Zhan Long Chapter 281: The Big Three are unstoppable





The two magic weapon talismans slowly rotated in my palm. When I pushed out my palm, a cloud of blood condensed above the heads of the five-colored magic archers in the distance, and countless broken swords fell and attacked, “crack crack crack” The attack damage of a whole piece of the explosion is almost all above 4000 points. At this moment, my attack power is too high in the effect of killing people and drinking blood.


However, this also means that I have attracted too much hatred. The next moment, the arrows rained overwhelmingly, almost all targeting me to attack!


“Be careful, Brother Xiaoyao!” Yue Qingqian exclaimed.


With a wave of my arm, the red dragon broke out of the ground and lingered around me. It was constantly fighting and being attacked. The anger value was already full, and the red dragon shield was used to resist this round of attacks. , heal me!”


“Boom bang bang…”


The armor was continuously hit by heavy blows. Those arrows were too powerful, not like arrows, but like the impact of iron spears!


My body trembled slightly, I defended on the spot, the damage numbers on the top of my head were intertwined with the healing numbers, and it was miraculously resisted, and I also kept a large position of Dragon Slaying.


“Now, charge?” Song Han asked.


“Don’t!” I said solemnly: “Support for a while, at this time the impact will mess up my formation. Once the gap between the treatment and mt is widened, it will easily cause unnecessary deaths…” /


“Well, listen to you, Brother Xiaoyao!”




However, on the other side of us, Long Xiang has made a move. Feilong waved his hand in the sky and shouted: “Everyone, charge, kill the lineup of NPC archers, we can win!”


The earth trembled slightly, and nearly 4,000 people from Long Xiang launched an attack with a mighty force!


The five-color magic archers in the distance raised their long bows and fired chaotically. The Long Xiang players in the process of impact suddenly died of arrows. Gritting his teeth: “If you charge like this, everyone will die, and all the formations will be gone. What should I do? What should I do?”


The flying dragon is carrying the staff in the sky: “Continue to attack, casualties are inevitable, this wave must be won!”




In stark contrast to the Longxiang camp, Zhanlong defended in place and suffered very little losses. After we defended in place for nearly 60 seconds, the attack formation of the five-color magic archers became more and more crowded. I look forward to it. What happened, the monster in the back row pushed the monster in the front row and sent it to us!


“Keep the array, attack slowly!”


I raised the sword of the King of Qin, and it was a seven-star smashing of the mountains. The little tiger rushed away. The blood-thin archers could not resist, and they were killed and injured in a blink of an eye. Of course, their shooting damage to the little tiger was also very large. In time, the residual blood can only be returned to replenish.


Li Mu, Wang Jian and others rushed forward with their swords, while Song Han, Yue Qingqian and others were mainly stunned. While some people were dying on the front line, we also quickly killed the group of five-colored magic archers in front of us!


The golden six-pointed star moved, my level 7 combo slashed and killed two archers in a row, and a card exploded with a “slap”, and threw it directly to Lin Xiaowu, the five-color magic archer card, increased by 15% This is a special card for archers and musketeers. The first card is for Lin Xiaowu, and the second card is for Fox, so that others will not say that I only care about my own studio.


The fox stood at the rear, holding the barrel, and with nearly 50 musketeers shelling together, the “bang bang bang” bombardment exploded in front of our eyes, the five-color magic archers were killed at a very fast rate, and were counterattacked by us. Killing a little messy!


“Fox, the right side can’t stand it anymore, the barrage!” Song Han shouted, and there, a group of knights and ascetic monks were shot to residual blood!


“Well, here it is!”


The gun barrel in the fox’s hand turned into a musket, and the barrage shrouded with a “bang” sound. Suddenly, the five-colored archers in the barrage lost their vision and couldn’t aim at the player to attack. They could only stand there stupidly, ai Monsters that are not too tall are easy to be abused!


It was difficult to hold the position. The loss of the Dragon Slaying Alliance was not too serious, only 100 people were killed in battle. The losses of the external editors were very large. The sixth wave of five-color magic archers has at least killed them so far 300+ people, this wave is about to lose more than half.




In the distance, the one who suffered the most heavy losses should be Long Xiang. The flying dragon is too underestimated in the sky, and he actually took the initiative to attack. As a result, the battlefield was already full of corpses. Although the attack was successful, the magic archers in that area were killed horribly. , but Long Xiang’s own loss was already unbearable to look at. In less than 30 minutes, at least 2,000 corpses were lying under the city, and Feilong Zaitian’s face turned purple.


“Boss…attack, don’t stand stupidly…” Xuanwu Jie said after the artillery shelling.


Flying dragon’s muscles on Tian’s face twitched and said: “How can our loss… be so big, the heavy armored system almost killed more than 70%, this… what is this event? It is for the players. A massacre?”


Xuanwu Jie said indifferently: “It’s just a loss, boss, look at Zhanlong, their main alliance has almost no big losses, Xiaoyao Zizai, Admiral Li Mu, and Yue Qingqian are all smart people. , they know how to use the formation, this is worth learning, don’t be discouraged, continue to attack, after killing this wave, I will continue to call for the people of Longxiang to come over in the Eight Desolate City, we should be able to organize another 2,000 people to come to help, It’s just a slightly lower level.”


Flying dragon in the sky is dejected: “No, don’t let them come over, the average level of those people is only level 55, wouldn’t it kill me to kill a 70+ level Swift Shadow monster? My flying dragon in the sky is not a beast, so I won’t let me The humiliating death of the people…”


“Then… that’s fine…” Xuanwu robbery said.




The Dragon Slaying faction.


Li Mu raised the corner of his mouth: “Xiaoyao, did you see that, this wave of monsters killed more than half of Long Xiang’s players, and now they only have less than 2,000 players left, and they are all defeated soldiers. On the other hand, we still have 600+ people in the main alliance, 700+ people in the branch alliance, and the rest are elites. In the north of the ancient city, now we have the final say, the same number of Long Xiang, can’t be at all. against us.”


I nodded: “Well, don’t take it lightly!”


Speaking, look around, the five-color magic archers in front of us have almost been killed, and in the distance, there are strands of magic archers chasing the players of the Eight Desolate City on the plain, there is chaos everywhere.


“Those are all experience and equipment, what should I do? Are you going to kill them?” Yue Qing looked into the distance and said with a smile, “They’re all small five-colored magic archers, they’re easier to kill, and we won’t either. There is too much to lose.”


I nodded: “Well, 300 people are left to defend the formation, and the rest… each team leader level or above will lead about 100 people to go out to kill monsters, so that we can advance to the 4th level guild as soon as possible!”






Yue Qingqian, Yue Weiliang, Ran Min, Lin Xiaowu and others have all led the team out to get experience, while I continued to wait and watch to see which direction the boss would spawn in. The result was very disappointing. There was no movement until nearly 30 minutes later, when Matcha stood behind me and said, “Boss, this wave of bosses has appeared, at the South Gate, in the direction of the Bloody Contract, but the people of Han Bei Song are only left. There are less than 500 people, I don’t know if I can win this boss from the sharp hands…”


I gritted my teeth and said, “Matcha, accompany me on a trip to the south of the ancient city? If necessary, I will use my own strength to help our allies, the child of Han Bei Song is very hard… “


“Well, I’ll accompany the boss over there!”




I rushed over with a blood-drinking sword with a 127-layer killing tier. Matcha traveled with me in the air. As long as I looked up, I could see the beautiful knight’s slender, snow-white thighs. I felt a little guilty. Look up again.


From a different perspective, it’s the same…


When we arrived, nearly 400 people from the **** contract surrounded the boss. It was a Lingyu-level boss named Demon Archer Duke, level 71, very ferocious. , Whose family Lanyan and Hongyan Weiyang have two hanging pots to treat, thanks to these two people, otherwise Han Bei Song would have kneeled long ago.


“Leader, you kill, I will resist!”


On the edge of the array, the deputy leader of the **** contract, Bi Yuke, was holding a battle axe and shouted to resist the attack of the sharp players. On the sharp front, Qiuqiu is not stupid, goodbye is also a tear, the three giants of the Arctic sit in the town, Jian Fenghan, The simple commander kills the five-color demon archers from a distance, and the losses are quite heavy, and he can’t be distracted to **** the boss. It seems that Jian Fenghan did not really want to take the boss, but just used the three giants to suppress the **** contract, so As soon as the **** contract came, there was no power to fight another wave.




With a soft cry, I took Qin Wangjian and slaughtered the past, and turned on the alliance attack mode. As soon as Qin Wangjian was raised, the Seven Stars Shattered Yue Zhan smashed into the sharp crowd!














“I rely on…” Qiu Qiu Bu Duo was cut off by 3000+ blood, and he retreated one after another, his face pale: “I’ll go, brother kneels for the free attack power, I have 2400+ defense Killed 3000+ by a sword? This… This kind of person can’t be defeated, I will withdraw first…”


North Pole holding the staff: “How can the first knight retreat, you block it, I will let the hanging pot give you milk!”


“Nursing, your sister…” Qiu Qiu was holding a long spear with a blank face: “Xiaoyao Ziyi’s S-rank cavalry will almost blow me up, returning milk? This boss can’t seem to grab it. , why should I die in vain, I still want the next wave of experience points, don’t care, I will retreat, if you want to go to the North Pole, use your Spirit Gathering Shield to test the free attack power…”


The North Pole gritted his teeth: “Monk, you resist, cover me and Qiuqiu to retreat!”


When I looked again, I found that goodbye was also a tear, dragging the Zen staff and dashing into the distance like thunder, an afterimage disappeared on the horizon, and his voice came from the wind: “Goodbye you, I am here This array is waiting for you…”


Arctic: “Fuck, you run really fast…”


Qiuqiu is not stupid: “Brother also kneels for you…”




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