Zhan Long Chapter 285: Who is the flower



Holding the Iron Soul barrier shield, Wang Zecheng resolutely took a group of people and rushed to the city, and soon entered the range of the NPC strong archers in the city, and suddenly dense arrows fell, but Wang Zecheng has a foundation of 2900+ Defensive power, the arrows continue to splatter sparks on the shield, and each arrow can only cause about 100 damage figures. The effect of blessing the Xuantian shield wall is even stronger. Although the arrows are dense, Wang Zecheng is behind nearly 20 points of damage. The famous hanging pot doctor, with continuous treatment, actually miraculously held it up!




On the Prague position, the deputy leader of the Whirlwind opened his mouth and said: “Cangcheng’s defensive power is really not a cover. No wonder everyone says he is the number one defensive knight in the Eight Desolate City. He is indeed well-deserved…”


Yan Zhao Wushuang held the sharp blade and gritted his teeth: “Humph!”


“Leader, are we still going to kill him?” asked Elder Bragg, a level 63 swordsman unparalleled hero.


Yan Zhao Wushuang said indifferently: “If you say a word, it’s hard to chase after him. As long as Cangcheng doesn’t get close to our shield formation, we won’t kill him…”






Seeing that Wang Zecheng’s 300+ Hero Tomb First Division players were about to cross the Prague position, Li Mu clenched his fists and asked, “This…is this just watching Cangcheng lead people away? The first division of the Hero Tomb will destroy our dragon-killing heart…”


Lian Po smiled slightly: “Hmph, maybe it’s better to let him go now, it’s just a lost dog…”




The sword of the King of Qin behind me was already unsheathed, and when I held it in my hand, the sword glow skyrocketed.


“Xiaoyao, who are you?” Lian Po asked in astonishment.


I looked at Wang Zecheng in the distance and said lightly: “I will never show mercy to a certain person. You wait for me here, I will kill Wang Zecheng and come back…”


“You… well…” Lian Po was a little helpless.


Yue Qing chuckled lightly: “I just appreciate the nature of brother Xiaoyao, let’s go, brother, I will accompany you there!”




Raising the sword and running away, Yue Qingqian started the vanishing step, which was a step faster than me. The two of them quickly arrived near the shield formation in Prague, and they needed to cross the shield formation to gain Wang Zecheng’s attack range.




The unparalleled hero held his sword and said loudly: “Prague once again set up an array, please slay the dragon leader Xiaoyao Zizi and the deputy leader Yue Qingqian to avoid, I hope you can understand our embarrassment!”


“What are you embarrassing about?” Yue Qing’s eyes widened, and she said coldly, “Brother Xiaoyao, I’ll help you rush over!”


Speaking, the beautiful assassin Shenwu slammed into the shield array suddenly, raised her arms, and stabbed the gap of the shield wall with the double-edged sword, and with a “swipe” forced several Prague knights back, Yue Qing’s beautiful eyes were cold: “Don’t block me, otherwise don’t blame me for secretly revenge on you in the future!”


Suddenly, a group of Prague players were stunned. They were all old players in Prague. Naturally, they knew Yue Qingqian, a beautiful and powerful deputy leader, and many people had already dispersed after Yue Qingqian said this.


Unparalleled but still held up the sword to block the front, the blade was horizontal, and the “keng” slammed into Yue Qingqian’s dagger. The strength value was judged, Yue Qingqian was shocked and took a few steps back. Body back and spin!




I flew forward, took the beautiful deputy leader in my arms, and raised the sword of the King of Qin, facing the unparalleled peerless slashing with a slash of the wind. This attack of Kong Zhan to smash me hard, crazy, is this trying to fight with me? !




The cyclone was turbulent, and a shock wave swayed with the two of us at the center. I rushed forward a few meters, and the peerless warrior was shocked to the point of flying up with a sword, and fell into the crowd in embarrassment. In terms of strength, I am at least 50% higher than him, and it is completely impossible to compete with me in strength.


With Yue Qingqian in my arms, I pointed my sword sharply and shouted: “Whoever dares to attack Yue Qingqian again will declare war on me, Li Xiaoyao. If you don’t believe me, come and try!”


Yue Qing leaned against my arms with a blushing face and did not speak.


Yan Zhao Wushuang’s voice came from behind: “Let go, let go, let go with Yue Qingqian, Li Xiaoyao, hurry up, if you don’t hurry, Cangcheng will take his people away from the NPC’s firepower blockade. !”


The shield formation immediately moved away. I gratefully glanced at Yan Zhao Wushuang, put down Yue Qingqian and rushed over, quickly blessed with skills, and looked at the hero mound players in the distance, hum, Wang Zecheng must be killed, Otherwise, Zhanlong will not be able to stand strong in Bahuang City. I just want to tell Wen Jian, don’t use the first branch to test us. If you have one, give up the dominant position of the Hero Tomb Lord League in Fanshu City and come to Bahuang City to fight Dragon Zhan. , what are we to fear? !






Ziyang boots stepped on the grass and sand, I quickly approached, and soon, the people of the hero mound had found me, an archer mm immediately pulled up his long bow, and said loudly: “Xiaoyao is here, no That’s it!”




The seven-star arrow flew into the sky, my body suddenly froze, slowed down to the limit, the arrow flew past the tip of my nose, the big miss flew up, and my heart was overjoyed. Since I entered the game for more than a month, I have I can adapt to the operation in the game more and more, and the overall operation ability has also been greatly improved. As long as I focus on tactics, basically the overall PK level will not be inferior to that of Wenjian and Jianfenghan.


“Protect the leader!”


A group of knights in the hero mound formed a shield formation to protect Wang Zecheng under the city, and Wang Zecheng was receiving the shooting of the NPC in the city, his blood was only 50%, and it was this way to protect his guild members from being immediately Shoot and kill!


Sliding to the front of the shield formation, I suddenly sank, and the blade dashed forward!




Slaying through the shield formation, the sword’s edge slammed, and the Seven Star Shattered Mountain Slash directly slammed into Wang Zecheng in the distance. At the same time, a large group of hanging pots were on my attack route, and one stone had many birds!














A series of damage numbers flew up, Wang Zecheng was injured by 3019 qi and blood, as for those archers and those hanging pots, they were all killed in seconds!




Seeing the qi and blood go straight to the end, Wang Zecheng’s face paled slightly. He was as smart as he realized that the current situation was completely out of his control, and my second blow came right away!


Five fingers, the prehistoric world!


The magic weapons in the image of the three-handled Qin Wangjian were intertwined, and suddenly penetrated Wang Zecheng’s body, bringing out a large number of damage, and also let this person with 2900+ basic defense directly kill on the spot, there is no way, he has 2900+ Basic defense, but at the moment I have a basic attack power of nearly 8,000 points, which is too much to surpass and crush!




The number of injuries flew up, Wang Zecheng fell to the ground with a soft thud of his knees, and looked at me with resentment: “Li Xiaoyao, remember this moment for me!”


I returned my sword to its sheath and said lightly, “I never remember the scene of killing a rookie…”


Turn around and leave, leaving only the players of the first division of the Hero Tomb with an extremely awe-inspiring back. They dare not chase after them. Even this kind of iron-plate alliance leader has been killed, let alone others.


There were screams in my ears. After losing Wang Zecheng’s attractive firepower, a large group of players from the first division of the Hero Tomb became the target of the NPC strong archers in the city, and only a few dozen people escaped. , the rest were all turned into corpses under the city, and even Wang Zecheng broke out a golden ring, but unfortunately no one dared to pick it up, it would be killed… Although Prague has the strength to obtain this ring, Yan Zhao Wushuang is such a city, and will never use the life of a guild player for equipment, which will lose people’s hearts.




Back to the position of slaying the dragon, on the side, the qi and blood of the boss dragon turtle still have 7% left, but no guild is fighting, just a group of small groups are attacking recklessly, and they are also killed by the boss, It is really rare for a Lingyu-level boss to hold on for such a long time without falling to the ground. If it is replaced by Prague or a single guild to kill, I am afraid that the battle can be solved in 10 minutes.


“Leader, are you going to **** the boss now?” Li Mu asked.


I looked at the blood bar of the dragon turtle and shook my head: “Don’t worry, don’t do it first… But come with me, we are close to the boss, and be ready to attack at any time, there must be many people waiting for the last We still have an advantage when it comes to launching opportunities…”


“What advantage?” Ran Min was surprised.


Yue Qing chuckled lightly: “The advantage is brother Xiaoyao’s super high attack power. Dragon turtle’s defense has 3000 points, plus the blessing of tortoise armor defense, the actual defense power is at least 15,000 points. Look at those archers. It can only hit single digits, so, when the blood of the dragon turtle is about to bottom out, only Brother Xiaoyao can kill the boss in an instant in the entire Eight Desolate City, this is the opportunity!”


I nodded and smiled: “Well, the dragon turtle has a total of 70w of qi and blood, and 1% is 7000 points. I visually predict that a combo + combo will come with a prehistoric world, which can cause 2w damage, and wait for the boss to have 3% left. When I’m bloody, I’ll take action, and I’ll be successful! Li Mu, Wang Jian, Qingqian, Ran Min, you guys help me to clear up the interference, Fengmang and Bragg won’t let me kill the boss so easily…”




A group of people approached quickly. Nearly 50 people who killed the dragon huddled into a ball, only about 40 yards away from the dragon turtle. The closer they got to the magic release range of the dragon turtle, it was too horrible to see.

不远处,飘渺宫盟主飘渺云烟提着战斧,一斧头砍劈在龙龟的龟甲上 ,低声喝道:“逍遥,怎么不动手?”

Not far away, Miao Miao Yunyan, the leader of the Miao Miao Palace, held a battle axe and slashed an axe on the tortoise shell of the dragon turtle, and whispered: “Xiaoyao, why don’t you do it?”


I looked into the distance: “Jian Fenghan and Yan Zhao Wushuang haven’t shot yet, be careful, don’t be killed by their sneak attack!”


Miao Miao Yunyan immediately stepped back with the battle axe and smiled in a low voice: “Forget it, I won’t be taken advantage of, wait for 2% of the blood to kill, and try my best to grab the last one…”




The screams of the players kept ringing in the ears. The players of the small team kept dying in battle, and the blood of the dragon turtle was getting less and less. The sharp people couldn’t hold back. The Thirteen Eagles are ready to fight. This is their strategy. A group of heavy armors will attack together, and one round of air-shaking can take away about 2% of the boss’s blood.








When the boss’s HP stayed at 5%, my voice sank: “I can’t wait, rush over, Yunyan, you also charge, and see who can cut the last knife!”




In the distance, Jian Fenghan suddenly raised the Fire Cloud Sword and roared: “Thirteen Eagles, attack!”


Like Yanzhao Wushuang, the sword edge is lowered: “Go!”


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