Wizard Academy Chapter 345: The city is full of wolves and snakes



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“You still know how to come back. Δ novel””


As soon as I stepped into the gate of the inner courtyard, a deafening voice rang in my ears. In fact, I don’t blame Solo for being like this. At that time, Yi Wen was in a hurry, and the words he said before leaving were vague, especially some of the words seemed to arrange funerals, which made people think that something bad happened.


So since Yi Xing left in a hurry, Solo’s heart has been hanging, worrying about what happened, although only half a month has passed, but for him, it is longer than the past few decades .


Fearing that there would be trouble in the academy, Solo had been holding back his worries, walking around the academy as if nothing was happening, joking and joking. Now that the master is finally back, how could he not be excited.


“System, how long has it been since I left?”


Solo’s performance made Yi Xing doubt that he had left for a long time, so he confirmed to the system again.


“Host, you have left the endless world for fifteen days.”


After confirming that he hadn’t been away for a long time, Yi Xing asked strangely: “Uncle Solo, I’ve only left for half a month, only fifteen days. You don’t need to react so much, so I thought I was leaving. Fifteen years.”


Solo did not answer Yi Xing’s words, but looked at Bobby next to Yi Xing and asked, “What’s wrong with him? Could it be that our dean has forgotten the way back to the academy and needs students’ help It takes leadership to find the academy.”


“Okay, don’t make fun of me, this little guy was digging a trap in the forest of monsters, and I caught him, and I will let him go to the small dark room to play for seven days.” Yi Xing rolled his eyes.


Solo’s attention was temporarily shifted to Bobby, “You kid ran into the forest again, how many times have I told you, this is not the forest outside the city of the sky, there are monsters in it, you will encounter It’s dangerous, why did you go again, do you want to leave the inner courtyard?”


“The Dean has already punished me, you can’t punish me any more.” Bobby said with a smile.


Not only that, but also complained: “The forest outside is too boring, so I won’t go, and if I go to the forest outside with my strength, I will be laughed at.”


“How strong do you think you are? Can you compare to the teachers of the academy? You must know that even a teacher would not dare to go into the forest at will, but there are holy beasts, holy beasts, did you hear? People can spray you to death in one breath.”


“I know, but I just went to the outskirts of the forest. There aren’t many powerful monsters. The monsters inside are so powerful that we almost didn’t come out last time.”


Bobby accidentally leaked a big secret, and by the time he reacted, it was too late.


“Well, Mr. Bobby, I think we should have a good talk, please come to my office with me.”


Solo’s attention was completely diverted when he heard that these little guys had gone to the depths of the forest without telling him, and encountered danger.


Looking at Bobby dejectedly walking behind Solo to the director’s office, Yi Xing, who was completely forgotten, didn’t care, and leisurely strolled around the inner courtyard. Although it was designed and built by himself, he looked around like the outer courtyard. , the first time.


Because there is enough land area, the inner courtyard is much larger than the outer courtyard, which is basically the size of the entire sky city. It can be said to be a real college city.


A college is a city!


However, as the college gets bigger, it looks a lot more empty, especially the inner courtyard has much fewer students than the outer courtyard. Even if all the teachers have moved into the inner courtyard, it still seems relatively deserted. Teachers and students stay in the outer courtyard most of the time.


Yixing has been wandering around the inner courtyard for a long time, but has not met a single person. Only some snakes and wolf monsters walk by from time to time. These are the queen snakes and the double demon wolves pulled from the forest. Yes, it has been educated in advance, it will not hurt people.


At this time, Yi Xing stood on top of a giant snake and was taken by the other party to play in the academy. Of course, there was a price. Others didn’t know, Yi Xing directly gave the giant snake an element spar.


Actually, the inner courtyard is not very attractive. Because of the vast area, only part of it has been put into use. Moreover, even those areas that are in use rarely see people, let alone those that are not used.


Fortunately, Yi Xing just simply wanted to visit the inner courtyard, and had no other purpose, so he was not disappointed, but the giant snake beneath him aroused Yi Xing’s interest.


“Oroch, you are considered a tyrant in the forest, why did you come to the academy to do this?”


Yi Xing asked curiously if he was forced by the Queen Snake.


The giant snake spit out its core and hissed and replied: “I was originally unhappy, after all, I have to leave the place where I have lived for a long time, and live with other people, snakes, and wolves, and it is also very It’s very noisy, I’m not used to it, I can’t help it several times.”


“Oh, so how are you adjusting now?”


“In the beginning, it was because of Her Lady Queen. Her Lady Queen gave us two bottles of potions. After drinking them, I was able to speak, and I became smarter than before, and those low-level peers were no longer confused, and then Her Lady Queen asked us to do it, but we had no way to resist. Later, I gradually fell in love with this kind of life. Every day is comfortable and comfortable, not like before, and as long as we ride for a while, we can get these gems that are helpful for cultivation. Where can I find such a good life.”


The giant snake said in a grateful tone, it seems that he really likes his current life very much.


“Then do you have any kind of people who don’t like the current life?” Yi Xing asked. After all, it is impossible for all snakes to be so docile and like peace. The natural spirits of nature also have a violent side.


The giant snake replied: “Of course there are, but those of the same kind are arranged by Her Lady Queen to guard the medicinal materials in the forest, or capture some magical beasts as experimental subjects.”


Before Yi Xing could speak, the giant snake continued: “My Lady Queen is a pharmacist who can refine magical potions. The potion that allows us to speak and become smart is made by Her Lady Queen. It’s a pity that I can’t become a human like Her Lady Queen, without hands, or I must learn how to make magical potions.”


“Hehe, it’s not that simple to make medicines. Not everyone can make medicines, even human beings. To become a pharmacist requires extremely high talent.”


Seeing that the giant snake wanted to learn to make medicines, Yi Xing reminded me that it is not easy to make medicines, and most medicines are actually not suitable for Warcraft, because they are researched by human beings. , only in the human body to play the greatest effect.


“That’s right, when I told Her Lady Queen, Her Lady Queen said the same thing, so I’m now out to pull people and earn some elemental spar,” said the giant snake.


“This is indeed a good idea~IndoMTL.com~ Yi Xing nodded, the inner courtyard is really too big, not to mention, it is very inconvenient for students and teachers to travel between the inner and outer courtyards for classes. It’s too far, and it takes a long time in advance. Although the inner court does not ban magic, no one has so much magic to waste.


It can be said that except for the Knights Department, other departments are full of complaints. Now there is a punishment, which is also an exercise program of the Knights Department-running the city, that is, running around the inner courtyard, and the Ministry of Magic allows the use of magic power .


Now there are these giant snakes and demon wolves as means of transportation, which perfectly solves this trouble. At least it is much more convenient to go out and come back. One gem coin can be used for a day, and one elemental gem can be used for a week.


Originally, Yi Xing planned to ride the disaster, but as soon as it was released, it disappeared with Xiao Hei, and the Moyu Qian-tailed Scorpions were far away, so they didn’t bother to get them, and they rode Snake is also a good experience.


While Yi Xing was chatting with the giant snake, a cloud of black mist hit them…


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