World Defying Dan God Chapter 4958: Da Tian Yao



Chen Xiang also guessed why Yaotian Yulian is only available in Yaotianmen, he did not say it.


“Yes, it is necessary to pass the Yaotian Divine Art to fully grow Yaotian Jade Lotus!” Xiaoxue said: “In other words, if the Tiandan Temple can be planted, it means that there are traitors in our Yaotianmen!”


“Are there many disciples in Yaotian Sect who practice Yaotian Divine Art?” Chen Xiang frowned. In his opinion, Yaotian Divine Art should be strictly controlled and not randomly passed on to the disciples.


“There are more than 100!” Xiaoxue said: “But they all signed the Yitian oath. If someone spreads magic or betrays Yaotianmen, they will be devastated by the Yitian oath!”


“No, no, if one of the three ancestors shoots! The Heavenly Oath Spell is nothing at all!” Chen Xiang shook his head and said, “I can handle that stuff, let alone the three ancestors! Obviously, There are three ancestors intervening in this matter!”


“The third ancestor is behind the Tiandan Temple? But…why did the third ancestor do this? Guixianjian disciples are like ants in their eyes. They don’t need to be concerned about this kind of thing!” Xiaoxue couldn’t understand .


“Maybe Yitian has some kind of rule, which prevents them from using powerful powers at will!” Chen Xiang said: “They are still very concerned about returning to the fairyland, and hope that their sect will have more disciples who return to the fairyland. , or more powerful disciples!”


“You really need to abide by the rules, otherwise, with their strength, they can kill a large number of people casually!” Xiaoxue sighed: “I didn’t expect that Yaotian Jade Lotus would be planted by the Tiandan Temple! It will be even more difficult for us Yaotianmen to ask for the Immortal Pill from the Tiandan Temple in the future!”


“I can help you practice!” Chen Xiang said.


“Junior Brother Shen, you are going to save your Yaozu and Longzu!” Xiaoxue shook her head gently and said, “I won’t stop you from saving, I just feel it’s a pity!”


“Is the Yaotian Divine Art inherited from Yaotianmen a complete Yin Book?” Chen Xiang asked again.


“It seems that you are very familiar with your Guo Lingxue Charming Heavenly Demon! You have this level of understanding of Yaotian’s divine art!” Xiaoxue said, “The headmaster has only inherited the part that can grow Yaotian jade lotus! Complete The Yin Book, the Headmaster and the Great Elder will not be passed on!”


Chen Xiang guessed that the reason why the Yaotian Jade Lotus planted by the Yaotian Divine Art had such an effect was most likely because the Yaotian Divine Art had some kind of special ability!


He has been asking Guo Lingxue to condense the divine power beads of Yaotian’s divine art, and he is also studying how to practice divine art and Taoism!


In other words, the divine power of Yaotian Divine Art can quickly improve one’s cultivation!


“Give me Yaotian Yulian, and I’ll refine the Immortal Immortal Pill when I have time!” Chen Xiang said: “But you all need to help us secretly! After the Immortal Battle Conference is over, we will start to act to save Yaozu and Longzu!”


“No problem!” Xiaoxue nodded and said, “I discussed this matter with the headmaster before, and I can decide!”


When she said this, she lowered her head slightly, she was worried that Chen Xiang would see that she was Guo Lingxue.


Actually, Chen Xiang had already seen it, but he didn’t say it!


“Originally, I can teach your alchemists to refine the divine elixir of Guixian, but the thought of your practice of planting Yaotian Jade Lotus is out, it means that you have internal ghosts!” Chen Xiang said: “So I can’t teach you. alchemist!”


“I think so too! It’s a pity, I don’t know how to make alchemy!” Xiaoxue sighed: “If I could learn alchemy too, it would be great! Master knew how to do alchemy back then…”


“Senior sister, in fact, it’s not that difficult to make pills, and it’s even more difficult for Guixian Shendan!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “I have a way, I’ll make a few pill stoves, and then those few pill stoves You can automatically refine the Guixian Shendan, all you need to do is put Yaotian Jade Lotus in it and inject energy!”


“This…is it really possible?” Xiaoxue was completely stunned when she heard Chen Xiang say this.


Don’t need an alchemist? Pill furnace can automatically alchemy? She had never heard of such a method!


“This is my self-created pill technique!” Chen Xiang laughed and said: “I made a pill puppet by myself! This pill puppet is actually a soul! A tool soul! This tool soul is integrated into the pill furnace. , and then you can control the pill furnace to refine Guixian Shen Pill!”


Xiaoxue looked incredulous, because for her, it was impossible!


Just a tool soul can control the pill furnace to make the Immortal Returning Pill?


Because in her cognition, even many old alchemists have difficulty refining the Immortal Guiding Pill, let alone the Soul!


“Can the soul of a tool concoct alchemy?” Xiaoxue really had a hard time believing such a thing.


“It’s easy for you to understand the spirit of the tool! I mean pill puppet! Puppet for alchemy, this puppet is a soul puppet!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “It’s equivalent to the experience of refining my immortal pill. Turn into a wisp of soul, and then this wisp of soul is perfectly combined with the pill furnace, then you can make the Immortal Returning Pill!”


“If it can be done, then the requirements for the pill furnace are very high, right? This requires a perfect fit!” Xiaoxue still felt that it was difficult to achieve after hearing Chen Xiang’s words.


“It’s alright! It’s not difficult for me!” Chen Xiang said: “I’ve been successful, and I often do this kind of thing! Wait for a while, when I debug and match, I can give you a pill like this. Furnace!”


Xiaoxue was very shocked. For her, the alchemy technique was difficult to reach the sky, but in Chen Xiang’s eyes, it seemed to be a very simple thing.


At this time, a voice came from outside, saying, “Little Snow Girl, can I come in?”


When Chen Xiang heard this voice, he thought it was the Charming Heavenly Demon, but he knew very well that this was the Great Heavenly Charming Demon, that is, the Great Heavenly Demon!


“Elder, please come in!” Xiaoxue got up to open the door, and saw a group of disciples outside the door.


Mei Tian Yao was wearing a red dress with a red robe covering her veil. Her eyes were pure and clear, but there was a seductive charm in the depths of her eyes. The moment Chen Xiang saw her eyes, he almost felt Lost!


Fortunately, he was also trained by the Charming Heavenly Demon, so he could react quickly and avoid the eyes of this big Heavenly Demon!


Just from the eye contact just now, Chen Xiang was sure that the strength of the Great Heavenly Demon was far higher than that of the Charming Heavenly Demon. If he reacted a little slower, he would probably be embarrassed by the Great Heavenly Demon!


The big celestial demon was obviously trying to test Chen Xiang, and she was very surprised that Chen Xiang could stop him!


Xiaoxue next to her was equally However, she was now looking at the big demon with reproach, because she just met, and it was very impolite to give Chen Xiang this kind of test!


You know, Xiaoxue values ​​Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills very much, and she doesn’t want this fairy sister to mess up things.


“You all go away! Chen Xiang has passed my test just now!” The big celestial demon turned around and waved to the disciple behind him, and said with a smile, “Are you all taking it now?”


Chen Xiang has only discovered now that the Great Heavenly Demon has just released a very strong soul force, causing the disciples outside to be in a trance, and even fall to the ground!


And Chen Xiang was still standing there, his spirit was not affected in any way!




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