Wizard Academy Chapter 348: The brains of the elf elders



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In the end, Yi Xing did not escape the clutches of Solo. He was trained in the principal’s office similar to his grandson. If it weren’t for Artremis coming to him for something, I’m afraid he would be in Solo’s roar today. Spent. Fiction


“Why do you have time to come to me today, has Oselena ignored you?”


Yi Xing teased, causing Artremis to turn red even his pointed ears.


But shy is shy. After countless times of teasing, Al still likes to blush, but he can’t say a word like before, “If you tease me again, I will tell Sophia that you like her , I’m just embarrassed to say it.”


“…Al, you have changed, you are no longer the old Al, you have fallen.”


“Pfft!” It was still the voice of a sharp arrow piercing the heart, Yi Xing covered his chest with one hand and pointed at Al with the other, saying sadly and indignantly.


The lover is really a lover. Not only is the relationship with Oselena much closer, but the way to deal with Yogg is also very effective!


Al sneered, and the admiration for Augustus in his heart was like a surging river, endless, and like the flood of the Yellow River, out of control…


“Tell me about something.”


After a lot of laughter, Yi Xing got to the point.


Mentioning the purpose of this time, Artremis seemed a little shy, “Well, the well water in the element well in the elf forest has entered a dry period, and the well water has begun to become less and less.”


“So? You should have a solution, right?” Yi Xing leaned on the pillar and asked, not knowing what Al or the elf empire behind him meant.


Artremis shook his head and said: “There is no way, this is a normal phenomenon, because the mother tree of life will fall into a deep sleep after a period of time, and even other trees of life will enter a half-sleep state. The elemental well water produced by the tree will enter a trough, and even a tree can only produce a few drops a day, which is also the origin of the dry period, so there is no way.”


“Then how did you all do it before?” Yi Xing asked.


Artremis replied: “What else can we do, we can only wait, and pray that the dry period will pass quickly, and once the dry period passes, that is, the mother tree wakes up from its slumber, our elves will To meet a big jump, during that time, there will be continuous birth of qualified ethnic groups, and even tribes with bloodlines returning to their ancestors, the elemental well water will continue to flow, and the cultivation will become very fast.”


“Then why don’t you just wait? I can’t do anything with me. Do you want me to forcibly wake up your mother tree?”


Yi Xing shrugged, how could there be a way to do this kind of thing? It’s not that the mother tree was injured. You can go and see for yourself. They plan to rest and sleep well. What can you do?


“Don’t do this. The mother tree has a tendency to get up. If you don’t rest well, you’ll be fine if you leave, but we will be miserable, and doing this will do some damage to the mother tree.”


Alteremis quickly shook his head and denied it. If he could wake up the mother tree, he would have done it. You must know that the reason why the elf empire perished was partly due to the dry period. The enemy took advantage of the mother tree to fall asleep and broke through all the The main city, otherwise with the protection of the mother tree, how could the elf empire perish so easily, and only they were left to survive in the elf forest.


“Then what are you asking me to do, I really can’t wake up the mother tree, neither of you elves can do anything, and I can’t.”


Yi Xing didn’t understand what Artremis meant by looking for him. No matter how he looked at this kind of thing, it was a waste of time to find himself.


Artremis’ eyes lit up and said quickly:


“Yes, we have a way. Our elder studied it. After all, the tree of life is not a mother tree. It is only in a semi-sleeping state, and it will still produce elemental well water. As long as there is enough tree of life, it can be used in During the dry period, maintaining the amount of elemental well water to a certain level will not cause the strength of our elves to decline, but there has never been enough tree of life.”


“So what? You want to get the seeds of the tree of life from me.” Yi Xing nodded, knowing the plan of the elves.


Al nodded and said: “Yes, the mother tree has not yet fallen into a deep sleep. As long as the seeds of the tree of life are planted, they can quickly take root and sprout up to the point where the water of the elements can be produced.”


“Then if it’s the world tree, what’s the benefit to the mother tree?”


“In that way, the mother tree doesn’t have to fall into a deep sleep, and it is stronger than before, even in the abundant period after the dry period, it can’t compare. The reason why I earned points crazy before and exchanged for the seeds of the world tree is that Because the dry season is coming.”


Al said with a wry smile, he still didn’t catch up in the end, and now he is still a long way from exchanging the seeds of the World Tree, and the dry-up period has come.


“Then are you still telling the truth? Your elders don’t just want the seeds of the tree of life, right? The real purpose should be to ask me for the seeds of the world tree, but you’re embarrassed, so you just want the species of the tree of life.”


Without waiting for Al to refute or admit, Yi Xing said again: “No, I’m afraid not only that, you should know my character, as long as you pay enough price, the seeds of the World Tree are completely tradable, then it should be those The price the elders are willing to pay is too low, so you are embarrassed to speak, but you can only ask for the seeds of the tree of life.”


“…you guessed it.”


Al said with a wry smile: “Actually, it was my idea to trade the seeds of the World Tree with you. I thought it was a good thing, but those elders just don’t want to give out too much, even if it is me. My father said it himself, and they didn’t agree, and if it wasn’t for the importance of it, I wouldn’t want to mention it to you.”


“Why wouldn’t they come up with enough?”


Yi Xing asked curiously, is the rise and fall of the ethnic group in the hearts of the elders of the elves, not as useful as some useless resource treasures.


“Because they think the world tree and the tree of life belong to the elves, you are just a lucky human who got these seeds by accident, and some even think you should give the seeds to the elves for free , if it wasn’t for my father’s obstruction, I’m afraid they would have been killed.”


Thinking of the appearance of his own elder, Al was really about to cry, and his dissatisfaction with the elder was about to reach its peak.


“Kill over?”


Yi Xing dug his ears and was a little unsure if he heard it wrong. After getting the answer, he asked curiously, “Do you have a median **** in your elves?”


“Of course not, if there were ~IndoMTL.com~ we wouldn’t be staying in the Elven Forest forever.”


Al denies.


If it really exists, we won’t worry about the dry period, and it will dry up when it is dry. Anyway, with the protection of the median god, who dares to provoke the elves!


“Then why did they dare to kill them?”


This is easy to understand, since there is no median god, how dare you say that killing the city of the sky, is it a decoration for the three gods of the city of the sky?


“They don’t think that Ancorina and Fenrir will help you as a human. After all, compared to humans, our elves get along better with beasts. Even if you can tame them, we elves will definitely be able to. Corondo, they think Corondo will not offend the elves for the sake of a human that has little to do with it, and then pay some price to appease the human gods, and everything will be fine.”


Al explained, I have to say, according to the analysis of these Elf clan elders, they are almost certain to win, and they can get what they want without much effort.


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