Zhan Long Chapter 585: Herbs



The flying sickle and iron horse let out a long neigh, raised its hoofs and headed straight for the direction of the Frosty Dragon City. The speed was extremely fast. The trees on both sides flew backwards rapidly. The speed of the tiger is very fast, and it is not thrown off by the speed of the flying sickle and iron horse at all, and it can even surpass it at any time.


It originally took 30-40 minutes to travel, but with the speed of the flying sickle and iron horse, it took only 10 minutes to arrive. On the way, the way I rode the horse galloping also amazed the players in the Eight Desolate City. There are not many heavy armored players who have risen to level 100, let alone a player like me who rides high-level mounts.




The horse’s hoof stepped on the broken city wall. When I stood on the Cold Desolate Dragon City again, there was no one around. Only a team of scouts from the Eight Desolate City were cruising in the far south. Dragon City’s mission, the Cold Desolate Dragon City has been breached, and even split in half by Yin Ge’s sword, which has lost its effectiveness as a defense, but it is impossible for the Eight Desolate City to give up this city, and the current city owner Angela also I won’t give up. When I was out of the city, I saw a lot of craftsman NPCs carrying supplies and building materials. Don’t think about it, Angela’s next plan is to repair and recast the Frost Dragon City. Captain Qingluo should have already After negotiating with her, the Cold Desolate Dragon City must be rebuilt, otherwise the Eight Desolate City will be completely exposed to the claws of the alien demon army.


The cold wind was blowing, and the cloak of the master was flying behind me. I clenched the Longchi sword in my hand tightly, and stretched out my left hand to lightly stroke the head of the ancient **** tiger, then stroked the mane of the iron horse with a flying sickle, and said lightly: “Let’s go!”


The horse descended the mountain, the iron horse with flying sickle was almost on the ground on the cliff, and the horses were unparalleled. In a blink of an eye, they had reached the mountain plain in the north of the Ice Ridge Mountain. There was a sound of Xixi Susuo in the distant jungle. , I knew what it was, and suddenly restrained the reins, I saw three iron spears pierced through the huge rock in front of me, a level 1 monster hunter!




With a flick of the Longchi sword, he charged with the ancient divine tiger. With the sharp edge of the sword, it was a seven-star shattering mountain slash against the dense forest. It smashed out three demon hunters. The ancient divine tiger roared, sharp claws. Raising it is a flaming claw, and then stepping on the fire and raging on the three demon hunters, I pulled out the Moon Suppressing Sword and slashed at the three demon hunters!


The damage numbers splashed out one by one, and the demon hunters didn’t want to sit still. They raised their iron spears and threw shè at close range. Sparks splashed out on my breastplate, and after having a mount, I His defense has improved by leaps and bounds, and he is no longer so afraid of this level 1 alien—










The improvement of the level also improves the ability to resist attacks. My basic defense of 9000+ is not fake. Even the iron spear throwing skill can only cause me a defense of no more than 3000 points. Ten thousand damage is completely different, and after the iron spear is thrown, the iron spear stab of the devil’s hand is even more pitiful. It can only cause 1000+ attack damage to me, which is not enough for the blood-sucking effect of my Longchi sword. Recovered, coupled with the ravages of the ancient tigers, the three-headed demon hunter will be solved in minutes, and he is almost harmless. The remaining 77% of the qi and blood, I will not increase the blood, with the effect of Chiyou’s body, the qi and blood recovery speed is amazing , it will be almost full in ten seconds, no need to waste any potions and skills.


I didn’t take care of the explosives of the three-headed demon hunter. My package was almost full of cards, potions, etc. It was a lonely journey. It is impossible for monsters to explode potions for me, so I can’t Abandoning one or two pieces of low-end equipment and ditching your own supplies is just too irrational.


The flying sickle iron horse stepped on its front hooves and made another long neigh. Under my instigation, it moved along the Ice Ridge Mountains around the blood field, and this time it was obvious that the alien demons on the blood field were much more active. In a few hours, I have killed hundreds of level 1 monsters, and the army of monsters has captured the Frosty Dragon City. These low-level brats seem to be extraordinarily arrogant, and have already appeared on a large scale in maps other than Blood Plains.






After the warhorse hooves entered a black and rotten land, I started jingling, and I opened the big map to overlap the small map to detect the surrounding monsters, and it was close to the hero’s cemetery, beauty According to the information given to me by the eldest lady, the Plain of Awe should be near here, at least not too far.




The ancient **** tiger let out a roar and broke through a jungle. I followed closely and drove my horse to break through the blockade of the jungle. Immediately, the sun shone in front of me. In the distance, a plain overgrown with weeds appeared, and the system also A prompt: Please note that you have entered the sinister map – the Plains of the Awe!




I hold an iron fist, is this Plains of the Awesome the new realm of Rollin? It was this beast who killed Frost, and even cut off Frost’s head as a gift for the northern demon monarchs. For the sake of power and strength, Rollin has abandoned all the laws of knighthood, infidelity, slaughter. Companion, this kind of scum should be broken into thousands of pieces!


Of course, don’t be impulsive, Luo Lin is now the 15th king-level boss in the demon domain, and the official information has been updated. At least the boss of the ghost level, if I fight it alone, I will definitely die, and I Entering this dangerous map alone, you must keep a low profile, and finding Liu Frost’s body is the most important thing!


Riding on the horse, it slowly entered a field of wild grass that was one person high, and immediately entered the invisibility effect of the grass technique.


In the distance, the battle flag is flying, and a dark and nameless city has already appeared on the map on the west side of the Plain of Reverence. It has been newly built, and a group of demonized legions are stationed here. Moreover, there are also some black-hearted businessmen here. Trading, there are also a large number of enslaved humans, moon spirits, barbarians working here, cultivating, logging, etc. Luo Lin is the prince of human beings, and has not given up the survival mode of human beings. I think he intends to rebuild a productivity and technology in the Plain of Awe. A new kingdom on par with the Empire of Man.


Beyond the city, the garrison is very obvious. They are soldiers of the Eight Desolate City Defense Legion. Even the emblem has not changed. If you want to cross this plain, you must pass through this city. There is a fortress, and the city walls are nearly 20 meters high along the way. It is heavily defended, and it is difficult to pass. The only gap is the gate of the city.


Taking a deep breath, I slowly approached the city, got in, and rushed over if I couldn’t do it!




On the plain outside the city, there is an endless stream of NPCs entering the city. I watched it from a distance, and then I observed it carefully.


Soon, three sturdy barbarians walked to the front of the city with battle axes, long swords, and broadswords, and suddenly dozens of soldiers defending the legion surrounded them. One of them looked like an officer. He shouted: “Who dares to trespass into the kingdom of the feared, do you know whose territory this is?”


The barbarian with the battle axe chuckled: “I know, this is the kingdom rebuilt by Prince Rollin… My lord, the three of us are mercenaries who escaped from the Frosty Dragon City and took refuge in the Eight Desolate City. We have killed people and are being wanted, so we want to serve King Rollin in the kingdom of the fearful, and please let your lord be accommodating!”


The officer looked up at the barbarian, raised the corner of his mouth, and said with a smile, “Okay, it’s easy to become a city citizen of the kingdom of the revered, but…you must also know how to be filial?”


“This is a must…”


The savage stepped forward, took out a heavy purse, and stuffed it into the officer’s hand. The officer weighed the purse and said with a smile, “Go in, may awe be with you!”


A few minutes later, a slender female knight flew away and arrived directly in front of the city, with a cloak on her head and a long sword on her back.




The npc officer stepped forward and shouted: “Who are you? Lift your hood!”


The female knight lifted her cloak, and suddenly a beautiful Moon Spirit girl’s face appeared in front of a group of soldiers, but there was a chill in her eyes, and said: “Get out of the way immediately, my name is Otilia…”


The npc officer trembled and his face turned pale: “Otilia the sneak attack? Ah… a sanctuary-level killer wanted by the entire seven empires of mankind… You came to the kingdom of the feared because you wanted to What?”


Otilia smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, my nose can only smell the smell of gold coins, and I won’t kill him because of the stench on Rolin’s body. I heard that there is a war between the alien demon territory and the dark moon spirit. , I think there must be big business here, so I don’t want to stop me, I want to meet Eternal Moon Blade? Sif, I hope to get some business and gold coins from her!”


Speaking, Otilia’s eyes flashed a chill, and said: “Don’t stop me, or I will kill you, and Luo Lin can’t save your life!”


The npc officer gritted his teeth and pointed to the rear: “Lord Otilia, please come in, the gate of the kingdom of the feared is always open to you!”


“Oh, that’s right…”


Otilia smiled and rode her horse into the city, then walked away.






I gently patted the neck of the flying sickle warhorse, inciting the warhorse to move forward slowly, and the ancient tigers followed closely. I must get in. I don’t have much time. What is Frost’s head frozen in the abyss of the storm? It is said that after a person dies, the power of the soul will not last long in the human world. I have to find the only part of her body before Frost’s soul escapes into reincarnation or is scattered. .


The horse came to the front of the city, and the npc officer really noticed me, let go of a group of shepherd barbarians, walked over with a few soldiers, and shouted: “Boy, who are you? Carrying the emblem of the Eight Desolate City, God **** it, you are a scoundrel sent by Angela, right? Take off your hood and let us see who you are! Arrest me immediately and bring it back to be punished. Torture!”


I slowly lifted my cloak, a faint smile appeared on the corner of my mouth, and said: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just an ordinary adventurer, and the purpose of my coming to the Alien Demon Territory is very simple, I’m here… come— Herbs!”


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