Zhan Long Chapter 17: Seven stars grass





Eight Desolate City, in the crowded East Gate Square, I passed by with a newly repaired thorn sword. This morning, I must upgrade to level 18, and to level 20 as soon as possible, in order to become a professional, and only after the player can learn a professional The normalization skills, such as the hanging pot doctor, the apprentice hanging pot doctor can only learn hemostasis, poetry, and after normalization, you can learn life healing, blood stasis and other skills, especially life healing, level 1 restores 150 blood, Level 2 restores 300 blood, and the healing power is 3 times that of hemostasis!


Let’s go out of the city gate and check the map. I can’t aimlessly level up. While I’m leveling, I also need to be able to collect level 3 herbs to refine level 3 medicine pills. Level 3 potions can restore 200 points of mana, and level 3 blue potions sold by NPCs can restore 150 points of mana, and they sell for 5 silver coins. Therefore, the potions produced by alchemy are the most sought-after products. We must seize the opportunity to learn from Yue Qing’s reaction. Look, no one in the entire Eight Desolate City has raised alchemy to level 3, I may be the first, um, leading is a business opportunity!




【Seven Star Pill】: Restore 200 mana points, Seven Star Grass × 3, Refreshing Water × 3, Alchemy Furnace × 1


Level 3 medicinal herbs, the main raw material of Qixingcao, is distributed in the edge of the deep forest of Qing Dynasty. There is a small valley called Qixinggu. Not surprisingly, there are the most Qixingcao there. It is about 30 minutes away from the main city. , So far away, most players are reluctant to go, and even if it is in the past, it must be a team to go there, if the Lone Ranger is mostly a dead end, it is impossible to compete with high-level monsters.


The breeze blew through the woods, the leaves swayed, making a “rustling” sound, I walked along the path and looked at the equipment, level 16, 250 HP, 117 attack power, should be able to break through the Seven Star Valley alone. .


Along the way, bypassing the level 15 silver quills, the thorn sword is buried in the cloak behind him, which looks a bit funny. A cloth armor player wearing a robe wears an epee, which is really ridiculous.


After more than 20 minutes, I looked up and saw an emerald green canyon entrance in the distance. The map indicated “Seven Star Valley”, um, it’s there!


Just as I was about to draw my sword and run over, a voice came from the jungle on the other side: “Seven Star Valley is here, everyone cheer up, this is our first collective activity, don’t give me anything. Error!”


Someone, stay away!


Jumped into the back of the bushes on the side, sure enough, a group of people came out of the woods, there were 10 people in total, the leader was carrying a long sword and wearing a shiny gray armor, he was still an acquaintance, the overlord of Western Chu, Apprentice Swordsman, lv-19, the few behind him seem to be from the Overlord of Western Chu. Among them, Xiaozhu Kuaipao is also there. In addition, there are two wind spirit archers, flying in the sky 20 yards above the ground, alert. looking at everything around.


I held my breath and said nothing.


The silver figure flying on the shoulders of the Overlord of Western Chu is the silver feather bird. It is already level 16, and the pet leveling speed is not slow.




“Little Pig, are you sure there is a boss in this Seven Star Valley?” asked the Overlord of Western Chu.


The little pig ran and nodded: “Yes, boss, at 6 am today, a friend of mine was beaten by the boss here. The monsters in the Seven Star Valley are very high-level, we have to be careful. In addition, our There are few hanging pot doctors in the second place.”


“Oh?” Overlord of Western Chu glanced at the two mm beside him and said, “Two nurses are too few?”


The little pig ran quickly and smiled: “Hey, how do you say it, killing the boss is too demanding for the hanging pot doctor, the hemostasis must be treated in seconds, otherwise it will cause casualties, I saw your last pk Video, that carefree male doctor, his hemostasis is very good, if our two beautiful nurses have that kind of control, killing this level 20 silver boss would be no problem.”


The Overlord of Western Chu snorted coldly, with anger in his eyes, and said: “Don’t mention that happy, md, let me see him again, I have to strip him alive and take away the sword of thorns, that is an attack on 35 Sword, my current sword is only 21.”


The little pig ran quickly and pondered, and said: “Boss, if we want to make a difference in the Eight Desolate City, we must recruit potential players like Xiaoyaozizai. Although he may not be a top player, he is very important. If you can continue to practice, you also know that Prague, Longxiang and other guilds have already settled in the Eight Desolate City, and we have quite a few opponents, just relying on our original 200+ family background is not enough to see.”


The Overlord of Western Chu nodded: “Understood, I will pay attention, but this is free and easy, I must kill him, just wait and see!”


Piggy run: “…”




A group of people entered the valley, I watched from a distance, and didn’t show up until they disappeared into the woods. They had two wind elf archers scouting in the air, and I was easily exposed. , I may not be able to win against a violent swordsman like the Overlord of Western Chu, let alone a team of 10 people. Going there is like courting death.


After waiting for a full 10 minutes, I took the sword of thorns and advanced into the Seven Star Valley. The map of this valley is quite large. I can just bypass them and collect the seven star grass. Strange, this way the leveling will be faster!


I stepped on a pile of gravel and stepped into the mouth of the valley. I stretched my neck and saw that the entire Seven Star Valley was full of cold winds, and there were many high-level monsters. About 10+ yards away from me, there was a circling The wolf clan creature that went, a giant wolf, covered with grass-red fur, not low-level——


【Wild Wolf】(normal monster)


Level: 18


Attack: 77-100


Defense: 30


Blood: 500


Skill: [Claws Break the Wind (lv-2)]


Introduction: Wild wolves, a group of beasts entrenched in the wilderness, often attack and kill humans and livestock. Although the city guards of Bahuang City often send troops to encircle and suppress them, wolves are still rampant in the surrounding areas of Bahuang City




Looking at the monster’s attributes, my heart trembled. I can’t hit this one. I can avoid it first. After attacking 100 points, my defense can’t bear it. Fang circled into the valley while avoiding nearly a hundred wolf monsters in the jungle.


In the distance, on the grass in the open area, the Overlord of Western Chu and other 10-person teams were killing monsters. The Overlord of Western Chu roared, and the golden hexagram light floated on the blade, and he slashed twice on the wild wolf with “Shushua”. , has exploded nearly 300 points of blood, nnd, the output of the full-strength swordsman is really powerful, especially this combo skill, gorgeous and powerful, envy me to death!


Look at your own skills. Except for the sword and waves, they are all healing skills. If you want to take the initiative to attack skills, you can only create your own skills in the future. It is impossible to comprehend it with practice, so that the entire game now seems to be created by three or two people.


No matter, make money first, take your time, as long as you have a positive heart, this era belongs to me…


Far away from the leveling team of the Overlord of Western Chu and others, I entered the eastern area of ​​the Seven Stars Valley and walked among the jungles on the soft grass. Soon after, stars appeared on the rocks in front of me. A little bit of luster, I couldn’t help but move in my heart, very good, I finally found the seven-star grass, took my sword and flew forward, and sure enough, there was a seven-colored herb growing between the rocks, hanging there like a grape. , it is the 3rd-level herb Qixingcao!


After collecting countless silverleaf grasses, my herbal collecting skills have already reached lv-3. I immediately took out the medicine shovel and carefully digged along the roots of the seven-star grass. This is the basic principle of herbal collecting, Mengxi It was also said in the written talk that “Jinze belongs to its roots”, and the medicinal parts of many herbs are in the roots. As for the seven-colored grapes of the seven-star grass in front of me, they have all been picked!


The excavation was completed, and a bell drifted past——




System prompt: Congratulations, you have collected 【Seven Star Grass】×2!


Sure enough, I collected the roots together and got 2 copies, um, go ahead, it seems that it is not too far from my grand plan to complete the level 3 medicine pill!




The moment I uprooted the seven-star grass, there was a low roar of “woo woo” behind me. I turned around and looked, md, about 10 meters behind me, there was a wild wolf, a level 18 monster, Hatred has been triggered, must kill!


Raising his hand, he pulled out the sword of thorns with a sound of “keng”, and the sword was launched immediately, increasing the attack power by 10%, which is 11.7 attack power. After the level is improved and the equipment becomes stronger, the 10% attack power is indeed Very important, this is also the reason why Jianqibolan ranks among the SS-level self-created moves. The SS-level is only inferior to the sss-level, so it is considered a sub-god-level skill, right?


A culling, the thorn sword slammed open on the wild wolf’s forehead!




What a powerful attack! At the same time, this wolf cub danced its sharp claws, and crimson energy floated on the thorns. [Claws Breaking the Wind (lv-2)] came and shattered directly on my shoulder. A burst of burning pain came, 100% real pain. It’s not covered, it’s like in reality the shoulder has been hit by a brick, and at the same time, the blood has dropped by 119 points!


Raising my hand, a direct hemostatic technique restores 100 points of qi and blood. At the same time, I continue to attack with two strikes in a row, and at the same time, my feet are free. I see the attack trajectory of the wild wolf, and suddenly dodge sideways, but it is still full. The system lag prevented me from dodging this blow. This time, I lost 71 HP. Sure enough, the monsters don’t need skills, so I won’t feel too much pain.


I tried to dodge time and time again, but failed again and again. Later, I finally accepted my fate. The agility of the wild wolf is very high, far higher than me. No matter how strong the player’s operation ability is, it is also restrained by attributes. Escaped, humiliated…




Accompanied by the screaming screams, the wild wolf fell down, picked up the copper coin, turned around and left.


Soon, I have discovered that the characteristic of the seven-star grass is that it grows on the rock, so I just walk around the rock in the valley. As long as I am not lucky, it should not be encountered. To the group of people from the Overlord of Western Chu.


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