who escaped the pursuit of ogres. Leylin chose to turn a blind eye to their cry for help.


Even if those businessmen held up the golden chinko, it didn’t hold much appeal to him.


After all, the sum of all the wealth of these small businessmen might not have the gold Kroto that Leylin had consumed in one experiment, so why bother with it?


However, while passing through a low forest, something unexpected happened to Leylin.


Nick, who had always been docile, suddenly became irritable and rushed frantically into the bushes.


“This change. Could it be…”


Although it was possible to forcefully control the opponent, Leylin just gave up his previous actions after just flicking the reins a few times.


For him, he might as well do the easy things, and save his own faction along the way. Although I don’t know how much effect it has.


After passing through a thick layer of black thorns, the tragic scene was completely presented in front of Leylin.


A carriage that had lost its mount fell to one side, next to the Hera sisters who were hugging and shivering.


Several terrifying ogres surrounded them. There was undisguised greed in his eyes.


Rafinia holds a knight’s sword in both hands, and her armor is pitted. There are different pieces of minced meat and bloodstains hanging on it, obviously having experienced several tragic killings.


At this time, the knight girl still had a deep wound on her thigh. Even faintly white bones could be seen, causing the girl to clench her teeth, and the edge of her eyes even appeared crystal clear, but her face was full of a strong look.


If it weren’t for her protection, the Hera sisters would have become the rations of ogres.


Leylin just thought about it for a while, and then roughly came up with some fragments of the other party’s experience.


It’s nothing more than running around after being swept away by the flow of people. I solved a lot of enemies through Rafiniya, and finally came here.


“However, if I choose this direction, if it’s not a mistake, then Hera’s wisdom is probably higher than my previous estimate…”


As for the three-headed ogre under siege, they are just ordinary warriors, and there is no shaman.


To Rafinia, who was seriously injured, the opponent might be a big threat, but to Leylin, it was nothing.


“Yo! Ladies and gentlemen! Good day!”


At this time, Leylin didn’t have the slightest sense of uninvited guests. Instead, he greeted everyone in a leisurely manner, as natural and reasonable as a chance encounter scattered leisurely in the afternoon.


“Nick!” Rafinia saw the black warhorse, and sparks appeared in her eyes immediately: “And thunder! You **** thief, if it wasn’t for my partner being stolen, how could I?”


For this knight girl, Leylin was already very immune. Hearing that, he just rolled his eyes and automatically filtered the other party’s words.




When those ogres saw Leylin’s appearance, their simple brains didn’t have any thoughts, and they rushed forward.


“What a pity I lost my longsword before…”


Leylin slapped the warhorse, Nick neighed loudly, and actually made a jump that was completely impossible on ordinary days. He jumped over the ogre’s head and came to Rafiniya’s side.


“Give me the sword!”


The expression on Rafinia’s face was originally a little bit of resistance, but for some reason, seeing Leylin’s calm face, she was a little scared, and obediently handed over the long sword.


“Strange…why am I…”


But before Rafiniya could think about this question carefully, her small mouth opened slightly, and her face was full of surprise and surprise.


“Not bad!” Leylin shook the knight’s sword in his hand. As a high-level knight, Rafiniya’s equipment was all high-grade. Whether it was a warhorse or the current long sword, it was better than before. The material of the stainless steel long sword is much better.


A dazzling brilliance of fighting spirit erupted from Leylin’s hand.


【Strengthen combat skills! ]


【Combat Skill Charge! ! ]


【Combat Skill Cross Slash! ! ! ]


Leylin’s figure instantly turned into a black shadow, and the long sword was covered with a sharp vindictive light, and he charged at the three barbarians.


The light of the cross slashed across, and then three hideous heads flew up. After the body of the huge ogre fell, Rafiniya was still a little unbelievable.


“It doesn’t matter if it can stimulate the fighting spirit, but this kind of brilliant combat skills, as well as proficient combat skills, are even more powerful than some of my teachers…”


Rafinia’s eyes were lost, and Leylin didn’t even know how to pick up the long sword.


The combat skills Leylin had displayed before were no less than the most powerful person she had ever seen, a high-level paladin.


“Thank you!”


At this time, Hera also stood up with her sister in her arms, and looked at Leylin with grateful eyes.


If it weren’t for Rafiniya and Leylin, she and her younger sister would probably have turned into jerky stored by the ogres.


As for Leylin’s sudden ‘disappearance’, this lady rationally did not choose to continue to ask questions.


Because the current situation is still very dangerous, with Rafinia seriously injured, they all need Leylin’s protection.


There is no need for Leylin to have any malicious intentions. He only needs to leave these three women alone, and I am afraid that their fate will not be much better.


Therefore, Hera immediately said: “In order to thank Mr. Lei, after I arrive in the town, I will add a commission for this mission, which will definitely satisfy you!”


She deliberately lowered her position in her words, and Leylin nodded secretly.


“Wait…if the commission increases, there should be a share for poor old Bam too!”


At this time, the carriage on the side fell apart completely, and a dwarf with a broken leg rolled down like a ball.


“We were in chaos when we broke out of the siege. Fortunately, we had Rafiniya’s protection. Later, we encountered Mr. Bam…”


Hera explained to Leylin with a wry smile on his face, while Leylin shrugged his shoulders. He was a little speechless about the dwarf’s good fortune. Maybe it really has the blessing of the **** of luck?


After taking a short rest, Leylin and his party immediately set off again, given that this is still a dangerous area.


It’s just that the previous carriage was no longer usable, so Leylin had no choice but to transform the wreckage of the carriage into a scooter, so that the Hera sisters and Rafiniya were squeezed together, and even brought a dwarf with them Bam, as for the previous war horse Nick, now he can only be downgraded to a horse with infinite regret, and he is desperately pulling the severely overloaded scooter in front of him and slowly advancing.


“You didn’t see that there were three ogres pounced on Old Bam, each with a mouth the size of my head…”


From the top of the scooter, old Bam’s bragging sound was heard from time to time, while Rafinia pushed forward a little and looked at Leylin.


“When will you return Nick to me?”


“Take the ransom in exchange! Don’t forget, this war horse is a trophy I got from the archer, which is protected by the laws of the kingdom. If you want to find a war horse, you can only go to the archer… “


Leylin rode on Nick’s back and spoke solemnly, with the consciousness of a robber.


“Damn, that archer’s body is probably in the ogre’s belly!”


Rafinia muttered, and from time to time uttered words such as “robber thief”, and finally threw a gold card to Leylin in a hurry.


“This is all my savings, no more…”


“Not bad…” Leylin glanced at the numbers on it and whistled with satisfaction: “Deal! It’s yours!”


Afterwards, Rafiniya was dejected to find that she was still unable to ride Nick due to her injury, and everything was still the same. (To be continued.)


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