Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 868: One after another (monthly ticket 2800 plus more)



In the original Soul Projection Battle, Leylin still helped him at the last moment, giving the opponent a powerful strength.


Although there is also the meaning of taking the opponent as an experimental subject, if the opponent can survive, it will not only be a great help to Leylin, but also a very rare experimental material.


How could he not leave a back door for what he gave back? For the manipulation of the power of the soul, who can compare with the ancient wizards?


“My original soul power cannot adapt to the rules of the world of gods, and can only be constantly wiped out, but the idea is indigenous, it is still possible to absorb the power I left him and keep it, then this kind of Parameter data…”


Leylin’s eyes flashed with light.


The power of the soul of another world cannot last forever in the world of gods, but the power that Leylin left behind for Tifa was like a seed, which completely reborn him.


Besides, the foundation is there, no matter how the subsequent formulation is improved, he can’t resist Leylin’s influence on him in essence.


If used well, it can be a very good pawn.


“Before, I lived overseas for a long time, and I didn’t reach out to the mainland, so I didn’t know much about the other party, but now…the time is ripe…”


Thinking of this, Leylin made up his mind.


“Hello! Your Excellency Bronze Mercenary! What do I need?”


The maid behind the counter saw the certificate Leylin handed over and immediately asked in a professional mechanical voice.


A Bronze-level mercenary is indeed the only thing she can do.


“Show me the specific information on the top three missions!” Leylin didn’t care about this.


“Those devil believer missions?” The maid at the counter raised her head and looked at Leylin with a look that you are very over-the-top: “High-level missions require mercenaries above the gold level to be accepted. Please work hard to improve you. mercenary level!”


“I didn’t think about taking the mission, I just wanted to see the information. I remember as long as mercenaries have this power, right?”


Leylin frowned.


“…Yes!” The maid replied reluctantly. It is estimated that this is the first time I have seen a mercenary like Leylin: “But the information is only open to mercenaries above the silver level for free. You need to pay ten coppers for the information!”


“No problem!”


Under the eyes of the other party that looked like a fool, Leylin generously threw out ten copper coins, took a few documents from the maid’s hand, and read them carefully in the empty seat on the side.


To him, being able to get curated data for a small amount of money is already a big deal.


But after reading a few lines, Leylin’s expression suddenly changed.


Surprise, surprised expressions flashed. To the last strange smile: “It’s really an old friend…”


His eyes fell on some of the lines:


“…the body of the deceased was mutilated, and part of the flesh was missing…”


“… When I found the Baron, the other party was kneeling on the ground in a strange posture, blood was dripping from his eyes, and his tongue had been completely cut off and stuffed into his throat…”


“…The guards raided several dangerous places and found nothing. The thieves found a communication interdimensional magic circle in the mezzanine of the house, and judged that the coordinates were the nine layers of hell…”


“Shenghui with a twisted fangs and a giant mouth. And this kind of murder… A believer of Belusebabu…”


A smile appeared on Leylin’s mouth.


If he were to confront a devil archduke now, he would definitely choose the worst guy who was tricked by him.


“The current opponent should still be asleep, right? Then the **** territory it occupies is probably going to be turned upside down… Also, it is impossible to pray and grant similar spells to believers. I am afraid that even beliefs will be greatly shaken…”


Leylin’s eyes gleamed, as if he had seen the most desirable prey.


“Judging from these sporadic information, this should be a prelude to a large-scale blood sacrifice ceremony. And the object is the gluttonous king…”


A wealth of experience, and memories from Beluse Babu. Ling Leylin recognized all this immediately.


“I’m afraid, this is the believer of the other party on the ground. Seeing that there is no feedback for a long time, it is a desperate attempt!”


Leylin’s expression became serious.


This kind of large-scale blood sacrifice ceremony often spreads to the entire city, and the death toll is at least 1,000.


Of course, all of this is useless work. No matter how much the other party sacrifices, Beluse Babu, who has suffered heavy losses, will not wake up, but it will definitely cause the unanimous hostility of the gods, and more importantly! Actually, Leylin was also involved in it!


“It’s just right, the other party’s church, I accept it politely…”


To Leylin, an empty church that had lost the protection of the gods, and even fit so well with the rules of devouring that he had mastered, was simply a big gift.


Although most of the members were savage scum, even aliens and monsters, a large group of priests alone was enough to make Leylin jealous.


These are the accumulations of his conferred gods in the future!


As for the tragedy of the original Belusebabu, it was not within Leylin’s consideration.


With a lot of income, Leylin walked out of the mercenary guild in a good mood. After a few turns, he came to a dark alley.


“My followers…representation!”


After confirming that there was no one around, Leylin’s temperament changed, as if a **** had descended, he issued a solemn and majestic call.


A strange wave spreads out.


A moment later, Leylin opened his eyes, and the expression on his face was very strange: “It’s so close, right in the kingdom of Danblais…”


On the endless field, a black figure is walking at an extremely fast speed.


Suddenly, the shadow stopped suddenly, revealing a pale face that looked slightly old.


Only at this time, the other party’s face was full of excitement, and there were even tears streaming down, he immediately knelt on the ground, and his voice was choked: “Great my lord! Feathered snake **** Kukulkan! Did you finally respond to my request…”


This person’s face is very similar to the one mentioned above, but he is no longer the child he used to be, and there is a powerful energy field lingering around him all the time.


“My God…”


After the prayer, Tifa’s eyes were full of determination. Since the church of the goddess of spring water destroyed everything in him, he has completely embarked on the road of rebelling against the other party, and thus has become notorious in the entire continent of the gods. of wanted criminals.


Fortunately, the strength Leylin left behind helped him endure the most difficult period of time.


In the bottom of his heart, the Feathered Serpent God Kukulkan, which Leylin had made up indiscriminately, had also become the firmest belief.


“I didn’t expect that just going out to monitor the actions of devil believers would actually make me sense the divine power of my Lord…”


Tifa’s figure turned into afterimages, rushing towards the Dark Forest Castle at a faster speed, even surpassing the fifteenth-level high-level professional.



Meanwhile, in the ogre camp.




The ogre warrior desperately wields the giant warhammer in his hand, surrounded by shamans constantly raising their morale and issuing spells from time to time.


It’s a pity that all this is so powerless in the eyes of the paladin on the opposite side.


【Fight the evil! ] [Sanctions of the Holy Light! 】A dazzling and dazzling holy light burst out from Lorent’s long sword, and the holy sword with enormous power instantly cut off the ogre’s heavy hammer and cut off its head.


On the other side, the priest of the God of Justice who mastered the magic also successfully solved the ogre shaman.


“To dare to feed on humans, this ogre tribe is simply unforgivable!” Llorente wiped the long sword on the hide of the ogre next to him, and waited until he saw the fresh meat sticks hanging. At that time, the disgust on his face reached its limit.


The entire ogre camp was plunged into great chaos. In front of the high-level paladins and priests, all their resistance seemed so weak and powerless.


“These disgusting cannibals, only death is their best destination!”


A harsh roar came from the other side, followed by a few low sighs, and fell into a chilling silence.


“How is it? Did the interrogation reveal anything?”


Lorent looked at a figure who had just come out with ogre blood on his hands, the torture expert in their team.


“The other party’s brain is too underdeveloped, and it’s all used for fighting and eating meat… I tried my best to get the news that a human mage killed their leader and then fled… …”


There is a pity on the face of the other party: “It would be convenient if you can use the spell to extract memory, but unfortunately this is an evil domain…”


This attitude makes Laurent feel dissatisfied, but he doesn’t want to create conflicts at this time.


“That’s enough… At least, there’s a high chance that that mage is Leylin…”


Lorentine nodded: “It should be this ogre tribe that attacked the large caravan where the other party is, forcing the other party to take action…”


“Then what are you waiting for, let’s catch up… tsk tsk… torture a nobleman, I can’t wait for my tools…”


The previous interrogator licked his lips, the expression on his face disgusting and evil, and Loren turned his face in particular.


He couldn’t imagine why such a person would infiltrate the investigation team.


After the ogre camp was swept away, the investigation team continued on their way, and the target was the Dark Forest Fortress where Leylin was located!



“I’m afraid I won’t be able to stay here for long…”


Leylin was changing his clothes at the moment, so something like a mage ring that could reveal his identity was completely unacceptable. Even his hair color and face shape had to be changed.


“However, with the God of Justice’s disgust for devils, once its followers find out that there are traces of devil believers in Dark Forest Castle, will they still try to find me?”


Leylin had a sinister smile on his face. (To be continued.)


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