Zhan Long Chapter 588: Dragon God Essence





The Longchi sword broke through the air and slammed directly into the abdomen of the flying dragon. The Moon-suppressing Sword was lifted up, and a “keng” sounded on the sharp claws of the flying dragon. I can’t even handle a Saint Yun boss, so why should I take the head of Frost from the Alien Demon Territory?


The blade blocked the attack and completed 7 consecutive cuts in an instant. This poisonous dragon screamed, and if it attacked, it seemed to be far behind me, but at the next moment, this guy raised his head and directly A venom spray!




There was a burning feeling on my face, I was sprayed by the venom, and my blood was rapidly decreasing. I hurriedly used the rain shower and life therapy to return the blood, but it still seemed that I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the venom. I don’t have a hanging pot. The purifying water of the fighter can purify the effect of this venom. There is no other way but to hold on, open the flame of the halberd wielder, and continue to fight against the poisonous dragon.




Just when my blood was less than 30%, Otilia finally arrived late, jumped up, held the sword in both hands, poured the power of the Sanctuary into the long blade, and fell directly from the sky, the blade pierced through The poisonous dragon’s head was pierced with a “click” sound, and the long blood bar of the poisonous dragon disappeared instantly before my eyes, and it fell to the ground with a wailing sound, and with a “bang” sound, the heavy body just lay in the grass.


I looked at Otilia in astonishment.


Otilia looked at me with a smile, grabbed my Dominator’s cloak to wipe the blood on the blade, and said with a smile, “How is it, is Miss’s assassination ability the best on the continent?”


I shook my head: “No…why are you here until now?”


“Oh…” Otilia raised her hand and pulled out a small blue flower from the hair on top of her head, and said with a smile, “I saw a pretty flower in the grass just now, so I went to pick it. , how does it match my cute little blue shawl?”


I almost spurted blood and said, “In your heart, is my life so worthless!?”




She stretched out her index finger and poked my chest, and said with a smile: “If there is an afterlife, I am willing to be your pupil. When you look in the mirror, you can give me your most affectionate gaze… Since When I see you, I have confirmed that you are more important than my life!”


I have a black line: “What’s this all about? It’s not much more important than the hares running in the jungle, right?”




She smiled: “Don’t look at me like this, people really care about you! Let’s go, we are not too far from the temple…”


I turned around on my horse, and while recovering blood for myself, I said, “Didn’t you say you’re going to fetch a critical stone? Why would you go to the temple of the wild dragon clan? Why do you feel like there’s nothing good about it? “


Otilia looked up at the sky with a so-called look: “The moon is so round!”


Me: “That’s the sun!”


“Ah, the sun is so round, I love its warm temperature!”






Walking through the jungle for about a few miles, and further forward, the map has shown a deep blood red, which is equivalent to telling me that it is best not to go with my level and strength, and I will die if I go. .


“Be careful!”


Otilia once again enveloped me with an invisible cloak. Above my head, 7 giant dragons circled and flew by. These are all dragons protecting the temple. Sure enough, this place is simply purgatory!




Arrived at the edge of the jungle, far away, above a hall with obvious marks of axe, there are dragon nests everywhere, and in the middle of the hall is an altar, on which is solemnly placed a scarlet red The spar, about the size of a football, is…? Use the game tool to detect it, the data is displayed——


: The power condensed before the death of the last dragon **** is the power and blood inheritance of the dragon clan, and the most precious treasure of the entire dragon clan.




“Could it be the essence of the Dragon God that you asked me to steal?” I turned to look at Otilia.


Otilia raised her lips, smiled sweetly, and patted me on the shoulder: “Bastard, what’s that called stealing? That’s borrowing, I just think it’s fun, it’s just for fun, you don’t need too much Heart, is the young lady the kind of person who is deceived?”


“Isn’t it?” I couldn’t help laughing.


Speaking, look next to the Dragon God Essence, there is a black dragon crawling there, soundly asleep, snorting with flames, this thing is the guard of the Dragon God Essence, nnd, once it is discovered, I haven’t been crushed to ashes! ?


“Go, go!”


Otilia held the long sword, the cyclone of Sanctuary power condensed around the blade, she stretched out her hand and pushed me forward, saying: “Go, once you get the Dragon God Essence, you will definitely Wake up the black dragon, this guy is not very powerful, but he also has the blood of the sacred dragon, you can’t run back, it will alarm the other high-level sacred dragons in the wild dragon territory, so… After you get the essence of the dragon god, immediately go to the Crush inside, use your long sword to pierce the rock, and then you should see a corridor, which is the forbidden area of ​​the wild dragon clan’s territory – the heart of the dragon’s nest. I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance of the Wild Dragon Clan’s territory!”


Speaking, Otilia smiled slightly and said, “You said that you were going to the abyss of Stormwind to **** Frost’s head, but… I think you will be crushed by Yin Ge and Gai to nothing. In particular, Gai, the son of the storm, knows the abyss of the storm like the back of his hand, and his understanding of the element of wind has broken through the sky. Once he finds out, you won’t even have a chance to escape, so… you help me now, and I will help you too, How about trying to **** Ryushuang’s head for you with a little life of the young lady, this deal is not bad, right?”


I pondered: “It’s really tempting, although I may have been fooled, but there seems to be no other choice! Otilia, don’t lie to me, or I will definitely hunt you down to the ends of the earth!”


Ottilia smiled grimly: “Don’t worry, my little warrior, go!”




I didn’t think about it any further, I unsheathed my double swords, instigated the war horse, and took the ancient tiger to the temple of the wild dragon tribe. At the same time, I waved the blade, and the level 10 speed skill bonus was completed. Like a flying shadow, it swept up the hall, and the sound of horses’ hooves stepped on the slate ground and rushed to the altar. However, before reaching the altar, an enchantment was formed around it!


Behind, Otilia’s voice came: “Rush in, I’ll make the way for you!”


A sword blade flew, and the sound of “keng” penetrated the barrier, clearly saying that it broke the barrier. Otilia, a sanctuary-level master, who knows how strong it is, can easily break through it. The barrier set by the dragon family!


Following the trend, I rushed in, and suddenly put the Moon Suppressing Sword back into its sheath, the flying sickle and iron horse swept past the altar, and I stretched out one of my hands, directly holding the Dragon God Essence, and a hot energy circulated in my arms At this moment, the black dragon suddenly opened his eyes, and his brown eyes were filled with love and anger: “Damn human, you dare to covet the treasure of our dragon family, you are just courting death!”


I didn’t speak, I rushed to the inside of the temple at full speed. Sure enough, there was a stone wall inside, with dragon totems and ancient characters carved on it. Behind me, the black dragon roared, and suddenly the breath of the dragon came over the sky and covered the earth, directly I burned the ancient **** tiger into residual blood, and I also lost 2w+ blood, stumbled towards the stone wall, raised my double swords and chopped down hard!


“Boom bang…”


Two sparks splashed out, and two sword marks were cut on the stone wall, but they were not completely killed.




With a loud roar from behind, the black dragon chased after him. His huge body was very fast. He waved his sharp claws at me. The speed was too high. I could only turn around and parry with my double swords. However, sparks burst out, and his body trembled slightly, but he couldn’t defend at all, and Jiabei succeeded in blocking.




I hurriedly poured a blood bottle, and at the same time, the two swords danced, and they slashed on the stone wall several times in a row. Finally, I saw the slightest signs of cracking. Lifting the ancient cloud treading boots is a kick!




The rock wall cracked open a two-meter-high opening. I hurriedly jumped in, and it turned out to be a corridor.




At this moment, I also noticed that the Dragon God Essence in the package slowly cooled and turned into a very ordinary stone. What’s going on? Is it useless to grab this thing?




With a loud noise, I hurriedly looked behind, but I saw Otilia raised her long sword and directly split the altar, the gravel splashed, and a flame protected by an enchantment appeared below. Plasma, Otilia gently held it in her palm and smiled slightly: “Hmph, cunning Yinge, do you think I won’t be able to get the Dragon God Essence like this?”


The black dragon turned back suddenly, but was furious: “Damn, this female thief Otilia stole the essence of the dragon god, click, the whole family wants her!”


Speaking, the black dragon roared, and the dragon’s roar penetrated the heaven and the earth. The roar of the giant dragon was remembered all around, and a large number of flying dragons began to hover in the air.


Otilia raised her hand decisively to lift the cloak. The next moment, the whole person disappeared into the air with the real essence of the dragon god. The black dragon sniffed her nose desperately, as if she wanted to find Ottilie by smell. Ya’s trace, and, with a long whistle, roared in the language of dragons: “The elven dragon guards, enter the heart of the dragon’s nest immediately for me, find Otilia’s accomplices, and kill them on the spot!”


Suddenly, accompanied by a few sharp dragon roars, three delicate dragons covered in indigo quickly descended. The elf dragon, only about 3 meters in length, is agile and has the ability to sharp claws and dragon breath. It’s the boss of the 115th-level Saint Yun, once they catch up, I’ll explain it to you!


Don’t say anything, turn around and rush down the corridor, run as much as you can!




Take out the stone in the package and throw it away, nnd, it was sold by the little girl Otilia.


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