Wizard Academy Chapter 349: Legendary Gear: Wrath of Nature



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Easy Xing feels like he’s just beeping a dog. What a strange brain hole can he come up with. These elders of the elves have a ring on their necks. How did they come up with such a wonderful idea? of. Δ┡『Δ』Fictionㄟ


For a while, the atmosphere became awkward, and after a long time, Yi Xing said with consideration: “Okay, your elves are more arrogant, ahem, so what are you going to do, even if you get the tree of life from me Seeds, it is estimated that they will not give up.”


Seeing that Yi Xingjian didn’t mention this matter, Al was relieved, and then said with a headache: “After taking these back to the clan, I don’t plan to ask about it again, those The elders will leave the headache to my father, he is used to it anyway.”


It can be seen that Al is completely disappointed with the elders in his clan.


Although I didn’t go to other places during the time I was outside, my vision was countless times wider than before. I was no longer the sun elf prince who thought the elves were supreme. How could he still listen to those who were immersed in the glory of the past The boasting of the elders in…


“Okay, then how much did the elders of your elves give you to trade with me?” Yi Xing’s eyes lit up when he mentioned the trade, “However, let me explain first, the academy store The things in the book are lower than the original value, and now we are trading with the elves, not the teachers of the academy, I can’t trade with you at the price that I sold to the students and teachers.”


A series of serious nonsense!


What I said is easy to do. I obviously raised the price ten times in the academy store and sold it to the teachers and students of the academy. Now I dare to say the prices of those things in the academy store without blushing. less than it is worth,


How can there be such a shameless person in time, but I have to say that despicableness is the passport of despicable persons. These words are actually believed by some people.


Al was stunned for a moment, then nodded, tacitly acknowledging that if it was easy to do, he didn’t plan to ask anyway, and it would be a little less than expected.


If you have more lice, you won’t be afraid of itching; if you have more debt, you won’t worry about it. Al is in this state now, and even because of his disappointment with the elders, he is now a little disappointed with the elves, and is no longer willing to give everything for the tribe as before.


Although I don’t know whether this change is good or bad for Al, it must not be a good thing for the elves. I don’t know if those elders know that because of their own reasons, the future elves will be separated from the group, and they will regret it.


However, this change is something Yi Xing would like to see.


Because of this, as long as the elves do a few more brainless things, Al will completely belong to the wizarding academy and become a teacher of the wizarding academy completely.


Of course, the premise of this situation is that no one is going to untie this knot in Al’s heart and make it bigger and bigger.


At this time, Yi Xing didn’t pay attention to Al’s abnormality. What occupied his heart now was how much he should raise the price to make him look good. If it was too much, he would be a little sorry for Al; Not reconciled.


Suddenly, Yi Xing slapped his head. It turned out that he thought he could look at what Al brought to judge what price to give.


Al was taken aback by Yi Xing’s actions, and looked at Yi Xing with some confusion in his eyes, not knowing what happened.


“It’s fine, I just feel a little itchy. It should be time to wash my hair. By the way, what are your clansmen going to use in exchange for the seeds of the tree of life.”


Yi Xing smiled with some guilt.


Al did not doubt either, but stretched out his hand, and a green longbow engraved with the tree of life appeared in his hand. The shimmering magical luster represented that this longbow was at least high. tier magic equipment.


“Is that so?” Yi Xing asked uncertainly.


Al nodded, as if stroking his lover’s skin, stroking the longbow lovingly, and said: “The wrath of nature, holy domain equipment, it is said that the goddess of nature used the branches of the world tree to create a longbow, and she is also the goddess of nature. The most lethal weapon, this ‘Wrath of Nature’ is made from a branch of the Mother Tree of Life, imitating the legend. Although it is impossible to have the legendary power, except for the divine weapon, there is nothing more powerful than it. weapons.”


“I remember this was your father’s old weapon.” Yi Xing asked.


Al nodded and said, “Yes, my father’s title of ‘Nature’s Wrath’ also comes from this bow. I remember that when I was a child, I secretly took out this bow to show off. When I came back, I was beaten badly. It was my father who hit me for the first time.”


Without waiting for Yi Xing to speak, Al continued: “Isn’t it strange why it was traded?”


Yi Xing didn’t speak, just nodded.


“Because those elders are arrogant and unwilling to give out too much, my father gave me this bow before leaving in order to get enough seeds of the tree of life.”


When he said these words, Al’s eyes were red and his face was hideous, showing how dissatisfied he was with those elders.


“Alas, for you.”


After sighing, Yi Xing exchanged ten seeds of the Tree of Life from the system and gave them to Al.


Looking at the seeds in his hand, the number is somewhat unexpected, not less, but more.


Seeds of the tree of life, not all the seeds of the tree of life are called this name, must be the seeds that can grow the tree of life, can be called this name, others that are not borne by the tree of life. The seeds that give the tree the ability to grow are called seeds.


Seeds and seeds are no different except whether they can cultivate the tree of life. The same is full of vitality, and the same is ground into powder. After swallowing, it can add ten years of life, but this is the difference. The prices of the two are vastly different.


Only the elves know about this matter, and it has never been rumored.


But Al doesn’t think that Yi Xing doesn’t know this, not to mention that the ten seeds of the tree of life in his hand are seeds, not seeds, which further proves that Yi Xing knows this matter.


Al frowned and said, “I don’t need your sympathy.”


“I don’t sympathize with you, but this bow is indeed worth the price. And you should know my rules, how can you let yourself suffer.”


Yi Xing took the ‘Wrath of Nature’ into the ‘Wizard’s Ring’ with a smile, and the ‘Qian Huan’ who had been waiting for a long time immediately rushed up and slowly swallowed the long bow, increasing the power of the bow form.


Seeing that Yi Xing didn’t seem to be lying, Al put away the ten seeds, and then took out the second treasure…a long sword – wave.


The long and narrow sword body is made of sea soul iron. The azure blue hilt is inlaid with a peanut-sized water gemstone. With a gentle wave without any force, a water element blade moves forward. Shot away, and finally hit the wall, blocked by the magic circle above.


Another piece of legendary equipment has been removed.


“As expected of the Sabre of the Wave Demigod~IndoMTL.com~ The power does not disappoint.”


Yi Xing looked at the rare rapier that is used for fighting in the Quaternary Plane, then looked at Al and said, “You elves really have a lot of money, but I didn’t expect the Wave Excalibur to be in the hands of your elves, isn’t it? Did you say that the demigods were destroyed in the fire with the waves back then?”


“No, before the breakthrough, the demigod Bo Lan once visited our clan and gave us his saber. It’s a pity.”


Speaking of the waves and demigods, Al couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. He was an astonishingly talented being who made good friends with all races, but unfortunately he failed in the end…


After the transaction was completed, Al hurriedly left, rushing to bring the seeds of the Tree of Life back to his clan.


“By the way, I broke through to become a fourth-level wizard, a demigod.”


Yi Xing shouted at Al’s back.


Al’s figure staggered away and didn’t say a word, but he quickened his pace…(To be continued.)


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