Zhan Long Chapter 283: I want to be alone



“What a high defense, is it really a tortoise shell?!”


Li Mu raised his sword and said loudly, “Be careful, this flame turtle has a skill called Flame Burning, which must be very strong. Don’t be killed by flame burning…”


Matcha moved the shield and said loudly: “Prepare the Xuantian shield wall for defense!”


“Kang Keng Keng…”


A group of knights smashed their shields one after another, the Xuantian shield wall rose in an instant, and a large group of flame tortoises rushed over quickly. Skill!


“Boom bang bang…”


Under the violent impact, our shield wall quickly collapsed. Only Matcha has stronger attributes. He has a shield and a gun, and his immobile defense is at the forefront. The attack power of the flame turtle is not very high, and there is not much threat to matcha.




Li Mu waved his long sword, and suddenly he smashed through the sky with one blow!




The sword blade slashed on the tortoise shell and splattered sparks. That was the effect of the tortoise shell’s defense. With Li Mu’s actual attack of nearly 6,000 points, he actually only dealt less than 1,200 points of damage. He was also stunned: “Halo, this is What defense, is it too bt?”


Song Han smiled slightly, raised his dagger, and the two blades were a perfect match!




It turns out that when facing high defense monsters, perhaps the output of the assassin will be more sharp.


A swarm of flaming turtles slammed into our line, and these evil creatures stared at us, screaming, “Oh shit, the blood of these adventurers is so sweet, I’m going to screw their heads off, mad Drink their blood!”


Yue Qing raised the corner of her mouth shallowly: “This pair of Bai really makes people panic…”


I smiled slightly, raised the blade, Qin Wangjian charged out with the light of the Seven Star Shattering Yue Slash, shook the monster group with a bang, and suddenly a dense number of damages floated out, nnd, the effect of killing people and drinking blood 154 layers is sure enough not covered—










Wang Jian was a little silent: “Uh, is the attack attribute of the boss and Xiaoyao so different? This is too exaggerated. The Seven-Star Mountain Shattering Slash is a group kill, and the single damage is definitely not as good as the air-shaking slash…”


I said cautiously: “Well, in fact, the difference in attack power is not that big, but Qin Wangjian’s killing and drinking effect is 147%, which is a real disparity, and Qin Wangjian ignores 25% of the target’s defense, and the flame turtle’s After my defense is ignored by 25%, it is actually similar to the defense of the first-line knights, and breaking the defense is not a problem.”


Li Mu was relieved: “That’s the case, but I’m relieved to see a touch of indifferent attack damage…”


Not far away, an indifferent air-shaking slash fell, knocking out 700+ qi and blood of the flame turtle, and his face turned green: “Boss Li Mu, what do you mean, are you mocking me? I…I don’t Done…”


Li Mu laughed: “Young man, don’t be impulsive, I’ll just say it casually, come on and output… The mage behind, give me all the output, this wave of flame turtles is armored defense, and can only be killed by your magic. Now, the front line does not seek to kill the enemy, but to defend the front line!”


In the air, countless fire rains and ice awns fell, the flame turtle screamed, and the blood was falling very fast!




A flame tortoise whose vigor and blood dropped below 50% immediately activated the skill – flame burning, and a circle of fire shields suddenly appeared around the body, causing a violent burning effect on the surrounding players, and even a qi and blood Less than 20% of the berserkers fell to the ground with a scream, and they were burned to death…




Wang Jian frowned and said, “It’s not very good. Flame burning is 500 points of fire damage per second. It’s too painful to burn. Drinking a blood bottle can’t stop it. What should I do?”


I said solemnly: “Come on, output, kill all the nearby flame turtles so they won’t be burned. Come on, everyone! Hanging pot healers, don’t be stingy with magic points, and treat with all your might…”






The flaming tiger roared in front of the formation. It was already a super high level of level 65. The attack power of 3250 was very sharp. The attack of a group of dragon tortoises immediately brushed off the blood, and the average damage to a single unit was 3000+, which was not much inferior to me at all.


In less than a few seconds, the flaming tiger will return with blood, and it will not be able to fight for a long time. The damage of the burning flame is too strong, and the person who leaves the healing range of the hanging pot is likely to die outside. At this time, it is even more It seems the importance of healing. Fortunately, we blocked all the previous 6 waves of attacks. The Dragon Slayer’s Hanging Pot has almost no losses and remains very intact, which is also one of our late-stage advantages.


There are players on the front line hanging up one after another, and even Matcha has turned on the Holy Shield to defend. Fortunately, the burning effect of the flame turtle does not stack. Players can be burned at most once per second, otherwise they must collapse!




The blade dashed once, and immediately turned back to kill like a whirlwind, and turned around again with a seven-star smashing mountain. The attack routine was skilled and effective. A large group of flame turtles had already turned into corpses under our sword light. With a bang, one of them popped out a fiery red card. Picking it up and taking a look, the attributes are pretty good—


【Flame Turtle Card】: Increases the user’s defense by 10% and the upper limit of HP by 5%, requires the player to be level 60, and lasts for 120 minutes.




Throw it to Matcha directly. Her pursuit of attack power is meaningless. It is better to make herself tougher, so that she can become a fortress on the front line of Dragon Slaying.


Life Healing added 1050 damage to myself!


Lin Xiaowu pulled the longbow from the back and stunned a flame turtle in the distance to the Seven Star Arrow with a “smack” sound. As a result, the flame turtle stopped immediately, and the flame turtle charging behind also slammed into it. , were blocked, this move immediately made Lin Xiaowu see hope, and loudly ordered with a long bow: “All archers, shoot with seven-star arrows about 5 yards in front of the second front, and block the flame turtle in the firepower net. Inside, so that our striker won’t take too much damage!”


A group of archers followed suit, and it really works. At least the heavy armor on the front line is protected from more than 50% of the burning damage, and the pressure on the hanging pot doctor is also greatly reduced. Crash again.


One flame turtle was buried under the sword, and my experience value also skyrocketed. I opened the leaderboard and saw that I surpassed it successfully. I am the first in the ranking list of Eight Desolate City. No matter how powerful Jian Fenghan is, His Huoyun sword is still much inferior to my Qin Wangjian. The effect of killing people and drinking blood is too immeasurable. Jian Fenghan is powerless to return to the sky, and the first throne is also expected.


Qingjian looked into the distance, the plain was in chaos again, Zhan Long and Long Xiang barely withstood the seventh wave of the flame turtle’s offensive, but the player teams that had just come to help in the distance had already been defeated. , the melee burning damage of the flame turtle is too terrifying, and there is no sufficient backing of the hanging pot, and it is definitely a dead end.




“Quickly kill…” I grinned: “The pressure in the north of the ancient city is too great, we need to help everyone lower the pressure…”




Matcha picked up an armor that burst from the flame tortoise on the ground, and said with a smile: “Level 64 golden armor, woohoo, it can compare to the attributes of a level 50 purple rain weapon, so strong…”


Bai Qi slapped his thigh: “Hey, I just put on my armor leggings, hehe, the attributes are much stronger than the original level 47 Zilin weapon leggings, with 9% physical defense and 7% spiritual defense. Magic resistance, low-level spiritual weapons are only at this level…”


Matcha chuckled: “Don’t show it off if you don’t get 10% of the double bonus. Look at the spirit weapon town Vulcan helmet equipped by the boss, with 27% spirit resistance and 12% physical attack power. Compared with the Vulcan helmet, your golden weapon is simply a scumbag, you can’t bear to look directly at it…”


Bai Qi smiled helplessly: “Damn, don’t compare me with the alliance leader’s bt equipment, he holds the first artifact of Destiny at this stage, the No. People… I’m really stressed out, I can’t compare to…”


Matcha chuckled: “There are still many beautiful girlfriends. You see, Cangtong is the boss’s prospective girlfriend, and Cangyue is a substitute. Do you feel inferior?”


Bai Qi raised his forehead with a wry smile: “If I don’t meet a lover, I would like to be alone forever…”


Xueyu Qianyang smiled: “Is it the rhythm of a lifetime?”


I pouted: “Can you focus on killing monsters? It’s almost out of the boss, don’t make fun of your teammates…”




At the 40th minute of the seventh wave, Li Mu suddenly groaned: “Not good, the boss is refreshed…”


“Which direction?” I asked.




“Who’s in the west?”


“Mass Tombs, Remnants of Bones, Misty Palace, and Zhanfeng Guilds, but there are not too many people left…” Li Mu grinned and said, “The guild of the Mass Graves is very strange, a group of people. Both have the same two talents, slaughter and rampage, I suspect that this alliance leader may not be ordinary and must be a failure…”


Yue Qing lightly blinked: “It may not have been ordinary that my brother Xiaoyao and I cooperated to kill him, so it wouldn’t be so easy to hang up, right?”


I held my sword and smiled: “What else are you talking about? Form a 100-man attack group and go to the west to win the boss. Even if you can’t get the boss, at least you have to kill the remnants of the mass grave and come back! It is a vassal of Cangcheng, we will have a battle with the first division of the Hero Tomb, and it will be good for us to destroy the mass grave in advance.”


“Well, I agree, let’s go!” Wang Jian smiled.




Under my leadership, the 100-person attack team of Zhanlong rushed to the west. On the plain, when a large number of flame turtles were still chasing and killing players or being surrounded by players, we had already started to attack the boss.


A few minutes later, I arrived in the west of the ancient city. In the distance, the boss was in a chaotic crowd, and the crowd was very messy. There were players from the guilds such as Remnant Bones, Battle Wind, and Misty Palace. In the distance, they could still Seeing the figures of several guild players such as Fengmang and Prague, it’s too messy, and it’s out of control, but this is also the result I want!




The sword pointed to the front, and there were nearly 200 players in mass graves. I loudly ordered: “The first choice for the players in mass graves is to attack, kill without mercy, give me the top, not one!”


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